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This author has so many books and series that I felt like she needed her own page.




Playing Easy to Get

Book 1

5 Stars - 4 Days to read

There were three short stories in this book. The first sucked. The second was alright. But the third, which was Kresley's was phenomenal. I didn't expect anything less from her. Running from your mate for 5 years? Wow. But, always a happy ending. I loved it. Nikolas Wroth, a vampire, heart beats for Myst the Coveted. Read to find out more!

A Hunger Like No Other

Book 2

4 Stars - 2 Days to read

Technically this is Kresley’s first full novel and I am going to say that it was wonderful. Her most recent stuff is better but that doesn’t mean that I don’t give two thumbs up to this one. Lachlan, after being tortured for 150 years scents his mate and will do anything to get her - even rip off his own leg. Poor Emmaline is gentler than a fly but after meeting Lachlan she toughens up and becomes his Mate. Even killing a vampire in the process. It wasn’t easy to make Emmaline fall for Lachlan though. Read to find out how he did it. I will say her lust for him was one key part ;)

No Rest for the Wicked

Book 3

5+ Stars - 2 Days to read

*Claps Hands* Wow! Well-freaken-done Kresley. This book is my favourite so far. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. The roughness was phenomenal and the love as well. 

Kaderon the Coldhearted lost two of her sisters in battle. They were triplets. She couldn't handle their deaths and prayed that she couldn't be able to feel the pain anymore. When her prayers were heard, she not only lost the feeling of losing her sisters, she lost all emotion altogether. She felt no love, no hate, no compassion or Sympathy. For a thousand years she hunted and killed Vampires, not even thinking twice about it. Until she met Sebastian Wroth! She hesitated to kill him because of his blue eyes when normally the vampires she killed had dark reddened eyes from the people they drank and killed. After meeting Sebastian, Kaderon's feelings came back to her. She was able to love him and hate him. Sebastian’s heart beat for Kaderon claiming her as his bride. They enter the Hie together. (Amazing race, but immortal style. I won't say anymore, but there is hate, lust, loss and love in this book. A definite recommendation.

Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night

Book 4

5 Stars - 2 Days to read

Of course I loved this book from the moment I opened its first pages. 

Mariketa the Awakened, a witch, who is waiting for her full powers to come to her has been hiding herself knowing that a male would come and take her away from her family. Bowen MacRieve from the Lykan clan met Mari in The Hie as they both competed for the prize. Mariketa put a spell on Bowen so he couldn’t heal right before he unintentionally trapped her in a cave with other competitors; he lost The Hie and was in bad condition, on the verge of death since he couldn’t heal. When he found out that Mariketa was trapped and dying in the cave he did everything in his power to save her. After finding her he had to win her over since she hated him, he realized that she was his mate. He thought he was under a love spell cast by Mari. Mari couldn’t confirm whether or not she put it on him since she, herself, didn’t understand her own power. Bowen lost his mate a long time ago and hadn’t recovered since then and couldn’t understand how he could have a chance at a second mate. 

Not to ruin anything else, I can say that I enjoyed the parts where Mari tricked Bowen with her magik and her sense of humour. It was very exciting. I love the fight scenes. Such a page turner! Read to find out more. 

Dark Needs at Night's Edge

Book 5

5 Stars - 2 Days to read

Just another favourite, that’s all. I am not shocked at how incredible this book was because I know that Kresley will always blow my mind away. 

This book begins with a phantom ballerina named Néomi. She was murdered in her house by her ex-fiancé and was trapped there for eternity walking the empty hallways. After incidentally meeting her fated one, Conrad Wroth, she knew she had to be with him somehow, even though she couldn’t touch him. His brothers tied him up. hoping they could change him from his vampire ways of drinking to kill - something the other Wroth brothers do not do. After making a deal with the witch, Mariketa the Awaited - Néomi was promised a body but knew she would die a horrible death soon after receiving it. She accepted it. Conrad Wroth, the crazed red-eyed vampire would do anything to save Néomi his Bride. 

Of course everything turns out in the end, but find out what happens when Néomi is brutally murdered for the second time. It actually brought a tear to my eye! Enjoy! 

Dark Desires After Dusk

Book 6

3.5 Stars - 2 Days to read

Okay. Not Kresley’s greatest book, but still good. Normally her books entitle action and adventure and new places. 

The majority of this book took place on the road in the car to Groot’s castle. I actually loved the beginning where the human was kidnapped to be impregnated yet she is stronger than she looks, taking out an entire horde of demons with her bare hands. Holly Ashwin, the human, is a true computer geek and has OCD. Everything has to be in 3 or multiples of - weird. Her new name, The Vessel, came from her human self turned Valkyrie, known to breed either an evil or good immortal warrior. Cadeon Woede, after disgracing his brother and kingdom by losing their crown finally gets the chance to prove his loyalty after 900 years of searching any way possible. Only, he has to pick between a sword that can kill his enemy or his mate. In order to get the sword he has to give up the one he is fated to, Holly. Cadeon teaches Holly how to fight and how to become a true Valkyrie, knowing she might have to fight for her life when he gives her over, but doesn’t tell her this. Meanwhile, he is deceiving her, telling her that the change to Valkyrie can be reversed, which it cant. 

Overall, the whole cheating on the boyfriend thing wasn’t cool, even though he was stealing her flame. It was alright. Read to find out how Holly overcomes her compulsion disorder and finds it in her to forgive Cadeon for giving her up. P.S.. I love Nix! 

Kiss of a Demon King

Book 7

5+ Stars - 3 Days to read

No wonder this book won many awards. It is fantastic. I keep saying that her books are my favourite but I would give this one 5+ stars. I absolutely loved it!!! 

It starts off with Sabine, the Queen of Illusions. Her entire life, she knew she was to have a demons baby and have to give it up to her king and half-brother - Omort, the deathless one who had taken over King Rydstrom’s kingdom. 

After failing to seduce King Rydstrom she traps him in his own dungeon. He was on his way to get a sword that could kill Omort and reclaim his kingdom. Sabine sexually tortures him, not letting him finish. She keeps doing this, telling him that she will stop when he gives his vow and weds her. He won’t give her that because he knows once he impregnates her, they will kill him. When he is about to give in and go with her terms, the vampires attack. Sabine and her sister Melanthe have to go to battle. She returns to Rystrom straight from battle, full of lust from almost losing her life. She ends their encounter quickly and retreats to her room. That is when Lothaire goes to King Rydstrom and freeing him - with the condition he owes him something - somewhere at sometime. 

Once free, Rydstrom kidnaps Sabine and makes her his prisoner. He brings her to a demon town which recognizes him as their king. Rydstrom tries to break Sabine into being truthful and not so selfish but it doesn’t work. It was her turn to be sexually tortured. She did it to him for two days so he planned to do the same to her. The entire time, though, she has been tied up with her hands behind her back so she couldn’t use her magik. She hates him for this. After proving herself loyal and the restraints have been removed, they return to his home in New Orleans. Melanthe tries to rescue Sabine from Rydstrom to no use. The Vrekeners were attacking. Sabine needed to have her poison dosage before her body goes into withdrawals. It ends up being too late. 

See how the book ends. Sorry if there were too many spoilers! There was just so much that happens! And this book ties in with a couple other books. I actually came back and read this book twice. Sh! Haha. 

Deep Kiss of Winter

Book 8

4 Stars - 3 Days to read

This book was very nice. It states that it is written by both authors but really, there are just two unsimilar books in it. Kresely's book took up 3/4 of the novel. Gena's just filled in 1/4 of the end. I won't even tell you what it's about. I think I like Kresely's writing better than Gena's. Gena is more down and dirty while Kresely is more about the chase.

Murdoch Wroth, a vampire finds his Bride, a Valkyrie/Icere named Daniela who is untouchable. An Ice Queen/Maiden who lives in New Orleans. Her Icere followers are out to kill her. Once the king is dead, she is sought out to rule her kingdom and take her rightful place at the throne. After meeting Murdoch she realizes what love truly is. One problem: no skin to skin contact. Being an Icere, Daniela can only touch her kind. If her skin even grazed Murdoch's she is in agonizing pain. All Murdoch, a sex symbol, also known as a man whore (in his previous human life), wants to do is touch his Bride to no avail. It drives him insane. He even tries to kiss 3 other girls to see how to compare, but none of them come close to Daniela. It is pretty sad. Read the book to find out how they overcome their problem! :) I would recommend if you like Kresely's book as I do!

Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Book 9

5+ Stars - 2 Days to read

One of the BEST books I have ever read! Absolutely Amazing! Definitely not for young adults. 18+ for sure. 

It begins with Garreth MacRieve scenting his mate, the Valkyrie, Lucia the Archer. Lucia was gifted with unequal abilities as an archer. After being brought back form the brink of death, she was bestowed upon by Skathi her abilities. One problem; must stay chaste. After meeting Garreth she realized that was going to be hard. After running from Garreth for over a year, he finally caught up with her. Lucia realized wanted him jus as much as he wanted her, but she knew it could never happen, because if they made love, she would lose her archery abilities. She would be nothing without them. She also needed them to kill Cruach. Garreth and Lucia embark a journey to the Amazon to find the dumort (the God killer). 

I almost shed a tear for this book - meaning - it was awesome! Totally fallen in love with Garreth (aka McWolfy) Read to find out Garreth finally claims Lucia as his bride - before finding out she was already married! Snap!  

Demon from the Dark

Book 10

5 Stars - 3 Days to read

Malkom Slaine, a demon captured and forced to be turned vampire with his best friend Kallen. After Kallen the Just betrays Malkom by drinking his blood, Malkom returns the favour by killing him. His entire life Malkom was betrayed. His whore mother gave him up to be used as a blood slave being beaten and raped repeatedly.

After the Order (a bunch of mortals bent on studying immortals) kidnapped seven-year old Ruby and Carrow Graie from the House of Witches, it is up to Carrow to get them to safety. The Order gives Carrow a decision to go to hell and retrieve the Vemon (Vampire/Demon) who lives there and bring him back so he can be studied. Carrow would do anything to help – now orphaned – Ruby. After meeting Malkom she knows she has to trick him and bring him back to the portal with her. She has six days to make him follow. The only problem is that in the six days she has, she ends up falling in love with him. Her strong Vemon saved her more than once from the threats of hell. After giving him up to The Order, he vows to kill her. Everyone who had previously betrayed him had paid with their life. Find out how and if Carrow will gain Malkoms trust back. 

This book shows how being neglected doesn’t truly mean that you aren’t loved. Both Carrow and Malkom were neglected as younglings but it was possible for them to find happiness. The bond between Malkom and Ruby warmed my heart as she donned him the title ‘Stepdemon.’ She is too cute. I fell in love with the way little Ruby warmed up to Malkom and began trusting him. This book was different from her others because there was so much more work going into the forgiveness aspect of the book. There are always hardships but they overcame them pretty quickly in other books, but in this one Kresley took her time to examine every aspect of forgiveness. Loved it!

Dreams of a Dark Warrior

Book 11

3 Stars - 3 Days to read

Loved it, but expected more. This book started off exciting. I am always excited to read anything from Kresley. The whole capture dragged on a lot to me. It was a great book, don't get me wrong, but I think I expected more. More what, you ask? No idea. It didn't have the normal spark that all her other books have. I would still recommend it, but she has other books that I would put before this one. I loved the whole reincarnation thing. The whole 'meant to be together' theme. Great work! 


Book 12

4 Stars - 4 Days to read

Kresley Cole has done it again. She has made me fall in love with two more characters in her book. I have loved Lothaire since the beginning but I also love his Bride, Elizabeth that we just met for the first time in this book! Kresley has made me laugh, tear up and keep reading until my eyes hurt with this book. I’ve never been frustrated with any of her books but this one, but it’s only because I was upset with Lothaire and his selfish actions. Kresley did an amazing job at showing how hard it is for one to learn to love after a millennia of being alone.

It begins with a young girl named Elizabeth who is possessed by a vampire queen named Saroya. Lothaire was told that he would meet his bride on the mountains and as predicted she was there. While possessed Elizabeth (Saroya) kills many people for the fun of it. Lothaire met Saroya after a blood bath and that was when his heart began to beat again. The entire time he thinks Saroya is his bride but really Elizabeth was. He vowed to the Lore to Saroya that he would expel Elizabeth’s soul from her body. Elizabeth is this hillbilly girl with an attitude who would do anything for her family. When Lothaire rescues her from death row, which he willingly put her in, she is supposed to fall madly in love with him, but that doesn’t happen too easily. Lothaire finally realizes that Elizabeth is his bride but knows he could never be with a human so he decides to turn her into a vampire against her will and telling her she could never see her family again. Taking the choices away from a hard headed hillbilly, Lothaire? Not a good idea.

Much more happens that I found to be a little bit of a filler. It is not the normal action packed books that Kelsey normally writes but it was still good. Elizabeth was being held captive from the prison, to Lothaire’s house, to Hags place, to the Valkyrie Coven. Not much happens in confinement. Oh well, I still loved the book. I think Kelsey made it like that so she could show the struggles which Lothaire had to face. I loved how she interpreted the puzzle pieces into this book. Also, I would kill to see Lothaire in a wife beater! I loved the gift that Elizabeth gave Lothaire right after receiving a gift from him while she was being held captive in the Valkyrie Coven. I kept trying to think what it would be, but never guessed it. Well played Elizabeth, well played. To find out how our hillbilly/vampire Elizabeth forgives Lothaire from taking away her free will, you must read. Truly a touching story made for a man with a black heart!

Shadow's Claim

Book 13

To Be Read - Own


Book 14

5 Stars - 3 Days to read

Kresley does it again. I love getting lost in her immortal world. I read this book so quickly since I just couldn't put down. 

Emma, a human, is a pro soccer player with her sights on the Olympics. Until she realizes something is going on with her. She is changing and doesn't know why. Her hearing and sense of smell are heightened. Her father leaves her and she learns about the Lore. Her father is none other than Commander Web - the head of The Order. But Chloe doesn't know this. She manages to get kidnapped by witches who put her on the auction block for the highest bidder. The creatures of the immortal world want to capture, rape, enslave and torture her because of who her father is.

William MacReive and his brother Munroe grew up together but Will outcast himself after the horrors that happened to his family because of his actions. For 900 years Will could not get over what had happened to him. He blamed himself for it all and was basically scarred for life. To top off his pain, Will was captured by Webb and The Order and was tortured and studied. He eventually escapes, hell bent on vengeance. When he and Munroe attend the auction, they intend on making Webbs' daughter pay for all the horrible things he has done to himself and all other creatures of the Lore. That's when Will realizes that Chloe is his mate. 

She ends up becoming something he hates and he cant stand the sight of her. I feel so bad for her. I think I even teared up once at his cruelty.

I really enjoyed this book and not only would I recommend it, I will also recommend this whole series! On to the next! 

Dark Sky

Book 15

5 Stars - 5 Days to read

Let me start off by saying that it took me over 5 days to read because once I started, I wanted to Re-Read Kiss of a Demon King. That book is an intro into the lives of Sabine and Melanthe. But that book belongs to Sabine and Rydstrom where this book belongs to Melanthe and Thronos. I wanted to know the most about Melanthe before I started this book. 

When Melanthe was little, Thronos' father, the King of Skye murdered her and Sabine's parents. They found them dead in their bed. Sabine and Melanthe fought with the Vrekeners to avenge their parents that same night in their bedroom. Sabine ended up killing the King while Melanthe told Throno's to jump out the window and to not use his wings on the way down which caused him deformations because he wasn't an immortal.

Growing up, Melanthe was in love with Thronos as young children. Their friendliness had to be hidden since the Vrekeners and the Sorcery were enemies. No one knew about them. Melanthe thought that Thronos ratted her parents whereabouts to the King, and that's why he killed them. She never forgave him. 

This book begins on the island with all the captured Immortals. After the cells and broken open and all the immortals are free, Melanthe tries to escape but Thronos finds her and kidnaps her. Melanthe is his Mate. He needs to have her. He has this vendetta towards her, but Melanthe hates him and wants nothing to do with him. They try to escape the island but cant since Thronos wings can barely fly with his weight let alone holding Melanthe. After a series of events, Melanthe (Lanthe for short) creates a portal - thinking she is going home. Thronos follows her into Pandemonia. They are trapped there until Lanthe can create another portal out. 

Their struggles with one another are so heart wrenching. I loved seeing both sides of their hardships with one another. They both hate each other but slowly learn that their hate is misplaced. Thronos' brother was the one who had been tormenting her for 500+ years. She was just trying to stay alive. Lanthe learned his pain as well. They learned to forgive each others pain towards the other. 


I was so happy for them once they escaped all the different portal locations. There was a lot of content in this story, but it was super easy to keep up with it all. 

I could NOT believe when Morgana came and made Thronos forget about Lanthe. Not only did he make her forget about him, but she also destroyed their homes, letting them crash into the ocean! It was so painful to see them both struggling. Lanthe struggled because she needed to get her husband and baby daddy back, and Thronos struggled because he didn't know what he was missing but a huge hole in his chest. I was so happy when they finally reunited. Read to understand where I am coming from. This story was so magical!

Sweet Ruin
Book 16

To Be Read - Own

Shadow's Seduction

Book 17

To Be Read - Own

Wicked Abyss

Book 18

To Be Read - Own

Book 19

To Be Read

Shadow's Kiss

Book 20

To Be Published November 2020



Poison Princess

Book 1

To Be Read - Own

Endless Knight

Book 2

To Be Read - Own

Dead of Winter

Book 3

To Be Read - Own

Day Zero

Book 3.5

To Be Read - Own

Arcana Rising

Book 4

To Be Read - Own

The Dark Calling

Book 5

To Be Read - Own

From The Grave

Book 6

To Be Read



The Professional

Book 1

To Be Read - Own

The Master

Book 2

To be read - Need

The Player

Book 3

To be read - Own



If You Dare

Book 1

To Be Read - Own

If You Desire

Book 2

To Be Read - Own

If You Deceive

Book 3

To Be Read - Own