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Short Story Reviews

I didn't feel like these short stories belonged in my real reviews page so I made a page of their own. 


Hunting Evander

Kim Knox

1 Star - 10 Minutes to read

This free short story was a little awkward. Narda is hunting Doran Van Evander. She is in a club and a whole bunch of people are touching and fondling her. She even loses her top! But time is running out and she needs to find Van. I was getting confused with this guy’s name because she kept calling him seven different things. When she finds him the sex isn’t even that good. I don’t recommend. That’s all.

Hot Moon Rising

Desiree Holt

2 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

I had mixed emotions about this free story. It is a good storyline. A man in love with a shape shifter but it kind of creeped me out when he told the wolf he wanted to make love to it in wolf form – Wait, WHAT? EW! (That was my reaction). 

It begins when Charlie is basically stalking this wolf/woman for a year and finally the wolf – Lianne – lets him get close enough to her in wolf form. She begins to trust him so she shifts back into her human form. They have sex, the end. 

The thing about short stories like this is that there is ONE thing I CAN’T STAND! The ‘C’ word. Oh my goodness when I hear it in public I cringe and when I read it, I throw my book against the wall. This book had it. I finished it, but was not impressed. That’s all.  

The Bad Widow

Barbara Elsborg

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

I sort of kind of enjoyed this free story, but it was just that - too short. 

Rose Thorne is a witch that has been hunted for many years by the local villagers. All she wants is to stay in a village and find a worthy man who she can spend the rest of her life with, but that is a little hard when the village people are pointing fingers at her claiming she is  witch. She gets attacked one day by two men with the intent of rape, but she is saved by Will, a man who cannot speak. She protects him by hiding him in the tunnels while the villagers come after and capture her. She got sentenced to drown in the lake. I don’t want to ruin the not-so-exciting ending but I will say that there needed to be something more. That’s all. 

Tessa's Ambassador

Cyna Kade

2 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This free short story was a bit on the weird side. I don’t know if I liked it that much or not. 

It begins with Kortal, Darinthian Ambassador to Earth sitting at his desk. His secretary calls in a woman who is demanding on finding her younger sister. As soon as the woman, Tessa, storms into the room, Darinthian magic slammed into him. He realized right away that Tessa was his fated mate. He tells her this and offers her his protection in finding her sister. He then collars her and I don’t really remember what happened in the end. I guess that means it couldn’t have been that good if I can’t remember it. That’s all. 


Mari Carr

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This free short story was alright. I felt like there could have been more to it and less rushed, but nonetheless I liked it.

It begins with two teachers joking around while on their lunch break. Coach Tony wants nothing more than to take Melanie out for a date. Melanie always turns him down but when he asked her one last time she could see some sort of truth and longing behind his eyes so she said yes. She goes to his house for dinner but don’t make it to the dinner table. That was the rushed part. I think the rest is self-explanatory.

I would recommend to anyone looking for a really really short read that leads to a bit of spanking in the bedroom – actually, staircase. Ha!

His Voice, His Command

Vonna Harper

1 Star - 5 Minutes to read

Not even worh a review. Horrible.

Saying Yes

Barbara Elsborg

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

I actually really enjoyed this free short story. It is not just a random story filled with random sex. This story has a purpose which kept me reading. I enjoyed the writing style of this author as well. Simple, easy to read and straight to the point.

Zadie just lost her boyfriend because apparently she said ‘No’ to him too much. I like how she referred to him as Dickhead throughout the book. By losing her boyfriend though, she also lost her job and flat. With nowhere to live, her friend said she could crash at her and her boyfriend’s flat. After cleaning and relaxing in a bath she realizes she is not alone. Tristan, the brother of the flat owner decided to live there without telling anyone. When they both run into each other in the bathtub is when things start to get steamy. Both of them will never see a bottle of champagne the same ever again.

I recommend this free short story to anyone looking for a quick read for two people who are tired of the word ‘No’ and who just fit together. This short story just seemed realistic to me, besides the fact that they got it on after knowing each other for a whole .25 seconds. But it was still well played out. I like.

The Cloud Diary

Tony Gilbert

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

This free short story was actually very sweet. I knew it was going to be a short one so I squeezed it in between books.

It is about a little boy (the book is in his perspective) and he finds a cloud. His dad is going through depression ever since his wife died and the kid’s sister has been taking care of him. The cloud is sort of represented as an imaginary friend that sings to him when it is around. Even though this is a short story, it touched me deeply and I found myself wanting to comfort the confused little boy. He just wants his father’s love. So sweet. Definite recommendation. It took me not even five minutes to read.  

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Hansel and Gretel with the Sexual Hunter

Liz Adams

2 Stars - 1 Day to read

This free short story just didn’t do it for me. I’ve read my share of hot, sexy short stories and this one was just weird. 

Hansel and Gretel are married yet don’t understand each other’s sexual needs until this Hunter comes in who was paid to kill Hansel. She decides to teach them a lesson in learning each other’s sexual fantasies. 

That was basically it. And the sex happens with a lot of sweet props. It was weird. That’s all. 

The Taint: Octavia

Georgina Anne Taylor

4 Stars - 8 Minutes to read

Hmm, not really sure what to say about this other than I loved it. It was short and haunted. It took me no more than ten minutes to read it. I would consider it a young adult short story, but there isn't anything too gruesome or too sexual in it. 

Octavia - a Queen I am guessing - gets impregnated by a God in the form of a raindrop (loved it) and then gives birth to two little demons. I am not too sure what they are since they have white wings yet eat human flesh and blood. Either way I loved the struggle she went through to save her children and the reward she gets in the end. Wonderful. 

Well written and well thought out. I would love to read more.

Slip Stream

Georgina Anne Taylor

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

I liked this short story. 

It is about a young man who wants nothing more in the world than to fly. He tried to collect feathers to create a mechanism to help him fly. Days, weeks, months pass when he finally attains enough feathers to create his contraption and tried to soar out on his own which doesn't work out the way he planned. After his failed attempt he becomes sad and feels defeated. Until miraculously one day he gets wings which are unexplainable! He thinks he can conquer the world and fly until he takes his last breath which is sort of what happened. 

I liked the ending. Again, written very well. Kudos to the author who apparently knows their way with words.

The Piper

Georgina Anne Taylor

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

Another wonderful short story. 

It begins with a discarded baby due to the fact that she had unintentionally killed her mother during childbirth. When she was of age she was married away and claimed by a fisherman. She did not love him nor did he love her. They lived in a hut together near the shore and the smell of the sea and anything to do with it disgusted the woman. She wanted something different but didn’t know what. Until one day a sound came from outside her hut. The sounds and smells of the forest and trees; very unlike the sea. She needed the change, she wanted to hear the piper play his song again. Frightful at first, but then eventually gives in. 

I enjoyed reading the struggle she had the first time he came for her. She was conflicted from leaving her sleeping husband. The battle within her took over, but in the end she chose her husband. But the second time he came wasn’t the same outcome. I really enjoyed it.


Georgina Anne Taylor

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

I liked this fairy tale, but not as much as the others. T

his one is about a young lady who falls in love with one of the peasant's. They make passionate love but then she becomes insecure and isn't sure that he is interested in her anymore. To make sure that he never leaves, she goes to find a witch to cast a spell to keep him forever. When she goes back she turns her tears into crystalline as payment. She keeps her lover but he seems distant. In the end she lets him go. It was a sad story, but I didn't quite understand the need for the woman to go to the witch in the first place. 

Either way, it was written well but did not capture me fully like the authors other writings.

The Woman of the Well

Georgina Anne Taylor

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

Well, that short story was nothing but sex and I loved every minute of it. Ha! 

It begins with a dying man. He is in a deep, dark forest struggling to live. Abruptly he comes upon a calm pool of water. After quenching his deepened thirst, a woman rises from the water and feeling of intensity takes over him. He contemplated letting his soul wander free but once he saw the woman a deep desire took over him. He needed to be embraced by this woman so that is what he does. He took her and made love to her. 

It was wonderful. The end.

Teddy Bears and Tea Parties

S. Boyd Taylor

2 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

I don't even know. I read it in about ten minutes. It is so weird. I thought it was going to be a horror book and I was so excited. 

It is about a Little Girl and everything around her has come alive. The teddy bears attack and try to kill her but she kills them all. The Little Girl is looking for her sister. Hymn took her. She has to go and save her sister Angie. What is supposed to be blood and gore is really just grape jelly. They bleed jelly. And the Little Girl eats it. Then I am pretty sure she eats her sister's finger because she found it severed. I don't know. 

Definitely not what I expected. The one thing I did like about the whole story was how the author kept saying, "Only dead things are still." He makes a good point. Hard to argue with that. And that was about it.


Tom C. Underhill

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

I knew right away that I was going to like this free short story. The author has a way of getting your attention with the first words he writes. 

This story is being told from two perspectives. It starts off with a photographer who takes a picture of a high school student while she waits for her mother to pick her up from school. It then goes to the high school students’ perspective. She feels alone and forgotten while her mom is late and then as time goes by, she realizes that people are really starting to forget who she is. 

I was a little bit confused but what is a story if it doesn’t make you think about it in the end. I loved the way it was written and it was a great short story.


Vincent Hobbes

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This is a short story that actually had me interested in what was going to happen next. 

Two married couples end up on a one way road and no sense of direction. As much as the women in the back seat want the driver to turn around, he is hopeful and figures that they will run into the next town’s gas station. Not only are they driving at night, but they are also driving in a blizzard. The two combined are my worst nightmare. The tension grows as the gas tank empties and there is no gas station in sight. When the car finally dies, the driver says he spots a gas station, but no one believes him. The two men leave their wives behind to see if they can reach it on foot, but only one returns. THEY have the other man. Read to find out what else happens. 

I was going to give this short story three stars, but last night I had a nightmare because of it so it gets four starts. It was written in a way that makes you feel like you were actually in the car with them, waiting for their husbands to return. I was so scared. I would recommend if you are looking for a good and very short read.

To Read Or Not To Read

Vincent Hobbes

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

This was a very surprising free short story. I love the way this author writes. He hooks you right onto his words.

Shelby is a woman with time to kill. She decides to walk into a book store and look around. Gunter von Strauss shows up and tells her that none of her books are for sale. Shelby is confused and wonders what kind of book store that truly is if they don’t sell any books.

She gets told by one of the patrons that if you go into one of the rooms with a book, you live through what is happening first hand like you are actually there. Shelby doesn’t really believe this to be true but tries it anyway. Don’t want to ruin the ending, but read to find out what happens when Shelby enters the world of the book!

The Hour of Time

Vincent Hobbes

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

This is another free classic by Vincent. I loved it. It was a little bit predictable but that didn’t mean that I put the book down and stopped reading.

The main character’s name is Charlie. He is in his mid-thirties and has pretty much missed out on the fun stuff in life. He goes to work, does his job and goes home – only to begin the same routine again the next day. Charlie has been summoned for a very important meeting. It is the most important meeting of his life. He can’t be late. It’s very important. He is never late. Even though it is repetitive that he has to be on time, it never got annoying. I had fun reading this book. It was like Alice in Wonderland – fun and quirky.

I will finish off this review without ruining anything and definitely recommending this book for a futuristic, fun read.

The Cruise - All That Glitters

Jaye Frances

3 Stars - 2 Days to read

This was an okay short story. It was written well and I actually laughed at a few parts. 

Basically it is about a young bachelor in look for some ass - excuse my French. He goes solo on this cruise to find the perfect girl but when he thinks he does, she ends up rinsing him for his cash in return of empty promises of a blowjob. Guys - the one track mind they have - will do just about anything if a girl tells them that. So the author at least has the male psyche bang on. I don’t want to ruin anything but sometimes you shouldn’t stop looking just because you think you found the one you want to marry – especially if it has only been a couple of hours. 

It is a short story, I get it. But I wanted more out of the ending. I was upset with how it ended, but it was funny at the same time. That is what a short story is supposed to make you do – want more. But you will never get it. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a short story in a guy’s perspective about looking for an easy hook up. Kind of sleazy, but whatever.

The Possibilities of Amy

Jaye Frances

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

This was a rather odd free short story. I hope it is not real. I only say that because it got you to understand the male brain a little better and if that is how truly guys act then I am appalled. (I really didn’t expect less, actually) There is this group of guys – losers – who literally scope out the female gender at their high school. They look at how round their breasts are, how their hips curve and even how they smell. It is pretty creepy if you think about it, but guys are creepy like that (some of them).

There is a new girl in town, Amy, and the guys concoct a plan to meet her and see how far they can go with her. A.k.a if they can get in her pants. Meanwhile, David, who is part of this group, wants nothing to do with the plan because he had his eyes on Amy long before any of the other guys noticed her. He is infatuated with her and cannot stand when his friends talk about her.

When one of David’s friends schemes a plan and ends up asking Amy out, David gets the courage he should have had a long time ago and asked her out the next day. Surprisingly she said yes. Read to find out how their date went. It was sort of weird. I don’t picture a first date ever going like that, but that’s just me.

Bewitching the Werewolf

Caroline Hanson

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This was a very short and very good freebie. I bought it only because it was free but I was glad that I did. 

A witch by the name of Megan is hired by a Werewolf to help her son find his pack mate. Megan thought it was going to be a scrawny werewolf who she had to help but when she meets him her panties go wet. Ha! Zack Conor is what she dreams of. Strong, dark and handsome and she can’t take her eyes off him. She has a sense of humour which I enjoyed and it was written almost in a carefree manner that just makes you bond with the story. 

It took me about ten minutes to read. If you are looking for a sexy quick read, get this one. I think you will like it.


Jinx Jamison

3 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

This was a quick get in get out story. Literally. 

This woman gets turned on from stealing things but when she gets caught stealing from a hunk of a man she met on the subway, she is nothing but delighted. He wants nothing bit to punish her.... with sex.... on a subway platform. Very unrealistic and just wrong. Especially the guy watching them. But I did find myself blushing at some parts. There was no way I would ever do that on a subway platform. I just couldn't. And if I saw something like that, I think I would just start dying of laughter. 

On that note, it was a quick fun read. I'll definitely read something else of this author. As long as it's free. I like free stuff. No it does not turn me on. Ha!

Stone Prison

H.M. Ward

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

A Cinderella story gone dark. I really liked this short story yet it made me a little bit sad. It was written beautifully and even though you know what is going to happen, you have to keep reading because there are twists to this story. The fairy godmother isn’t so godly. The stroke of midnight isn’t as it seems and the glass slippers prove to be used for different purposes rather than leaving behind as a clue to who the maiden is.

I definitely recommend this story if you are looking for a fairy tale with a not so happily ever after ending. Enjoy!

Wicked Mourning

Heather Boyd

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

Okay, so I don’t know why everyone is giving this free short story such bad reviews. I actually really liked it. I gave it four stars because it was written very well and I love reading about the Victorian era. I love how they wear these massive gowns and how they are just so hard to get into. But never forget the chaperone that cannot leave you alone for one second so you have to run away and hide from their watchful eye. Ah, love it!

This short story is basically about two mourners who have lost their spouses. Clara lost her husband and Reggie lost his wife. They both died in the other’s arms. It turns out that their spouses were cheating on them with each other. When they passed away, Reggie invited Clara to live with him in his country estate for as long as she desired. They had feelings for one another but never acted on them until now. Clara is pregnant but her husband never knew. He died before she even had the chance to tell him. She was never unfaithful to him. She loved him but now had feelings for Reggie. 

I actually saw this story as very sweet. Reggie gave everything to Clara that she wanted when she was mourning and he grew to love her. He wanted to be the father of her child and care for the both of them even though the baby wasn’t rightfully his. Even pregnant woman need a little love. She was six months pregnant which I am sure isn’t that big. He wanted to marry her and have a family. What is wrong with that? Whatever. It was a great free short story. And I recommend to all who have a taste for passion.

Lovers Moan

Savannah Chase

3 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

An Okay free short story. 

Karina put an ad in the newspaper for a seductive phone call I am guessing. This one man sent her a gift with lingerie and promised a phone call later on that night. I found that a little bit strange that this man knew where she lived and all. I suspected at first that he was married and was having an affair on the side. But that wasn’t the case. I don’t want to spoil anything.

This short story is basically two people having phone sex. I had never read anything like this before. Karina anticipates this punctual phone call which means that it wasn’t the first time he called. She answers and we realize that he is across the country and since they can’t meet up to do the deed, it must be done over the phone. It was a quick kick that lasted five minutes of my reading time. I would recommend this book to someone who is just starting off reading erotica. It is just a taste of what is to come. No pun intended. Ha!


Selena Kitt

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

I totally loved this free short story. I loved everything about it. I don’t think there was one wrong thing with this story. It was written so well and was perfectly cut off at each scene. It didn’t run on and on with random filler.

It is about a self-chosen loner who calls people from her bedroom and sits there on the other line and waits for them to hang up. Just so she can have just a sense of something. She – Cathy - has a wall compiled with over fifty phone books and she loves dialing numbers at random just so she can hear their voice and live through the anticipation of when and how they will hang up. She will never hang up first. It is a game she plays to amuse herself. Until one day she calls a number at random and when he picks up the phone she responds on the other line accidentally. Hating herself after the outburst she doesn’t hang up. She just can’t. That’s not how it works with her. He stays on the phone and says things that intrigue her. She won’t give in and hang up even though she wants to. He keeps talking and she responds with one word then hangs up.

I was so interested at that part to see if she was going to respond to all his questions and concerns of who was on the other line. I loved how even though he didn’t know who was on the phone, he asked her if she needed help or just someone to talk to. That was so sweet.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a short sweet erotica story that just seemed right for two people who just don’t seem to fit in anywhere.

Brie's First Day of Submissive Training

Red Phenix

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

I actually really enjoyed this free short story. I kind of figured what it would be about but I was shocked at every part. Brie’s boring life of working at a cigar shop flipped around when a Dom and his Sub walked in. she was turned on by every part of the couple and was at a loss of words. He left his card with her and told her that if she wanted a new Job to give him a call. When she got home that night she googled him and found out that he ran a school for teaching girls how to become Subs. She was shocked with what she saw and shut off her computer. Curiosity got the best of her eventually and she ended up back on the website asking questions and even applying for a scholarship since the five grand was way too much to pay for school when she was already trying to pay off her college loan.

The scholarship application consisted of some very intrusive forms to be filled out as well as a scandalous video as well. She was shocked at what she had to do in the video and threw everything out. The next day she pulled it out from the trash and made the video but didn't plan on sending it in. She filled out the forms but didn't plan on sending those in either. In the end she sent them in and got accepted for the scholarship. They sent her the school uniform and she went on her first day.

I was very interested as to what Sub school would entitle and I was eager to learn more. I was fascinated but could never do that myself. I will just live through Brie. The school was about teaching the girls things about themselves that they didn't even know they were possible of doing. They push them to the limit. They could leave at any time with a full refund or stay and live through the full experience.

I enjoyed the way this book was written. I would definitely recommend this book for someone wanting to learn the 101's of becoming a Sub. I would definitely read the next book. If it was free. Oh well. Too bad it's not.

My Snow White

Brindle Chase

2 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

Not my cup of tea. This is a free short story about a girl named Carol who mentions many times that she is not a lesbian yet she comes up with this plan at a Halloween work party to seduce her female coworker. After taking her on to the balcony she has her way with her. I don’t really know what else to say about this.

I read another review on this book that basically says that lesbians hate when male writers write about lesbian experiences because it’s basically from the man’s perspective and how he wants it to play out instead of how a real lesbian experience would be. I found that interesting.

I don’t really recommend it. It’s free, so you choose.

Beauty Touched the Beast

Skye Warren

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

An okay free very short story. This story basically takes on a slight concept of beauty and the beast. A young woman named Erin was hired to clean Mr. Blake Morris’ mansion twice a week to make some extra money, but she shows up one day for work and catches he's him pleasuring himself and couldn’t look away. He calls out her name at the end and realized that he was fantasizing about her. Shocked, she ran away. He thought he scarred her for life but in truth she wished she was with him instead of standing there just watching. 

Blake’s face is scarred and he is afraid that Erin doesn't even want to look at him. He pleasures her and tells her that it is alright to fantasize about someone else instead of him since he was old and ugly. She didn't believe so. Yes Blake’s face had scars, but that was the one thing that Erin loved most about him. She loved his company when they used to talk and she used to clean at the same time. He loved reading and she always had something to share with him. 

And that’s about it. Only recommending because it’s free and short.

One Naughty Girl

Alexx Andria

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Too short of a free short story. I think the author tried to reel you in with this free short story to make you buy the second one. But I don’t plan on buying the second one.

Landry James was bored of her husband and as lacking the satisfaction that he could not give her since he was too busy with work and everything else. Landry had no choice but to find her satisfaction somewhere else. With her best friend they decide to go to one of their usual clubs and make ‘new friends,’ until a quickie goes wrong.

I liked the writing style and was hooked from the beginning of Landry fantasizing about her Latin lover and what he could do with his tongue. The ending was a surprise. I would recommend this book who doesn’t mind the mentioning of guy on guy or girl on girl action. And that was basically it.

Black Moon - Short 1

C.L. Bevill

3.5 Stars - 1  Day to read

A very rushed (free) short story. The author didn’t let anything linger in this book. Straight to the point! I couldn’t help but laugh at the description of the Isabella. 'Donavan sat in a tree and watched a beautiful young woman run for her life – hair down to her waist, long sculpted legs, skinny waist that he could fit his hands around, and big bouncing boobs.' Anything else? People have flaws. It’s what makes them normal. 

Anyway… Donovan sees this woman running and instantly falls in love and knows she is his mate. Isabella is running because she stole the Book of the Black Moon from the werewolf coven and they want it back. Donavan saves Isabella’s life by turning into a Werejaguar. Isabella is badly injured so the only thing Donivan can think of to save her is to turn her into a werejaguar as well. They end up back at his cabin and they end up having sex. Fun. I sort of liked the fast pace because I know 100% if this story dragged on like many others I have read, I would have stopped and put it down, never returning. So, good job for the quick pace. It doesn’t really leave you hanging for more. But... On to the next one! Don't judge me. I like free books.

Amber Moon - Short 2

C.L. Bevill

2 Stars - 1 Day to read

This free not-so-short story just didn’t do it for me. I read it because I was interested in what would happen in the second book but I kind of regret it now. It started off very well but then towards the middle and the end it was like the author got lazy. It was longer than the first one and it was filled with confusing filler that I guess the author wasn’t used to and it just didn’t do it for me. I felt like some parts were skipped and I didn’t attach to any of the characters. There were too many confusing names. Meh.

Silver Moon - Short 3

C.L. Bevill

3 Stars - 3 Days to read

Um. This wasn’t my favourite free story of the series but I can gladly say that it wasn’t my least favourite. What I can say is that boy, am I ever happy this series is over. These three books were short stories but I felt like they took the life out of me to read. This book should have taken me no longer than two hours to read but instead it took me three days!

Jack wakes up ad finds himself attracted to Asta the Mirmir who can change from cat to human. They have to find the last and third artifact since the other two were stolen. Yadda yadda yadda. Jack turns out to be the artifact. I don’t care that I spoiled it because it doesn’t even matter. 

I don’t even know what else to write. There were many mistakes and I was so close to just stopping and starting another book. This book, as much as I hate to say it, felt like a waste of time. That’s all.

If Ever

Gail MacFarland

2.5 Stars - 1 Day to read

I have a few mixed feelings for this free story. The writing was good. The concept was good, but the execution… was lacking.

After Lacey lost sixty pounds she feels like she is born again. She becomes more comfortable in her skin and wants to flaunt to the world what she has. But her eyes are also set on one guy in particular. Justin has been her school mate, friend and coworker over the past fifteen years and doesn’t seem to have an interest in Lacey. When in high school, Lacey caught Justin with one of his classmates and followed them to the drama room. She watched them the entire time they made love and Lacey couldn’t take her eyes off them. She wanted Justin after that but she knew that would never happen since she was an overweight girl. To get her self-esteem up she decides to join a strip club. Lacey and her friend went for the fun of it but when she got offered a job she accepted. I wished that her first day went differently. I wish that she realized that she didn’t have to get naked to feel appreciated but that didn’t happen. There was just something that didn’t fit well with me. 

The author did a great job at writing the erotic scenes but there was something lacking. I would definitely read something else from this author, just not this story. I don’t really recommend it. Sorry.

Dreams of Gray

Maurice Lawless

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

This was an awesome free short-ish story. I found myself really enjoying the way the author writes and the little humour that made me smile at some parts.

It begins with Dreama, Dre for short, and she wakes up dazed, confused, in the woods, covered in dirt and naked. She has no idea how that happened and can’t remember a thing from the night before. She then notices a massive intricate tattoo on her back that she didn’t even remember getting either. And since she hates needles she couldn’t have imagined going through that. Her friend takes her to the hospital to do a rape kit and that is when things get really strange. She goes to work the next day like and acts like nothing happened, but a phone call goes wrong - her anger rises, her hands become claws and then the rest of her body starts to change into a wolf. This happens again during a heated session of rough sex. Slate, an Alpha werewolf, finds Dre and wants to start a pack with her and help her become and guide her through her change. They both try to find the one who made them the way they were and kill him.

I don’t want to ruin anything but there were a few touchy moments in this story. I found myself reading nonstop and wanting to find out how it was all going to end. I definitely recommend this book for a quick sexy werewolf read. There were a few unanswered questions at the end, but that was alright.

A White Cougar Christmas

Eliza Gayle

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

I definitely have mixed feelings about this free short story. One – it was way too short. Two – it was very straight forward. Three – thank goodness it was free. Four - the sex scene was hot!

Niki, a lone werecougar, (okay, but seriously going into this novel I thought it was a literal cougar getting it on with a younger man. I was wrong) finds herself alone at a bar on Christmas. As much as she didn’t want to be alone, there she was, being hit on by some fat drunk until her knight in shining armor, Dean, finds her and they end up talking in code – basically saying, take me to your bed so we can have sex – and that was what they did. Dean took her back to his house which had Christmas lights decorating the outside (cute) and they went to his bedroom to have sex. I wish there was more to this story then just that, but beggars can’t be choosers. The sex scene was written very well and that is about it. I don’t know why she was written as a werecougar since she doesn’t change into it or anything. It could have been written about two people just having sex. I guess the cougar part added some dramatics to it. No idea.

A recommendation to those looking for nothing but a quick sex read.

Sex Stalker

Darren G. Burton

2 Stars - 1 Day to read

This free short story just didn’t do it for me. I found it rather awkward actually and it shows that guys think more with their lower head than the one on top of their shoulders. It was written well enough, but I think the author could have done a little bit more with it. If there was a second book, I would understand. But there isn’t, so I just don’t know what to think.

Ryan, a single man, divorced twice, is lacking some love in his life. That is until he finds a note on his car, receives a Facebook message and a creepy phone call from some random girl named ‘M.’ They end up having phone sex. I can’t imagine what kind of guy would do that with someone he doesn’t even know. Then he decides to meet up with her and have sex in a pitch black room. I shook my head when the guy showed up to the sleazy motel. I thought this was going to be a good erotica gone bad. Sort of like a praying mantis taking off her mates head while they have sex. But that didn’t happen. I think the book would have been better if that happened – just saying.

This story is basically phone sex, then crappy real sex. Would I recommend you ask? No. That’s all.

Cougar Loves Doctor Cock

Ruby Matthews

-1 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

This is probably the worst free erotica I have ever read. It is written absolutely horrible and I feel like the author is a thirteen year old virgin who doesn't know the first thing about a woman's body. OR the first thing about writing a novel. Read this description of a woman’s orgasm: "Her p***y erupted with pleasure, coming sticky sweet." What the hell? I don't know. I don't even know why I am reviewing this. I am embarrassed to say that I have read it. I do know now why I reviewed it, so I can warn everyone not to read it. That's all.

Bourbon Affair

Eliza Gayle

2 Stars - 1 Day to read

Okay free short story. I didn't realize until a couple pages in that this short story was about two guys. I said what the hell and continued reading and finished it. Not my style. One guy was a bartender and the other was a customer who also turned out to be a witch. But aren't male witches supposed to be called warlocks? Whatever. They go back to the witch’s house and hooked up. I think there is more to the story since there is a book two, but I don’t think I will read it. Unless it is free, then I will give it a go.

The Man Who Came Too Much

Ellie Saxx

2 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

This free short story is basically just that of which the title states. Chet, in his youth, figured out his odd talent. He thinks that it was just a one-time thing that he could basically cover his wall in his *ahem* cum, but turns out that it was a normality for him. He goes years looking for the perfect mate after that. His first girlfriend dint last long and his boyfriend who only wanted to video tape him didn’t last any longer. That was until he found his soul mate. I don’t want to ruin much but I also don’t recommend this short story either. So, even if I did tell you the ending it wouldn’t even matter. That’s all.


Corinna Parr

1 Star - 10 Minutes to read

This free short story just didn’t do it for me. I totally got the wrong impression after reading this book. 

It is basically about a man pleasuring his teacher, Mrs. Pickman, while all the other students are outside playing. They are in a colourful room with drawing on the wall which concerned me. Recess is for Elementary school and that was his teacher. So how old was the student? Wrong. Just wrong. < - Okay, so that was my first impression when reading it until I read the synopsis online. The man turned out to be the teacher and the woman was the mother of one of the kids. It sooo doesn’t make that clear when you first read the book. The author kept calling her Mrs. Pickman but never said the man’s name. You would figure that Mrs. Pickman would be the teacher since that’s what all the kids call them. 

I don’t know. I don’t recommend this short story. I will never get back those three minutes I spent reading it thinking otherwise. 

My Fifteen Minutes

S.M. Johnson

2 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This free short story was not what I expected, and I don’t really say that in a good way. I kept thinking there was going to be more to this story but there wasn’t.

It is basically about a young girl named Michelle who works at a psychiatric ward. An ex soap opera star gets admitted in for taking too many pills one night and was classified as suicide. Michelle tries to make him feel better about his life after the show was finished while they wait for his ex-TV lover to pick him up.

It was very repetitive and being an overly excited fan didn’t help anything either. The ending was a twist but it still didn’t make the story any better. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but this story just wasn’t my cup of tea. I am glad it was free. That’s all.

The Wild Side of Christmas

Jack Brighton

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This free short story was basically an orgy of four men on Christmas. There is one Dominant, Angus, and four submissives. Angus’s favourite submissive is Paddy. He favours him out of the other two. They all listen and obey to everything their Master says. It was pretty good but I think it should have ended after the first chapter. It goes on after that which took me by surprise. Angus, the Master got a phone call and had to go down to his club. It is an all-male D/s club. There was a man who broke the privacy code and started taking some pictures with his phone. He was punished by Paddy and Angus. 

This story kind of made me miss Christmas a little. Not because of all that was going on. I just miss the giving season. I would recommend this book for someone who is looking for a little bit too much guy on guy.

The Quickie

Kitty Fine

1 Star - 3 Minutes to read

I don't even want to write a review for this free short story. It is basically a nympho high school student who can't wait for class to be over so she can bang the jock who was also in her class. When class is finally done they do it in the other classroom. Aren't there teachers around? I don't know. I don't care. The sex didn't even seem that good. Three minutes of my life I won't get back. That's all.


Elkica Lond

2 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

This free short story was rather confusing. 

It starts off with two men in a room. The man’s name is Kokabiel but they don’t mention the name of the other man. They are obviously both demons or so it seems. The scene changes and Kokabiel is talking to Lucifer about how she was in love with Her. They keep talking about Her like we are supposed to know who She is. Those two first scenes were confusing. The scene changes and it is a battle scene. Here was when it got interesting. The battle scene was written pretty well and then it was done. It was basically the battle between good and evil. It was Kokabiel against an angel. He kills him, but then feels remorse for him. The next scene was Kokabiel back in his room with the same man from the beginning. The sex scene at the end was pretty good as well but that is about it. 

This author knows how to write sex and battle scenes. Everything else sucked. That’s all.

Double Penetration in the Desert

Lane Masters

3 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

I sort of actually kind of enjoyed this free short story. I feel just a little bit awkward admitting to that.

It starts off when Melissa and Greg get stuck in the desert and their car breaks down. They find the only gas station in sight and bring their car there to be repaired. The one bad thing about bringing your car to the only repair shop in town is the price they charge. They are always higher than anywhere else since they know you have no other shot, but these guys decided to give Melissa and Greg a break. Even though they gave them a discounted price, Melissa and Greg still didn’t have enough money to pay the mechanics. So in that case, the mechanics come up with another form of payment that Melissa could be of assistance with. They go back to the Mechanics house (there are two of them) and Melissa repays then in whichever form she can. At first Greg was opposed to it, but he seemed to enjoy watching.

It is a really exciting story that I would recommend. A little bit awkward maybe, but definitely fun! Haha!

The Keeper

Ted Dekker

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This was pretty good for a free prequel to the story Forbidden – which I have not read. It was written in a way that you could sit down and just enjoy reading and getting lost in it.

It is about two monk brothers who have secluded themselves in Russia’s wastelands. A stranger comes, a lone man by the name of Talus, and informs the two monks that their leader and superior had been assassinated. He then goes to tell them that there is a new leader but he is ridding the world of all emotion. Talus needs the brother’s help in order to return the normal to human kind. He has blood in a vial and purposefully makes one of the brothers ingest it by tricking him and his emotions come back to him. He didn’t even realize he had lost his emotions in the first place.

This book seems interesting enough yet I feel that the next story will only confuse me with all these mentions of lost emotions. I don’t really have the need to pick up the book following. Sorry.


Lexie X

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

I am not too sure how I feel about this free short story. It was written well enough but I got kind of confused at some of the positions they were in. ‘She put her leg beside mine while her head lay on top to get better access and my arm went around hers… etc etc. What? (Not actual context from book)

The book begins with Stacey catching her sister getting it on with one of her girlfriends and hidden lesbian emotions come out of Stacey as she watched them. She got away without being caught looking but she was never the same after it and couldn’t get the picture out of her head. One day Brianna, Stacey’s close friend from school, visited for a movie night and all Stacey could think about was touching Brianna everywhere. She wasn’t sure if her friend felt the same way about her which made her nervous. But she obviously got the liquid courage to help her out.

It was alright. I have no experience with this kind of stuff, so I don’t know how it really is. I would recommend this to whoever is looking for first time girl on girl.

His Gift

Gillian Colbert

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

I surprisingly enjoyed this free short story and I wish I was Maurina. I am just kidding. It was written very well and had me hooked since the beginning. The words pulled you into the story making you feel like you were on the bed right beside them as it all unfolded.

Maurina is a strong dependent woman who was just not getting enough out of the dating world. All the men she dated all asked her what to do in bed and if it was alright to do it. She had enough of being asked until one day she meets a man named Owin at a party and he orders her to meet him later on. She was taken aback by his abruptness but also turned on. She had never been told to do anything in her life so she went along with it. After realizing how amazing Owin was in the bed, she stayed with him. They were dating for over a year when on their anniversary he left her specific notes where to be and what to wear – a hotel room and nothing but a silk black blindfold. Dayum. But to her surprise, when Owin showed up, he wasn’t alone. So exciting!

I don’t want to ruin any of the juicy details, but I would definitely recommend this story to someone who is into VERY soft Dominant material.

Free to Fly

Belinda McBride

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

I wasn’t too sure what this free short story was going to be about, since I never read the synopsis, and let me tell you I was a bit shocked when I started reading this one. I didn’t think it was about two gay guys, but that didn’t stop me from reading.

Vincent arrives at his house which he shares with his lover Daniel with the intentions of leaving him. They have been together for a while but something was missing in their relationship and Vincent was planning on telling Daniel he was leaving him. When he goes inside he realizes how stressed Daniel is with work and how Daniel doesn’t know how to cope with it. Vincent realized that he was needed in calming down Daniel’s inner demons. I will let you find out how.

This book was hot. That’s all. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a well written guy on guy story with feelings.


Jean-Luc Cherie

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

I didn’t like this free short story when I first started reading it. It was written as an online chat dialogue. When that finished I realized that the writing was much better and the garbage chat dialogue was basically just that. No one writes proper on chat anyway. I really had many, many mixed feelings about this book.

It starts with a girl named Mandy who has an online best friend and they have cybersex all the time. Mandy doesn’t chat on him with any other cyber friend. She stays inclusive (lol). Mandy’s step brother, Brandon, finds out about the guys she is talking to and tells her to be careful because there are a lot of creeps out there. Mandy doesn’t listen and tells Brandon to relax. A random person then private messages her saying he wants to meet up with her and Mandy thinks it’s her brother playing a trick with her and agrees to meet up with him even after her brothers warning of staying away from those creeps.

I don’t want to ruin the ending but let me point out that the entire time reading the book I pictured Brandon as a roommate – NOT a step brother. I think you should as well. I recommend for those looking for a mystery in an erotica as well as a lesson learned!

Open Door Invitation

Dee Carney

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

This free short story is just one of those times where I want to smack my forehead.

This story is basically about a young woman who lives alone and always leaves her door open. One day she sees a stranger at her door and it frightened but he never came in. he warned her not to leave her door open like that again. She did it again and he came back. She was turned on by him – not frightened for her life like a normal person would be. It was a very predictable story. I knew right away how it was going to end. It was written very well and I would recommend this story to someone looking for a short not-so-human read. Enjoy.

Seducing Jane Porter

Dominique Adair

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

For a free short story with a bondage party type of theme, I expected more. I wanted the author to make me feel like I was there, but it didn’t happen. 

Jane Porter was a sub who was betrayed by her former Master when she found out he was married. I was glad that she made a stand and left him instead of being his mistress/submissive. You go girl! After that she basically tortures (my use of word) herself into celibacy for an entire year! She plans and attends a party in which she hopes to find herself a new Master. Antonio Villareal was looking was struck the first moment he saw he and knew that he wasn’t going to share her with anyone, unless she asked.

The sex scenes were pretty hot and I enjoyed reading this story, but I don’t think I will read the next one. I do recommend this short story to anyone looking to live the life of a submissive on the prowl. I wouldn’t mind going to one of those bondage parties – just to watch though – not to interact.

Tag Team

Nicola Marsh

2 Stars - 1 Day to read

This free short story was very misleading from the title. It was one of those books that I read not expecting what I was getting myself into.

It is about Lee and Fox who are two agents who have hooked up a while ago while they were on a case together and now they are on another case and Fox hopes to hook up with Lee again but she doesn’t want that to happen since he makes her so vulnerable. Their base gets infiltrated and they end up in the safe room together. In the heat of the moment they have sex that lasts .35 seconds and I wonder how she can compare that to the best sex of her life.

Some parts were confusing when they were talking about the case they were on. I didn’t really care too much for the details. I wouldn’t really recommend this short story. It was written very well, but didn’t excite me to want to read more. Sorry.

Beautiful Mess

Lucy V. Morgan

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

I actually really enjoyed just about everything in this free short story. There wasn’t really anything to complain about it. It was written in a way to make you sympathize for the main character right after she got her heart broken.

It begins with poor little Bailey who has just been dumped by her ex-boyfriend. She thought that he was the one and he was going to propose to her but in reality he broke her heart and on top of that was seeing someone else at the same time. Bailey lives with three roommates which I think is pretty cool and by getting a little tipsy one night she confesses to them that her ex had never given her an orgasm. You can imagine how three boys reacted to that. They seemed like such loving friends and would do anything for Bailey. What I really liked the most about this book is that Bailey moved on. She got the courage (of course she had her days where all she wanted to do was sleep and cry) to try and forget her ex and live her life. There are some girls out there who just give up on life or they just end up stalking their ex-boyfriend.

I don’t want to ruin the ending but it is a funny – British humour kind of way – and I found myself smiling and even laughing out loud at some parts. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a mended broken heart story with lots of humour and sexiness.

Crazy Emma

Brandie Buckwine

1 Star - 10 Minutes to read

This free short story didn’t deliver. After I was done reading it I wondered if the main character, Emma (I think) had Alzheimer’s or something. Or she was just seriously a crazy person as the title implies.

It begins with a waitress named Emma (?). Right when she thought she was done for the day, four young men come and sit down to chit chat. When Emma sees one of them she is love struck and has this impulse to go up to one of the guys, Derrick, and spark up a conversation like they were long lost best friends, which they really weren’t. She made up the name Emma out of nowhere and wasn’t even too sure where she was going with the whole ordeal, saying they knew each other way back when. They hook up in the end but after the last scene there is a blurb about Emma and Derrick living together. I don’t know. I don’t get it.

I am not too sure if I recommend this book or not. It is kind of random, but it is free, so go ahead if you like. I’m not judging you.

Rosemary & Mistletoe

Bianca Sommerland

2 Stars - 2 Days to read

After starting this free short story, I wanted it to end already. It is pretty long for a short story and I found myself being forced to finish it. I really hate not finishing books. The plot in the beginning was confusing and the characters were not well introduced. There are eight characters – one female and seven male who you have to figure out who is who. They are one big fresh nest of people. She kept referring to them as her nest and I wasn't too sure why. 

It begins with Rosemary trying to describe the fact that she was born ugly because if she was beautiful, her mother would kill her. There needed to be more information on the fact of why her mother wanted to kill her and what exactly she was because I know she wasn’t human. Also her seven dwarfs – I like to call them – aren’t human either. One is a fairy, one bites, one is super strong. I have no idea. I needed more background and I felt this book was lacking it. She has this hunger in her that needs to be sated with sex or else it will… I have no idea what it will do, but she needed to have sex to keep it at bay. She gets kidnapped by her prince and he tries to gain her trust. Etc etc. I don’t want to write this review anymore. In the end, all eight of them have sex. The end. P.s. I don’t recommend.

Language Lessons

Jay Bell

2 Stars - 1 Day to read

I didn't really like this free short story that because it was basically about a gay guy sleeping with whomever he wanted, whenever he wanted, however he wanted. He got this new confidence in himself and acted older than he really was to get whatever guy he wanted. Male slut pretty much. It was written well enough so I continued reading on.

Joey was a gay man looking for his next hook up. He finally sleeps with his dream male but then he finds out he was still in love with his ex-boyfriend. Joey could see the love in his eyes and decided to find his ex and hook them back up together. After doing that he then found someone for himself who was more than just sex. He found someone that he was actually falling for. For him it was normally – meet up with a guy, have sex with him, find someone next. But with this new guy he wanted to get to know him and actually cared to find out what his interests were.

It was very sweet in the end and the ending was the best. Love is everywhere no matter how much you ignore it. I would recommend to anyone looking for gay male who goes through an epiphany. Lol.

Beauty Dominates the Beast

Hannah Hale

2 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

This free short story was just lacking. I don’t really know what to say about it.

It starts off where you learn how the man becomes the beast because he never let the woman finish when he had sex with them. He only thought of himself and was a very selfish lover. Belle’s brother and friend decide to go to this mansion because it then turned into an enchanted brothel filled with half-naked women who have to stay there against their will. When Belle’s brother ventures there and gets abducted, she feels it is her duty to save him. The virgin Bell finds her brother and trades places. She sees unimaginable things done to her brother and she gets locked away in a room conjoining to the beast. Bell then has to tame the beast. (Literally)

The beginning of this book had potential but then lost all credibility when the virgin Bell became all dominant and kept poking him with the fire poker – wth? You can read it, if you like, but don’t say it was me who told you to.

The Princess' Dragon Lord

Mandy Rosko

3.5 Stars - 1 Day to read

This free novella was pretty good. I expected it to be a short story but it was a bit longer than I expected.

It starts off with a young painter by the name of Diana Winters. She veers off the regular hiking trail to get her perfect painting. When the forest around her seems to come alive she ends up falling off into a body of water and hitting her head. She wakes up in a man’s bed who claims to be her husband. Apparently he had killed her a thousand years ago on their wedding and he had been imprisoned there ever since. Apparently someone had poisoned him on their wedding causing him to change into his dragon and slaughter her family. He told her that she was the reincarnation of his deceased wife. Eventually her memories come slowly to her and she realizes that Azoth, the dragon lord, was telling the truth. She has to figure out her memories in order to get her and her husband out of the prison but also she has to figure out who the culprit was that poisoned her husband all those years ago. Find out how with the help of an old friend, they end up together.

I really enjoyed this book. It was fast paced, fun and steamy. I liked the water pit that he had in his cavers. I wish I had one of those. The magical components on the water restore you into your youth. I would recommend for a short easy read to anyone looking for a big, masculine male with hardships to read about.

Taking Instructions

Cheyenne McCray

4 Stars - 15 Minutes to read

This free short story got it right. I have read many BDSM stories that just didn’t do it for me. This short story on the other hand was wonderful. Straight up porn and straight to the sex.

It begins with a young student named Jessica who has the hots for her teacher. Of course the teacher can’t take his eyes off Jessica the entire semester. She surprises him at the end of the semester by showing up in his office naked as the day she was born. To her surprise her teacher accepts her open invitation and tells her to go to his house and have dinner ready. Very Dominant of him to do so, I would say so myself! When he gets home and after they have dinner, he shows her to his ‘dungeon.’ She had no idea how kinky and Dominant her teacher was until that moment. It really heats up at that point but gets even better when his brother - who is a cop - shows up. *Fans Self*

I don’t want to ruin anything but this is a definite recommended read for those of you who are interested in reading that kind of stuff. I really enjoyed this short story and was impressed at the writing style. Go on and read it now. It’s free (hopefully still).


Penelope Crowe

3 Stars - 15 Minutes to read

This free short story definitely was not what I expected. I didn't know what I was reading until after I finished. All I knew was that this was a free since the title didn’t give anything away.

It begins when Violet is at home and she receives a package. She doesn’t have many friends so she wonders where she got it from. She has made a name for herself. She is very successful. She has her own car and home in which she lives alone. She has a very abusive boyfriend named Mick, which she seems to always end up with when he decides to return to her. They would get into arguments and he would leave for weeks. When he returns it would be like nothing even happened. Violet knew that the beautiful box on her doorstep was not from him. When she opens it, weird things start to happen. In the box is a necklace that apparently changes her. But it mostly helps her gain confidence.

There was nothing super special about this short story but I would recommend to anyone looking for an eerie short story about the revenge of the girlfriends. Haha.


Darrern G. Burton

1 Star - 15 Minutes to read

This free short story just didn’t do it for me. I have read my share of short erotica stories and this one does not top the list… at all.

It begins with a husband and wife, Damien and Jenny, who are looking online for another woman to sleep with them or at least to help them in their newly married life. They find this woman online, tell her to come over, pay her to have sex with them while teaching them, and then she leaves.

First of all, why would a newly married couple need to add some spice up their love life? They just got married! Secondly, the dialogue and sex was horrible. This lady did not teach me any new things about sex that a 14 year old didn’t know already. IF I were the couple, I would ask for my money back. It was just not a good read and I do not recommend. Thank goodness it was free.

Taking on the Team

Tanya Tung

2 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

This free short story was just all kinds of weird. 

It begins with this girl who used to play basketball. She watched the boys play one day and realized how much they sucked. She needed them to win, so what better way to motivate them? With sex! She told them that if they won their last game, they will all get a chance with her at the same time. Who does that!? 

The book was a mess and the sex scene was even worse. There was just way too much going on at once and I just didn’t enjoy it. I would not recommend. That’s all.

The New World

Patrick Ness

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

I didn't realize this free short story was part of a series. I just got it because I was looking for something quick to read.

It is based on many, many years in the future. A spaceship carries generations of families. Some were born on the ship and many had died on the ship from living a full life. They are on route to a new world and it is up to the main character, Viola, and her parents to scope out the new land before anyone else. Viola doesn’t seem happy about the idea but there is nothing she can do about it. Everyone in the ship is rooting for them. There is talk of hope, a word Viola hates but ends up keeping with her anyway. When they are finally set to land on the new world, something wrong happens.

I don’t want to ruin anything, so I would say get the free book and see what happens. I don’t know if I will read the next book though. I really enjoyed the writing style. The author went between the past and the present which was pretty cool. If the next book is free I will get it. If not... too bad so sad.

The Bearded Lady

Sarah-Jane Lehoux

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

Wow! I am going to have to say that this short-ish story was definitely my favourite erotica that you can get out of a short story. I think the fact that it was a bit longer made it easier to relate to the characters and fall in love with them over and over again.

Julia Jones is a hired beard who pretends to be the girlfriend of her gay clients in order to trick their families. When she gets called to Martha’s Vineyard is when the fun starts. She has to pretend to be Ian Ashworth’s girlfriend so his grandmother would shut up for once. James is Ian’s lover and Ian's grandmother does not like him because of the colour of his skin. It is Julia's job to get Ian's grandmother off both their cases. In the book, Julia is awoken in the middle of the night to a man’s scream and realizes that it was just Ian and James together in the pool. She hides behind a curtain to watch their little rendezvous and after that she can’t get them out of her head. And that is where the fun begins.

I don’t want to spoil anything but this book satisfied every little need of mine. I don’t have many but the author knew how to keep me wanting more. The one thing I would change was how whiny Julia could get sometimes, but the author was just trying to get a point across. If I was Julia I wouldn’t have complained so much. Hahah! I would definitely recommend this story for those looking for a night to spend with two hot men who know how to have a good time. But they are fictional, so too bad for you! Ha!

The Exam (Doctors Orders #1)

Chloe Cox

1 Star - 1 Day to read

I am pretty sure this free short story was part of a series and maybe that’s why I didn’t really enjoy it.

It begins when a girl named Claire gets a letter in the mail inviting her to the Doctor’s house. She has lived a boring life and is sick of it. She doesn’t know what the Doctor’s house is but decides to show up anyway. She is greeted by the ‘Doctor’ and he begins his examination.

I will stop there because there is not much more to be said. I know this is a fantasy book and it’s not real, but come on! If you were to get a letter in the mail telling you to show up to this mansion and then the guy starts probing you inside and out, I would not get turned on, I would get the hell away from there! She trusts the doctor even though she has no idea who he is. I don’t know. I didn’t enjoy this story. I am glad it was free. I will not read the rest in the series. I do not recommend. That’s all.

The Cat Letters

Lexis De Rothschild

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

This is the kind of book I was looking to read. Something short with meaning. I really enjoyed the writing style of the author as well. 

This book starts off with a woman who is in a relationship with a married man. She knows it’s wrong but is still with him since she is in love, of course. When she finally realizes she needs new scenery since her lover won't leave his wife, she moves to the Caribbean. While she is there her lover - R. – keeps telling her to come home but she stays strong and doesn't give in; even though she wants to so badly. Before she left for the Caribbean, she gave her cat up to someone who she knows will take good care of him and this is where the cat letters come from. She writes to him as often as she can. I love the dialect in this story between whomever the narrator is talking to. It is actually pretty humorous. It didn't drag which I liked and I finished it quickly, happy that I read it. I loved the illustrations in between chapters and paragraphs. It just added a little bit more personality to the story. I think all books should be written like this.

I would definitely recommend this book for an easy, quick read.

The Gift of the Magi

O. Henry

4 Stars - 5 Minutes to read

The Gift of the Magi. Not too sure why it is called that but I loved this short story nonetheless. 

It starts off with a young woman named Della who only had $1.87 to spend on her husband for Christmas. She knows it is not enough to buy him the nice things that she feels he deserves. The love this woman has for her husband is outstanding because in order to make enough money to buy him something nice, she cuts off her hair which is about down to her knees. She received $20 from the hairdresser that cut her hair. After being overwhelmed with happiness that she could now afford the gift for her husband, she goes home and sets up dinner. When the man comes home from work, all he can do is stare at his wife’s hair (or lack thereof) and she keeps reminding him that it will grow back. He had also made a sacrifice as well so his wife could have the Christmas gift she deserved. Both the man and woman sacrificed something so that their spouse could have what they always wanted. 

I laughed at the end. The turn of events is so cute and the husband just blows it aside trying to show it is not a big deal. It’s funny because people these days are so selfish and would never give up something like that in order to see their spouse smile. That is how I feel anyway. Read it to see how it ends. It is a free and short e-book on Amazon.