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This author has so many books that I felt like she needed her own page.

All submit to Tiffany Reisz!




The Teacher

Book 0.1

5 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Wow this short story was absolutely wonderful. There was always a mystery when it came to Zach’s wife Grace and this story just confirmed the love they felt for one another.

It begins with Grace visiting Zach’s flat to see him for the second time after the first time they had sex. She was so unsure of herself and Zach basically just showed her how much he really cared for her. In this short story you really can actually read between the lines and see how true the bond between them really is. They have a connection that I didn’t think was possible to put into words… but there it was.

I enjoyed every second of reading this story and I definitely recommend to anyone who would like to know more about Zach and Grace, from the beginning. How it all started and how they fell in love with one another. It’s nice to know that sort of love exists. After everything that happened with them (not in his short story) I am glad they are back together. (You have to read The Siren to have realized this). CLICK HERE to read it.

The Ingenue

Book 0.2

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Wow! This has to be the first short story that has made my eyes hurt. I don’t think I blinked once while reading this. Okay, I obviously did, but you get the point. I couldn’t look away. I was stuck and hooked to finishing and reading more of this story.

It is about a young girl named Sheridan Stratford who was a Submissive to Nora Sutherlan. She was an actress and hated the fact that everyone gave her what she wanted when she wanted it. When she was fourteen years old she was approached by her father’s friend. This man, Rex, was in a business suit and Sheridan fell for him the moment they were both alone in her father’s office. He bent her over his knee, spanked her and then made love to her. After that, Sheridan was unable to have sex with someone who didn’t hurt her or was wearing a business suit. She thought something was wrong with her until she met Kingsley. He told Sheridan about her world and brought her into it. She wanted a Dom who would be in a suit the entire time. Kingsley assigned Nora to her. One day Sheridan was in dire need of Nora but she was unavailable so Kingsley stepped in for her. Sheridan wasn’t so sure about it but went along with it anyway.

I don’t want to ruin anything but it was hot. Hotter than hot. It was a blazing scene that I would read again. I recommend this story over a thousand times. Wow! CLICK HERE to read it!!!

Griffin in Wonderland

Book 0.3

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

There are endless amounts of praises when it comes to Tiffany Reisz and her Underground world. I love me some Griffin so when I got to learn more about it I jumped right to it.

This short story begins with Griffin after one of his boozed/drugged nights on the floor covered in glass. Kingsley Edge is there with the intent of making Griffin one of them. Griffin gets an invitation to Kingsley’s house under the pretenses that he arrives sober. When he gets there he meets Nora and Søren as they play a game of chess. Nora was borrowed for a little while to show Griffin why Kingsley is known as the King of the Underground. After one session with Nora Griffin is mesmerized and signs up.

That is basically the just of it, but my words have done no justice. Read to find out more deep, dark, intimate ways of how Griffin was persuaded. I promise it will not disappoint. As Kingsley said, “Welcome to Wonderland.” CLICK HERE to read it.

The Mitzvah

Book 0.4

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Loved it! Shiva is basically a time when in mourning you are able to have sex with your spouse. Zachary just lost his mother and couldn’t have sex for seven days. Grace, his wife of seven years, thought that was torture. When she found out from her sister in law that there was a loop-hole saying Shiva is suspended during Shabbat, Grace took full advantage of it. It was basically called a Mitzvah which meant a good deed, or a divine commandment. She felt horrible asking to have sex with her husband while he grieved, but she thought it would be good for him.

Oh boy was it ever good for him and her! The sex scene was hot, but I don’t doubt that from Tiffany. She has a way with words that just sucks you in to the point of no return and leaves you with wanting more. Damn that woman! CLICK HERE to read it!

Little Red Riding Crop

Book 0.5

5 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Tiffany Reisz does not cease to amaze me. This short story – which is also a prequel to The Siren had my eyes watering from lack of blinking while looking at my computer screen. I loved every second of this and I cannot wait to read more.

It begins with Nora Sutherland being picked up from the police station by none other than Kingsley. She is frustrated with working like a dog and asks Kingsley for time off. He agrees but only if she makes a visit to a nightclub, the Black Forest, that apparently has been stealing Kingsley’s Dom’s. Nora agrees and makes her way to the club. I don’t want to tell you what happens in the club, but let me tell you that I did thoroughly enjoy it.

The reason for the title is because Nora shows up to the night club wearing a red cloak and is holding a red riding crop. A big thanks to Nora for turning the innocent story of Little Red Riding Hood into something wonderfully kinky. I loved every minute of it. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that it was too short. Oh well! I definitely recommend this short story only to those who have read the Siren first.


Book 0.6

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

I love me some Big Brad Wolfe and this story gave me what I was looking for. Nothing can take the spot in my heart for Griffin though. He is still my second favourite right behind Søren.

So this story begins with a woman, Lela, in a book store crying over sex position books and how every time she has sex it hurts because of her endometriosis. Our Big Brad Wolfe finds her and she ends up going home, or actually, to the club with him. Since she can’t have sex, he shows her what else they could do. He does not disappoint. It was a very short short-story, but that is alright. I still enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend to those of you who love The Original Sinners. CLICK HERE to read it.

Submit to Desire

Book 0.7

4 Stars - 20 Minutes to read

I loved this short story, but I wish there was more! It begins with a girl at a bar with her girlfriends celebrating each other. Charlotte just got out of another failed relationship because her boyfriends couldn't fulfill her needs that she didn't even fully understand. As soon as Kingsley sees her at the bar he knows she has the makings of a perfect sub.

He reaches out to her after finding her passed out at the club and gives her the option of a lifetime - the privilege to be trained by him Personally on becoming the perfect sub. She reluctantly agrees. I don't want to give it away but her training got me all hot and bothered. I wish Kingsley was real so I could meet him.... did I really just say that? Ha! I am definitely a lost cause when it comes to this little world. Tiffany has brought me down with Nora, Sørenand Kingsley. What I would give to see these books turned into movies!!


Book 0.8

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This short excerpt was very sweet. It takes place around fifteen years before the book The Siren. It begins with Wesley helping his friend with his homework, but miserably failing, when his Professor, Nora Sutherland, calls him telling him to meet up with her. His friends joke around with him saying that they know he is sleeping with her, but they don’t really know the truth. For Wesley, all he knows about Nora is that she is an erotic author and also his teacher in one of his college courses. When they meet up, she is so open with him and Wesley knows he has fallen in love. Nora tells him everything about who she is and her past with Søren. Wesley is horrified. He vows to himself to never be like him. This story is basically the beginning of Nora and Wesley’s life together. I loved it. CLICK HERE to read it.

The Sweetheart

Book 0.9

3.5 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Okay, so I liked this short story but it did not have any of my favourite characters in it. I read it thinking that Nora would be in here somewhere but she wasn't. She was just mentioned, that's all.

This story is about the same girl in The Ingénue that I previously reviewed. This story is about Jesse Scott and Sheridan Stratford (Nora's submissive). They are both at the Country Music awards and have to sing a duet together. Jesse is a virgin and Sheridan is horny. Need I say more? Everyone thinks that Sheridan is America's little sweetheart but none of them (Except for those from the Underground) know her dirty little secret. Sheridan likes her men in suits so when she saw Jesse in his, she knew she had to have him. After their rehearsal they had a little bit of fun. 

I recommend this short story, I guess, but it basically has nothing to do with The Original Sinners series. CLICK HERE to read it. 

The Metronome
Book 0.10

3.5 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Jesse our famous country singer and Nora finally meet. This short story is about what happens when our Dominant, Nora, meets Jesse and asks him for his signature on her friends’ guitar. We learn after that the guitar belongs to Wesley. I am not too sure or why it happens but Nora ends up back at Jesse’s hotel room and it get a bit steamy. I love Nora, but Jesse… not too much. I think I am going through Søren withdrawals probably. At least I can admit it. That is the first step to recovery, right? Anyway, read this short story to learn what Nora can do with a cowboy hat. Ha! CLICK HERE to read why Nora nicknamed Jesse The Metronome. Slow and steady wins the race!

The Teacher's Pet

Book 0.11

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Wow! That was one hot short story! A steamy scene between our beloved Nora and Sheridan her sub. 

This short story is just another clip into Nora's Dom life. Her sub, Sheridan, needed a lesson to be learned and of course Nora was more than willing to be the one to teach it to her. This consisted of a little role place of teacher and student. It was pretty good. No complaints from me :) CLICK HERE to read it. 

A Beautiful Thing

Book 0.14

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Well, this is a first for me. This is the first short story that I have read from Tiffany Reisz that made me sad. Okay, not sad, but heartbroken. I felt the tear between Nora and Søren, and it hurt.

This story takes place in December. Two weeks before Christmas and then on Christmas Eve. Nora buys a piano for Søren since she broke his last one. After it gets delivered she visits him, but doesn't go inside. This scene was heartbreaking for me. She stood outside the door and then left. I know it sounds like nothing... but when it comes to Nora and Søren ... nothing is Not nothing. 

I don't think anyone should be spending Christmas alone and I felt a little bit sad for Nora. That was up until the ending when her Christmas present arrived. CLICK HERE to read it and see if you feel as sad and happy as I do right now. 

Immersed in Pleasure

Book 0.15

4 Stars - 1 Hour to read

I enjoyed this little short story by Tiffany Reisz. I didn't know why it was part of the Original Sinner series. It really has nothing to do with them besides being held in one of Kingsley's night clubs and Kingsley makes a couple appearances. It could have been it's own stand alone short story.

Derek tells his friends about this amazing woman he met at a club. He told them she was a mermaid. He goes into details of their first encounter and how he wanted to do nothing but to get to know her. Xenia is a 'mermaid.' She works for Kingsley in one of his clubs and basically swims around naked and has scales tattooed all over her feet, legs and hips. They are virgins. They swim around to amuse the men at the club. If they lose their virginity, they lose their mermaid title. 

I would recommend this short story. It's sweet.

The Christmas Truce

Book 0.17

5 Stars - 20 Minutes to read

I haven't read anything by Tiffany in a while, so to jump back into this little Christmas story with Nora, Kingsley and Søren was like riding a bike. You never forget it. I miss this world. 

This story begins with Nora and Kinsley in her new home wrapping gifts. They are obviously talking about Søren and decide to make a bet and go see in at Christmas Mass. Both of them haven't seen or spoken to him in over three months. They decided to ignore whatever fight they were going through and see him at Mass. Nora told Kingsley a story about how when she was younger and in love with her priest, she got him a Stag - Hart. It was a little toy and she gave it to him and it meant so much to Søren but Eleanor didn't even know. Kingsley and Søren made up with each other. Kingsley didn't know if Søren even wanted him there intruding with him and Nora. Søren wanted him there more than anything. They both went upstairs and found Nora in bed wearing nothing but candy cane striped stockings. 

Ill let you read to find out the rest. I love the little stories that Tiffany comes up with from Nora and Søren's past. I don't know how she does it. I feel like I can see them right in front of my face when I read these books, like it's a memory that I am re watching. She is so good. I love Søren. That's all. Haha. CLICK HERE to read it.

Seven Day Loan

Part 1

Book 0.18

5 Stars - 15 Minutes to read

This short novella was fantastic. I have fallen in love with The Siren and even though this short story isn’t written up to the standard of The Siren, it is still freaken amazing.

It begins with Nora being dropped off by her Dominant at his friend’s house. Nora is to stay there for the week – hence Seven Day Loan – and this man is able to do whatever he pleases with her. Nora is a twenty-three year old Submissive and since her Dominant said she was to be lent out, there was nothing she could do about it. When she arrives at Daniel’s house she has to remind him how to be a Dominant since his wife had died three years previous. She also tries to break him into leaving his property since he couldn’t do that ever since his wife left him. Read to find out how Nora cracks this broken man.

There was a lot of emotion in this story in the ending and I love Nora’s character. She is so sharp and to the point that nothing can get past her. Her bluntness in the end is what saved Daniel from himself. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a quick read on how a Submissive can bring a Dominant back to life.

Seven Day Loan

Part 2

(Daniel Pt 2)

Book 0.19

5 Stars - 1 Day to read

This short story was a little different. It has eight chapters and is fairly long. It does not disappoint though!

It stars off with Daniel from Seven Day Loan. He almost got into trouble with Kingsley because he wanted to keep Nora even though he knew she was off limits. After spending time hiking through forests and climbing mountains in Southern America, Daniel makes his way back to Kingley's townhouse. He doesn't know what he is looking for, but he is definitely glad he went in the end. Kingsley 'gifts' Irina to him for 'lunch.' Daniel struggles with his feelings for Nora throughout the whole story. After saving him from himself he almost has fallen in love with her. But he realizes she will never be his since she belongs to Søren. An auction is going on in Kinglsey's house and Daniel is one of the prizes, along side Anya - the virgin. Feelings for Anya grows inside Daniel and he has the urge to protect her from anyone who wants to buy her. 

This was a sweet love story. I thoroughly enjoyed it! CLICK HERE to read it. 

A Christmas Maggie

Book 0.20

5 Stars - 30 Minutes to read

Christmas 2011

This is probably the most emotional short story I have ever read by Tiffany! I don't know if it's my hormones or not, but I just kept tearing up near the ending. It was sad tears and happy tears. I honestly could not control myself.

This short story is sort of a continuation from Seven Day Loan. It is the story of Daniel and Anya. They are living together and spending Christmas together as well. Daniel ends up hurting Anya's feelings Christmas Eve and while he tries to sleep it off, he gets a visit from his dead wife. It is a play on A Christmas Carol with the ghosts and seeing the past and future sort of thing. So, Maggie, his deceased wife shows him how life would have been if she didn't die, and how his life could be if he marries Anya.

I was so glad Tiffany wrote this story. I don't know why. There wasn't that much kink in it and I was totally okay with that. I loved it. CLICK HERE to read it!

The Siren

Book 1

5+ Stars - 4 Days to read

Not only did I like this story – I loved it. It is one of those stories where you get hooked right from the beginning and you become one with not only the main character, but with all the characters. You feel so close to them to sympathize with them. I couldn’t believe how this book captured me with every word. The dialogue in this book was written remarkably. It was as if this book was a movie before it was written. The words that flow out of the characters mouths jut fit them so perfectly. You know a book is good when it even has you thinking about it when you have put it down for a break.

To sum it all up, this book is about a woman, Nora Sutherlin, who is an author as well as a dominatrix. One of the top editors in New York, Zachary Easton, is being literally forced to edit one of her most recent books. As much as he doesn’t want to edit an erotica novel, he gives in and decides to give it a shot after meeting with the author. Nora has a charm about her that can have any man – or woman - eating out of the palm of her hand. But everyone has their secrets. Nora doesn’t tell Zach that she is a Dominatrix because he just doesn’t understand the concept and she fears he will be judgmental and turn her book down. Nora slowly introduces Zach into her world and explains what it really means to people. When they were in the church talking about her favourite picture painted of Jesus, I got the goose bumps on how she described it and what it meant to her. "For salvation, of course. For love." Nora isn’t the only one who has her share of secrets. The entire book you are wondering what Zach’s dark secret is as well.

I loved absolutely everything about this book and I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the passion that goes into Dominant and submissive relationship. It makes you respect them that much more. I fell in love with this book right from the beginning and I hope you do as well. I cannot wait to read the next book. A book a will definitely read! "I love a whiskey chaser."

Something Nice

Book 1.5

5 Stars - 2 Days to read

This was probably the best short story in short story history. Probably because it was all about Søren and Nora. I don't think I could ever get enough of them. They are just so mesmerizing to read about. Their love is so real and strong and endless and... I don't know. I can't even put into words my feelings for them. 

This story, as I mentioned before, is mainly about Nora and Søren. They make a deal to do something nice for one another. Nora agrees but after her something nice, Søren's something nice is telling Nora to attend the church annual BBQ. Nora is terrified in the beginning. Literally terrified. She was so scared to be with Søren in public and didn't want to give anything away or be awkward around him. I loved the internal struggle she went through and came over. It couldn't have been written better. 

I need more of Nora and Søren. Please and thank you!

The Angel

Book 2

5 Stars - 6 Days to read

Tiffany Reisz has done it again – only this time BETTER! The Angel has captivated not only my heart, but my bed as well. Haha kidding! This book had me turning the next page (of my kindle) eager to learn more. The Original Sinner’s world has become my getaway place as I am dying for more of Nora and Søren.

It begins with our beloved Nora and the infamous Søren in bed together after their separation. A year has passed since the last book and things are picking up from where they left off. Wesley has gone home and Nora has gone back to being Søren's submissive. Just when Nora thought things were back to being normal, Søren is elected to become Bishop and neither of them wants that to happen. In order for Nora to stay safe from the press’ prying eyes, Søren sends her away with Michael, the young boy that had his virginity taken from him by Nora in The Siren. Michael is a member of the church and people knew about him trying to commit suicide in the church. They would ask him questions and that was why Søren sent him away with Nora. Nora and Michael were sent to Griffin Fiske’s house. Nora and Griffin had a past together. Søren would sometimes share her with Griffin. As soon as Griffin meets Michael, the world stops for him. It is Nora’s job to teach Michael how to become a submissive which is something he dreamed of ever since learning about the underground world of the 8th Circle.

I won’t give anything away but this is a must read book. We learn a little bit more of Søren and his past and how he became a priest. We also learn how Nora and Søren came together. The one thing that was consistent in this book was how much Nora missed Wesley. She finds out a major secret about him. I won’t spill that either. The one thing Søren lives by in this book is that he hopes Nora comes back to him. He sends her away hoping with all his might that she returns either running, walking, crawling or flying. This book was better than the first so I can only imagine what the third has in store for me! Off I go! *jumps up and down* Can you see my excitement?

The Theory of the Moment

Book 2.1

5 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This was one of Tiffany’s short stories that did not have sex in it and I am glad to say that this short story was wonderfully miraculous. I was originally in love with Griffin after finishing The Angel, but this story just confirmed my lust for a fictional character by 100%. Think I am crazy? Read the series and see how you feel. There is just NO WAY you cannot fall in love with Griffin.

It begins with Melissa (Michael’s mom) and Griffin together at a restaurant. This is taking place the day after Michael’s collaring – which I loved by the way. Griffin wants to explain what Michael has become and how they are together. He doesn’t go into the details of the kinky fuckery because – let’s face it – what mom wants to hear that? He tells her on a more sensual side how he and Michael had fallen in love with one another and will be huge parts in each other’s lives. I teared up when Melissa was saying how she just wanted Michael to breathe and she didn’t know how to help him after he slit his wrist. The title of the story represents when Nora Sutherlan told him that everyone has one moment in their lives that they are basically living for. I won’t tell you what Griffin’s moment is, but I think that was well thought out. I just wanted to hug Griffin throughout the entire story.

This story was wonderful. That was basically the jist of it. Griffin plans on sucking up to Melissa and Melissa couldn’t be happier. I would have taken up Griffin’s offer with his brother. HELL YES! Where do I sign? I need more of Griffin. I can never get enough! CLICK HERE to read!

A Better Distraction

Book 2.2

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Okay but seriously can griffin get any more wonderful? I just can’t handle it anymore. He has one side of him that’s totally Dom but he is also the sweetest, most honest rich man alive. What? Did I mention he was loaded? And totally hot. With a giant…. Ahem…. Ok I will stop.

This short story takes place a week after Michael gets collard and officially – Yay – becomes Griffin’s sub. I knew it was going to happen, but now that it’s here, I am totally thrilled. An incident happened right after the collaring that you find out near the end of this story, which leads to the awkwardness between Michael and Griffin. Griffin decides to help Michael with his homework and Michael decided to sketch a portrait or Griffin. What I would give to see that sketch! (I know, I know - this isn’t real life).

There is no sex in this short, but it’s amazing regardless. Either way – I loved this short story and can never get enough of these two wonderfully paired people. Go team Griffin and Michael! CLICK HERE to read it! And trust me... you want to read it!


Book 2.3

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This is a short hot sex story with Griffin and Michael. It takes place right after Michael gets his tattoo and becomes not-so-perminent property of Griffin. That comes later. The gauze on his wrists brings back the memories of when he slices his wrists. Griffin realizes the bad association that the gauze gives Michael and decides to come up with another thing that Michael can Ass..ociate the gauze with. Ha! Loved that line.

Of course a definitive recommendation to anyone and everyone who loves The Original Sinners or just looking for a good guy on guy short story. Griffin is so friggen sweet. Where can I find one of him for me? CLICK HERE to read it!

The Couch

Book 2.4

To be read

The Prince

Book 3

5 Stars - 3 Days to read

I dreaded the moment writing this review because then it would mean the book was over. I am totally having a book hangover with this series. I just can’t stop thinking about them. I went to church the other day and my mind wandered. Let me just say that my soul is probably going to hell because of it. Haha!! This book was just wonderful.

It begins with Nora in Kentucky with Wesley. She is learning his new life and he is eager to show her the ropes – literally. He lives on a horse farm with his wealthy family and Nora gets to stay with him in their guest mansion. Nora is trying to learn to love Wesley and be with him but she is not sure if she can leave Søren. She wants to be with Wesley but he totally lives in a different world than Nora does. While Nora is with Wesley, Søren and Kingsley are on the hunt for the person who stole Nora’s file out of Kingsley’s mansion and who set fire to Søren's childhood bedroom. This person knows secrets that should have stayed hidden. They return back to the private school where Søren and Kingsley met for the first time and where they fell in love.

You learn so much about Wesley and his family’s horses and how much money he has. You also learn a lot about Søren which I am always dying to know more. You can never get enough Søren. And you learn more about Kinsley and who he was as a child and how he became the man he is today. I can only imagine a young Søren. Words cannot describe how much I love this book and I am impatiently waiting for the next one. I don’t want to say anything that will ruin this book for you, but it is a definitely recommendation.

Everything They Wanted

Book 3.1

4 Stars - 15 Minutes to read

Christmas 2013

This short Christmas story was about Griffin and Michael. It was time for Michael to meet the Fiske family and Michael was scared to death! Nora gave him a makeover to make him seem older than just seventeen, since Griffin was in his thirties. It was sweet of her. Michael got to meet Griffin's family and then some. The sex scenes left nothing to the imagination. A great short read! CLICK HERE to read it.


Book 3.2

To be Read

The Mistress Files

Book 3.3

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

See below for individual reviews

But I just wanted to say that this book, altogether as a whole was just alright. I love the short stories on Tiffany’s website much better. If she put those into a book instead of writing this, it would be much better. Just saying. 

The Case of the Acting Actress

5 Stars - 20 Minutes to read

This was the best story of the entire book. There are five altogether but this one was my favourite. The rock star one comes up to a close second.

This one is about Sheridan. We have read much about her in Tiffany’s other books and I also read her encounter with Rex and Kingsley in Tiffany’s short stories. But this story is from Sheridan’s perspective as she tells Nora that she feels she can’t be with anyone after having the best sex of her life with Rex. She needs to learn to satisfy what her body wants and that is what Nora is there to teach her.

Hot and seductive – just like Nora. Loved every steamy detail!

The Case of the Diffident Dom

3 Stars - 20 Minutes to read

This short story was alright but I do love Nora so anything that has her in it is amazing.

In this short story an ex-dom goes to Nora and asks her for help. What else is new? Everyone is always asking Nora for something. His wife wants to be treated like a sub and he doesn’t know if he has it in him anymore since he is so protective of her. You learn why after. Nora does help them.

This story was sweet. Nora? Sweet? Doesn’t sound right. I’m kidding. She has her moments.

The Case of the Reluctant Rock Star

4 Stars - 20 Minutes to read

I’m not sure how this guy got Kingsley to let him into the underground club, but I think it has something to do with as soon as Kingsley saw him, he knew what he was.

Nora is told to show this rock star around the underground. Normally outsiders aren’t allowed in but Nora realizes that he isn’t just a regular guy. Yes- he’s a rock star, but Nora also finds out that he was more interested in what she does than he let on. He said he was a vanilla guy but when Nora digs deeper she finds out he is also a sub. He didn’t even know that himself until he started opening up. His special talent? Making woman climax. Ha! Loved it.

The Case of the Secret Switch

4 Stars - 20 Minutes to read

A special client who is a switch. If you read all the books, you would know immediately who the client is. I’m going to say it now, so shield your eyes. It is obviously Kingsley. She mentions that only the two of them are switches and most Dom’s don’t like them since they – at any time – can switch roles, which is not the purpose of a Dom and sub relationship. Nora is inflicting all sorts of pain onto Kingsley and even though it seems like he can’t take it, he loves every moment. Then what Nora feared happened in the end. Read to find out what.

The Case of the Brokenhearted Bartender

2 Stars - 20 Minutes to read

Okay, I hate to say this, but I did not enjoy this book one bit. I can’t expect everything Tiffany writes to be perfect (even though it has been so far)

This story is about a lesbian who hymen is intact and with that she can’t go any further with her ex-girlfriend who left her since she wouldn’t let her pleasure her. This bartender was all about pleasuring her girlfriend but when she wanted to return the favour, the bartender wasn’t having any of it, which lead to their break up. She goes to Nora to break her hymen. Not fun. I didn’t like it. The end.

The Mistress

Book 4

5+ Stars - 4 Days to read

Holy Friggen Crap! The moment our dear Nora got kidnapped I think my world stopped. I have been waiting to read this book for so long and now that I am done, I am nowhere near close to being satisfied.

This story begins with Nora in the clutches of Kingsley’s sister Marie-Laure. She wants to get back at her brother for the years she spent pretending to be dead. Marie-Laure found out about Kingsley and Søren’s love for one another and she knew that Søren would never love her – his own wife – like he loved Kingsley. She faked her death and was back to claim what was rightfully hers. She wanted Søren, or his life anyway. Either one would suffice for her. Nora stays captive in Søren’s childhood home and entertains Marie-Laure with stories of her past trying to show her how much Søren loves her and how much she loves him back. Marie-Laure didn't understand how Søren could love Nora, but her eyes are slowly opened.

The lust and sadness and nerve wrecking plot of this story keeps you on edge. At one point I couldn't read anymore. Nora and Søren were sitting on the floor facing one another. (No spoilers - I promise) I literally stopped reading, but the book down and walked away. I didn't know what to do. I had to Tweet Tiffany for the permission to continue. She gave me the green light. I picked up the book and finished it in that seating. I wish I was one with this world. I want to meet Nora, Søren, Griffin, Michael and even Wesley, even though I don’t like him that much. I wish I was Grace. Grace is Zach’s wife. She got to get a glimpse of their lives. I want that.

P.S I laughed my head off at the ending. LOVED IT! I cannot wait until the next book. I am and always will be Tiffany’s loyal sub.


Book 4.1

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

I enjoyed this short story. Not as much as I enjoyed every other story - maybe because there was no kink in it. There was Søren. And no kink. That right there alone is a sin. haha.

This story takes place on Christmas Eve where Søren (Marcus at this point in time) goes to visit Magdalena. Søren is twenty years old and a seminarian. For those of you who don't know, Magdalena is the one who taught Marcus to control himself and turned him into a great sadist. She helped him learn the right and wrong ways of beating someone. Magdalena is also a whore herself who owns a brothel and many, many prostitutes. 

There was a lot of surprises in this story that I never knew before. Good Christmas story. That's all. CLICK HERE to read it. 

The Saint

Book 5

5 Stars - 16 days to read

I didn't want to write this review. It just meant that I had finished another one of Tiffany's books and I had to wait for the next one to come out. I would read everything and anything when it came to the Original Sinners. I can't get enough Søren, Nora and Kingsley.

I knew this story would take us back in time to see a younger Nora and Søren but I didn't think how much it went into depth and how much I would love it. Absolutely brilliant. The beginning confused me, but it all revealed itself in due time. I had to remind myself to be patient.

It begins with Nora and Nico (Kingsley's son) and Nora is obviously upset about something and Nico tracks her down to give her some support. (The entire time I felt like SOMEONE died, but I couldn't figure out who or why! All my guesses were wrong btw). Anyway... Nico wants to learn more about his father so Nora begins with story time and takes up back in time to when she was Eleanor, a young fifteen year old who get's herself into a little bit of trouble with the law all thanks to her delinquent father. But who comes to the rescue? The new priest in town. Nora couldn't be bothered when her mother told her about him... until she meets him. That instant they meet, Nora and Søren's lives are changed forever.

I love their past just as much as their future. It just doesn't get any better than this story. Everyone who I told to read this book has thanked me for it. So if you are reading this review and haven't read the books... START NOW! Ta!


(The Saint Deleted Scene)

Book 5.1

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

The last sentence of this story was " She smiled for the next two weeks." I couldn't help but smile along with her. 

This short story is about Nora at 16 years old and in high school. Her best friend Jordan had a little bit of an issue and Nora decided to take it upon herself to figure out what it was and help her with it. It turned out that she needed Søren's help as well. There is no kink in this story since Nora and Søren weren't together when she was that young. I still love their interactions. I don't know how many times I have to say that. They are so special and well written together. Thank you Tiffany for Nora and Søren! I WISH I COULD HAVE READ THIS STORY FROM SOREN'S PERSPECTIVE!!! CLICK HERE to read it. 


(The Saint Deleted Scene)

Book 5.2

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

This deleted scene was actually pretty good. It shows the moment  Søren realizes that Nora doesn't own a bible and the first time he played the piano for her. I don't know why they deleted it. I love the witty jokes between Søren and Nora. They kill me. CLICK HERE to read it!

Happy Birthday Søren

(The Saint Deleted Scene)

Book 5.3

3 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

Meh. Not much to this deleted scene. Søren visits Nora at work while she reads books to little children. That's pretty much it. 

The King

Book 6

4 Stars - 4 Days to read

I think I read this book too fast.
I have to re read now to write a review since I forgot lol

(I loved this book, only because it showed us how Kingsley and Søren were brought back together. We know that they separated ways after seminary school, but we didn't know how they found each other again. It was so nice to see that Søren still cared for him. Kingsley was in a down place, owning his own strip club, having sex with everyone he met and drugs and alcohol to top it off. Once Søren returns he forces Kingsley to change his life for the better. And that's exactly what he does.)

P.s The Father of Fionn (Zack's son)! Be still my heart! Grace is one lucky ducking! LOL

Christmas in Suite 37A

Book 6.1

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

Christmas 2014

This short story was about Michael and Griffin. I enjoyed it. I love happy endings. I didn't know that Michael left Griffin to go to school in Rome and that by going to school he called a break with Griffin. That broke Griffin's heart and he thought things were definitely over. I couldn't believe that to be true. I kept reading and found out that they just needed to work some things out. This was a good and happy Christmas story. That's pretty much it. CLICK HERE to read it. 

The Scent of Winter

Book 6.2

To be read - Own

Michael's Wings

Book 6.3

To be read

The Virgin

Book 7

To Be Read - Own

The Queen

Book 8

To Be Read - Own

The Confessions

Book 8.1

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

I should really learn to slow down when reading anything that deals with Nora and Søren. I feel like I breezed through this amazing book, and I am left with a feeling of longing.

This short story is two stories in one. It shows up Søren's relationship with Father Ballard and his confession later on. And then the second story is a confession of Nora's to Father Ballard as well. Father Ballard is the only priest who knows of Søren's secret and doesn't judge. He gives him well thought insight (that I give Tiffany credit for writing) on what his actions should be. The same goes for Nora's confession as well. Father Ballard knows what he is talking about, and I wouldn't mind him being my confessor (if I ever went to confession) haha. 

I loved getting into Nora and Søren's hearts. I actually felt bad for Nora during her confession. She didn't know why she was hurting, and Father Ballard helped her open her eyes. Smart man. I can totally understand where Nora's suffering was coming from. And if you read this short story, you will too! Loved it!


Book 8.5

To be read - Own

The Chateau

Book 9

To be read - Own

Picture Perfect Cowboy

Book 10

To be read

A Midwinter Night's Dream

Book 10.1

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

I normally love ANYTHING to do with Nora, Søren or Kingsley... but this book didn't do it for me. I don't know why. I think it was the weak character that Nora was being played as.

This short story takes place in Nora's dream. It dates to the 1800's. Søren's father just passed away and he has to marry to inherit. He marry's Nora who is this shy little girl who knows nothing about sex or kink or anything, really.

I just couldn't get into it. Sorry. Too bad. Shame :( 



The Last Good Knight


5 Stars - 1 Day to read

This is the full version of the below short stories. Overall together this was a really good short novel. Even though it was only 5 chapters, they were perfectly written and I enjoyed every minute. I wish Nora,  Søren, Kingsley and the rest of them were real. I would love to meet them. 

But, sadly, they are fictional characters. 

See below for individual reviews

Scars and Stripes

5 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

I loved this short. I love how Tiffany is going back in time now to let us learn a little bit more about Nora right after she left Søren.

In this short story, Nora finds someone in the club new and wants to investigate. She finds him very attractive and decides to make him her sub (even though he already is one) but doesn't plan to charge him because she wants to sleep with him. She doesn't have sex with her clients. Lance is more than willing to sub for Nora. She has lots of fun with him and then some!

Fun little story with a little twist at the end. Perfect.  

Sore Spots

5 Stars - 30 Minutes to read

This short story was even better than the first and there wasn't even any sex in it!

Kingsley is on the lookout for the person who beat Natasha, one of the subs. She was badly injured and is in the hospital. All work is on hold until they can find who did it. Nora doesn't agree to this rule (of course) so Kingsley told her the only way she could continue to work is if she gets a bodyguard. She reluctantly agrees. Her bodyguard turns out to be none other than Lance, the guy she slept with the night before. 

So interesting. I couldn't believe the ending. The last sentence! I need more!

Lance: "I think men exist on this earth to protect women and children. That’s what we’re here for. We make money to protect women and children from the elements by putting a roof over their heads and food on the table. We’re supposed to be physically strong so we can stand up for a woman or a child who’s in danger. We walk women to their cars at night and don’t turn our backs until we see the cars start. That’s what men should be. And we should never ever lay a hand on a woman or a child for any reason other than protection or affection."

The Games Destiny Plays

5+ Stars - 30 Minutes to read

MY GOODNESS! I can't get enough of these books. They just keep getting better and better. 

This one begins with a weak point in Nora's Armour. And when I say weak point.. I really mean that she was just horny for Søren. Haha. I love Nora and Søren together. They are meant for one another. I could read about them forever. Not just the kink. I love their interactions. I love the way he speaks to her and through her. It's amazing. Anyway... sidetracked here. After a night with Søren, it's back to business for Nora and her clients need her. Her relationship with Lance is growing and Nora is afraid of it. Nora, the mischievous one that she is, finds a loop hole in Kingsley's orders to not have sex or kink with Lance. Of course she does. She IS Nora after all. And again with the dramatic ending. I need the next story.. and now!

Nora: "Let’s just say when she found out about my lifestyle, who I was sleeping with and what we were doing, the proverbial excrement hit the metaphorical oscillator.” 

Lance: “The shit hit the fan?”

Fit to Be Tied

5 Stars - 30 Minutes to read

Another great one.

In this short story, the person who abused Natasha is caught stealing from Nora's dungeon. Griffin is the one who finds him and puts him in the hospital after what he did to one of them. Since Nora no longer needs Lance as her bodyguard, the rules of her not sleeping with him are out the window. As soon as she finds out, she sends him to her room. And that's where the fun begins. 

I didn't like the part where Søren showed up at her place. I felt so bad for him. He will never give up on Nora, no matter how many men she sleeps with. He knows deep down inside they are soul mates and meant to be together forever - no matter what!

The Last Good Night

5 Stars - 30 Minutes to read

Amazing. The last short story to the series. I am so sad it is over. 

Lance is no longer Nora's bodyguard so they decide to take advantage of the situation. Nora wants to keep Lance forever and Lance would have it no other way. Lance is falling for Nora - hard - and Nora thinks she is falling for Lance as well. Nora sees the struggle Lance is going through with the custody battle of his daughter, and Nora wants to help. But in order to get his daughter back he has to give up Nora. He knows which choice he has to make. 

This story was both sweet and sour. I loved the connection between Lance and Nora, but I knew it wouldn't last. Nora and Søren and meant to be together. End of story. I loved how Nora helped Lance out. That was very sweet of her. I need more Nora and Søren!



The Red

Book 1

To be read - Own

The Rose

Book 2

To be read



The Headmaster

5 Stars - 3 Days to read

This short-ish story totally took me by surprise. I almost don't want to write this review and give anything away. It was a bit slow at first and I didn't really know where it was going but it just kept getting better and better.

Gwen Ashby was lost in life after her recent breakup she decides to pack up her stuff and move far far away to find a teaching job. Surprisingly all her belongings fit into her car. She planned on meeting up with a friend and living with her until she can support herself. During a pit stop on her way to her friends, she unexpectedly finds a job at Marshall Academy where the headmaster is strikingly handsome. All Gwen can imagine is sleeping with him. He lets her have a trial run of one week to prove she is the perfect fit as English teacher to an all boys academy. She proves herself and then some.

There is so much more depth to this story that I won't get into. I highly recommend this short story even though it took me a while to read. Yay.

The Assistant

Book 0.16

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Another short story by Tiffany. This one about a secretary in love with her boss. She follows him to a masked party, has sex with him but then cuts it short and runs for the hills. 

It was an alright story. CLICK HERE to read it. 

Tying the Knot

To be read