Yianna Yiannacou

...The One and Only...

Soul Guardian

Vania Philipov was involved in an unfortunate event that left her pregnant, and goes against her mother’s wishes and breaks their relationship when she decides to keep her baby. 

Deciding to live with her father in a different state, Vania jumps on a plane with her bundle of joy in tow. After getting into an airplane accident which jeopardizes her life, she realizes that she has made a deal with the devil. Unintentionally she traded her son’s soul to save their lives from dying in the crash. She has until he turns sixteen to find a way to keep his soul. 

But, what happens when she falls in love with the one she should hate? Read to find out more.

I hope you like!


Chapter 1: Surprising Conditions
Chapter 2: The Mark
Chapter 3: New Home
Chapter 4: Birthday Visit
Chapter 5: Magnetic Kiss
Chapter 6: Hidden Secret
Chapter 7: New Neighbour
Chapter 8: Secret Reminder
Chapter 9: Heroic Encounter
Chapter 10: A Step in the Wrong Direction
Chapter 11: Proposal
Chapter 12: The Truth
Chapter 13: Soul Takers (**NEW**)

Chapter 14: Coming Soon


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