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My Book Reviews 2014

Here is a list of books that I have read since January 2014.

They will be listen by their name, amount of stars (out of 5) and a little description of what I thought of them. They are in order from most recent. 

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me.


Beyond Shame - Book 1

Kit Rocha 

2.5 Stars - 11 Days to read

received a digital ARC of this novel from Netgalley on behalf of Bree Bridges‏.

I don’t really know what to say about this book other than it was too long. There really wasn't a point to it… well there was, but it was weak. Very weak. I think I would have enjoyed this novel MUCH more if it was written only as a short story and not a book that took me over ten days to read it!

It’s basically about a young girl who gets banned from her inner circle of Eden. I guess this story takes place far in the future. Anything outside of Eden is dog eat dog. So when she gets banned for wanting to have sex, she finds a biker gang and wants to belong. They are all sex fiends and it's normal to want to have sex there. She wants to gain inner confidence and be her own woman. Yet in the process she wants to be owned by one of the bikers. That is the jist of it.

Like I mentioned before… it would have been a better erotica short story. I just didn't feel this one. I would have stopped reading but I promised a review which meant I had to finish. I don’t think it’s fair to write a review over a book you didn't finish. So this is mine. Meh. That’s all. 

Beyond Control - Book 2

Kit Rocha

3 Stars - 36 Days to read

So it took me forever to read this book because I wasn’t really interested to pick it up once I put it down. It was way too long, just like book 1. It I was my old self, I would just walk away from this series, but I made a promise to myself to finish a series if I started the first. Unless the first was absolutely horrible and I gave it anything lower than two stars.

This book was basically about Declan and Lex. They basically try to figure out their relationship and where they stand. They get into fights, yell and also love each other. Dallas (Declan) decides to collar her and see where they go from there. And that was basically it. Garreth Woods (the assassin that tried to kill Noelle in book 1) is the target for Lex, but not if Lex can get to him first. She wants to prove that she doesn’t need Dallas to survive.

You can read it or not read it. I don’t really recommend. I am putting myself through this so you don’t have to. Haha. That’s all. On to book three!

Beyond Pain - Book 3

Kit Rocha

3 Stars - 11 Days to read

am finally done with this book. It was better than book 2 but not that much better.

The story lines are basically the same. Guy and girl think they love each other. In this case it is Bren and Six. Bren is an ex-military and Six used to live in another sector, beaten and left for dirt until Dallas picked her up for information and thought about making her an O’Kane. She and Bren fool around (When I say 'fool around' I really mean they had some crazy sex) and then they get into an argument (of course) and then in the end they end up together. I know that’s a spoiler but did you really think otherwise?

This whole book is filled with decent written sex scenes. There was too much of them, but I didn't really mind. They were all different scenarios. I know the third book isn't out yet, but I kind of don’t want to read it. There goes my whole ‘I have to finish series I start’ thing I’m going with here. Oh well. On to the next book!

Beyond Jealousy - Book 4

Kit Rocha

To-be-read - Own

Beyond Addiction - Book 5

Kit Rocha

To-be-read -  Own

Beyond Innocence - Book 6

Kit Rocha

To-be-read - Own

Beyond Ruin - Book 7

Kit Rocha

To be read - Own

Beyond Ecstasy - Book 8

Kit Rocha

To be read - Own

Beyond Surrender - Book 9

Kit Rocha

To be read - Own

Smokeless Fire - Book 1

Samantha Young

3 Stars - 8 Days to read

This book was pretty good. It started off really slow, and horrible. When I started reading it, I was so close to stopping, but I knew I had to continue since my friend recommended this series. It was so bad. The thought process was so jumbled and it literally hurt me to read it, but I pushed through. I was glad I did.

It is about a young girl named Ari who finds out who her real parents are. Turns out they weren’t even human. She learns about a whole new world of the Jinn and finds out she is one as well. Jai (one of the Jinn) is assigned to be her guardian. Charlie her best friend wants to be back in her life after shutting her out when his brother died. Charlie found out a Jinn killed his brother and it determined to take revenge. Ari’s real father, The White King, wants her back, but Ari wants nothing to do with him. When Ari’s dad (not biologically) gets a spell put on him by the request of The White King, it is up to Ari to figure out how to make him better.

Ari is also caught between the old love she has for Charlie and the new love that is growing for Jai. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Scorched Skies - Book 2

Samantha Young

3 Stars - 7 Days to read

This book was pretty good. I enjoyed the turn of events that happened, but I don’t really have much to say.

Ari knows she is The Seal. That much we got. After having her father attacked Ari realized it’s time for action but she cant do anything because it will lead to another string of events that they were trying to avoid. She isn't really talking much to Charlie after he became a sorcerer. Ari, Jai and Charlie get ambushed by a bunch of humans who are sent by another Jinn to steal Ari and her blood. They need to find out who is behind it etc etc. Jai hasn’t come to terms that he loves Ari until her life is on the line. It’s about damn time. And that it.

They aren't super super exciting books, but they have been keeping my interest. Onto the next book of the series now.

Borrowed Ember - Book 3

Samantha Young

4 Stars - 6 Days to read

So much happens in this book and I am starting to really like this series. I don’t know what else bad can happen but I will read on.

This book starts off with Charlie’s trial since he killed the Sorcerer Dali. It is so predictable but I kept reading anyway. He leaves unharmed but is drunk off the power of the Emerald. Jai and Ari have to keep their relationship a secret still and can’t stand it. Ari‘s life is threatened more than once. Jai gets kidnapped and Charlie is still out for revenge against the monster that killed his brother. We find out who Ari’s mother is as well as other secrets come out as well. The stories all make sense now.

There is actually a lot of death in this book that I didn’t like and I really don’t understand how Ari can be sane anymore. I don’t know what else the author can write about but I obviously have to read the last book!

Darkness Kindled - Book 4

Samantha Young

3 Stars - 7 Days to read

This book was alright. I don’t know. There really wasn’t a spark for me. At the ending a little bit, where they should have ended the book... but no... It kept going. It dragged.

This book begins with Ari using her one request with Azazil. He was reluctant to give it to her but did anyway! I wondered what she wished for the entire book. Jai and Ari were both now Guild members and were sent on the hunt and kill missions that the other half-blooded Jin couldn’t do. When the White King gets a hold of the Seal all Hell breaks loose with Lilif on the prowl. Ari and Jai are supposed to hunt down Charlie for killing but they decide to kidnap him as well. Lilif is taken care of easily. Asmodeous has a secret agenda for Ari. That was the only thing that surprised me in the book. Other than that, it was alright. I wouldn’t really recommend this series. Sorry.

There were extra chapters in the end. I didn't read them all. I read about three, then got bored.

The Fault in Our Stars

John Green

4 Stars - 7 Days to read

et me tell you how I started reading this book. I saw that it was going to be a movie and I liked the main character so I decided to give the book a shot. Before I read the book I watched the trailer. It looked like an OKAY movie but I still went through to read the book. I am so glad that I read the book!

It begins with Hazel Grace. She is surviving with cancer. Her lungs are filled with tiny little masses that make it hard for her to breathe without her oxygen tank. She is forced to go to weekly meetings at a church with cancer patients. That is where she meets Augustus Waters. I think it is love at first sight. She makes him read one of her favourite books and he makes her read his. Their relationship grows and he uses his cancer wish to take Hazel to Amsterdam to meet the author of her favourite book. She has some unanswered questions for him about the book. Ever since they met, Augustus did not hide his feelings from her. He knew he loved her in an instant and wouldn’t give up on her, even though she kept pushing him away saying she was a grenade. He didn’t care. I loved the ending. Don’t worry, I won’t ruin it. That is all I will tell you.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, and it really isn’t. There is nothing special about this book. The last chapter I read, though, for some odd reason, I couldn’t stop crying. The last chapter was a letter that Augustus wrote to the author. I just love it when guys show emotion. After I composed myself from crying during the last pages, I watched the trailer and cried even more! I felt a connection with the characters that you just don’t get when you watch a movie. This just proves that you will never get out of a movie when you get from a book. I definitely recommend this book. It isn’t even that long! Favourite line – Okay, Okay.

Cursed - Book 1

Tara Brown

4 Stars - 7 Days to read

I started reading this book because it was free. Not only was the first book free – but all other 4 books in the series was free as well. I had them for a while and decided to give them a go! I was glad I did!

This book is about Aimee James. She is a normal girl with a normal twin. Her life begins to change after the death of her mother. When she decides it is fine for her to move on and be happy again, she agrees to chaperon her sister to a party and is not intentionally drugged. Someone drugged her friends drink and they ended up sharing it. She almost dies and in that instant someone saves her life. While she hovers before her dead body, a man appears and helps her back in and tends to her. She wakes up delusional with almost losing all function of her liver. The drug was poorly made and started to cause liver failure. Aimee is on a conquest to find out who that man was who sort of saved her life. She realizes that he is in love with her, but she is in love with her high school crush named Shane. He is more than a high school crush to her. Aimee feels that he is her soul mate. But when she is around this mysterious man, she loves him too. Love triangle much? She learns that there is another world of immortals that she doesn’t even know existed. And she is curious to learn more, even if it means dying in the process.

I actually really liked this book. It was fast paced and exciting. There were no droll moments. There were a few grammar mistakes, but who cares. The book was better than I thought it would be for a free book! I am so excited to read the next one!

Bane - Book 2

Tara Brown

3.5 Stars - 5 Days to read

I would have given it 4 stars but the author kept changing the past which affected the future and I just wanted to keep things the way they were and make them less confusing.

This book is about a girl named Ari. She thinks she is a normal girl working at a diner until she passes out from the heat. Her uncle, the man who raised her, is by her side when she wakes up. When she touches him, she sends him back in time and he chose another route instead of adopting her which left Ari an abused orphan. She wakes up with her head shaved and piercings all over her body. She finds her way to Lydia and Aimee in the refuge house. They teach her what she is and how to deal with it. Ari meets her mate there as well. She learns that her power is taking people back in time where they hit the fork in the road. Instead of taking the one they were living in, they are forced to take the others. Some don’t turn out as well as she hopes. She tries to change her past, but ends up affecting her future too many times to count. Through the changes the book doesn’t get confusing. I just got annoyed because I was happy the way the story was going, but then it changes drastically and screws everything up.

This was a really good book and I enjoyed every minute of it. The author has a way with words that keeps you reading until you want more. I couldn’t put the book down. On to the next one!

Hyde - Book 3

Tara Brown 

3 Stars - 5 Days to read

Ummm… I am glad that this book is over. I didn’t like it as much as the two before it. I actually started reading the fourth book Witch before I read this because I got mixed up with the order. It upset me that I found things out before starting this book.

This one was about Hannah the half Siren half werewolf. She learns who she is after the death of her father. She goes to Lydia’s house, as every other supernatural, and learns about what she is exactly. Since she is half Siren, all the guys fall for her. It is actually pretty annoying because she falls for them too. The ones she love the most are Marcus and Sam. Aimee is still with Shane. Ana is still with Lucas and Alexander is now in love with Giselle. All these people think about is sex. Nothing wrong with that! Haha. There is also a rescue mission in this story as well that the Roses take back a few kidnapped supernatural children from the hands of Daniel, the vampire, and his accomplices. They are apparently trying to take over the world or something. 

There wasn’t really much to this book that I enjoyed. Hanna’s mixed emotions were too confusing to keep track of and the story was just dragging on. I know already book four is better, so I will just go and read that one now. Bye.

Witch - Book 4

Tara Brown

2 Stars - 5 Days to read

This book started off so well, but it did a HUGE nosedive. I couldn’t believe how bad this book got towards the middle and end. The author should have just stopped after book two. Book three was pushing it! 

This book starts off with Ophelia. She is a witch but she obviously didn’t figure it out until she went to Lydia’s. And that’s how all the other books started as well. Aimee needed to find her sister because Blake was keeping her hostage and used as a blood slave. Ophelia’s sister got kidnapped too. Um… Sam and Hanna’s connection gets broken and then Hannah goes back to Marcus because he comes back to life after a ‘Push’ from Ari. But then Sam is dead. But Lucas and Aleks are alive again….. What. The. Hell! I honestly don’t even know what else to say about this story. It was soooooooooooooooooo confusing. Noticed all the o’s. I know how to read, and I know how to follow a plot. This book was a train wreck. The writing style became so messy that parts of the book made no sense. The author kept changing the plot so many times that I just couldn’t keep up anymore. These books need some MAJOR editing. I finished this book as quick as I could, but since I already PURCHASED… yes I wrote Purchased… the last one, I migt as well read it. It was only $1, but still. 

Someone shoot me now. Hahaha.

Death - Book 5

Tara Brown

2 Stars - 6 Days to read

This was possibly the worst of all the books. I don't even want to go over what happened in this book because I am not 100% sure. It was just horrible. I hate how Ari keeps changing the past (complained about that already) and I hate how the author forgets to mention things. I was so confused for half of the book. The majority of the time I had no idea what was going on. I just read this to get it over and done with.

The ending was pretty cool. But that was it. Sorry but not sorry to give it once star. That's all.

The Transfer - Book 0.1

Veronica Roth

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This short story shows 'Four' in abnegation at his choosing ceremony. We obviously all know that he chooses Dauntless. I loved seeing him so vulnerable. This story was written really well. I can't wait to read the rest!

The Initiate - Book 0.2

Veronica Roth

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

This short story shows how Four goes through training to become a Dauntless and how he goes through the initiation process. It shows how he learns to fight and become a Dauntless. He is ranked at the top of his class.

The Son - Book 0.3

Veronica Roth

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

Four gets the chance to be a leader in Dauntless. He finds out that Jeannine Matthews is working with the Dauntless leader Max to recruit him to be their pawn of a much bigger plan. Four wanted nothing to do with it. He finds out his mother is alive and she warns him of such things. He thought his mother was dead all these years. He always thought seeing his mother again would make him happy, but he was angry at her. He takes a role in the Dauntles compound to keep an eye out for anything suspicious that might arise. That's basically it. He gives his leadership role away to Eric so he cant be bossed around or controlled. It's what Eric wanted, anyway. Four would rather do that than take the role and date every minute of it.

The Traitor - Book 0.4

Veronica Roth

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

It took me a while to get into this last book. I found the previous 3 to be boring and nothing new to me. I really didn't want to read this. I was losing my spark in reading. This book of short stories was bringing me down with it! I decided to sit down and give it a go once and for all. I am not really one to disregard a book so easily. 

This short story is about Four and how his relationship with Tris evolves. It starts from when he speaks to her with her mother to how he defended her when she got attacked. Four needed someone to trust with his secrets of being Divergent. He felt alone in Dauntless until Tris came around. He found out she was Divergent as well. I liked reading them together. That's all. There was no real attraction to this short story either. 

Boy, am I glad that this book is done! I do not recommend. Sorry. 

Divergent - Book 1

Veronica Roth

3 Stars - 7 Days to read

This book was actually pretty good. The one bad thing, though, was that since it got so much hype and I realized it was in the theaters as well, I think I expected more. It has a good story line, but I wasn’t reeling with excitement when I was done.

It is basically about a young girl named Beatrice Prior and when she and all her classmates reach the age of sixteen they have to decide which faction they want to live in. there are five different factions: Abnegation – the selfless, Candor – the honest, Amity – the peaceful, Erudite – the intelligent and Dauntless - the brave. They get a bit confusing in the book but they had an index in the back to help with that which was pretty cool. Beatrice was born into Abnegation but feels trapped in that faction so she chose to move to Dauntless. They go through a simulation test to see which faction they are most likely to end up in and Dauntless was one of the three she was chosen for. She learns how to fight, shoot and kill. It is all thrilling to her. She is a bit different than anyone else though. She is a Divergent. Her mind cannot be controlled by simulations in which they put themselves under very frequently. The Erudite created something to control the Dauntless fighters to make them attack Abnegation and kill them all because of a secret the Erudite leader does not want out.

That is basically it. I am not going to say I didn't enjoy it… but let’s hope the movie is better. On to the next one!

Insurgent - Book 2

Veronica Roth

3 Stars - 6 Days to read

This book... almost ruined the series for me. I was so hyped up about the first book that when I finished I couldn't wait to read this one... but I was definitely disappointed.

It begins with Tris, Four, Marcus, Peter and Caleb on a train. They have left Dauntless and are heading to Amity. They need to find a way to safety and figured they would find it there. As bad as it sounds.. I don't really remember what else happened in this book. I left a too long space to write this review and read other books in between. This book just felt like it dragged on forever and I just wanted it over and done with so I could end this series.

Tris is a sucky baby the entire book. I get it - she is fighting for her life - but she was NOT this sucky in the first book. She was so strong. I don't know why Veronica changed Tris' character so easily for. Tris finds out that the Candor were hiding something and that's what Jeannine was hiding. Tris risks her life to find out what the big secret was. Her whole being needs to know the truth. When they do find out the truth it is all chaos. 

I won't say anything else. But that is about it. Meh. On to the last book now! 

Allegiant - Book 3

Veronica Roth

3 Stars - 17 Days to read

I am pissed. This book should not have been published. It was too long. And I kept putting it down and being distracted. I knew how it would end. I KNEW IT! I am just pissed about the events. The story line was okay, but the turn of events makes me hate this book.

Tris and Tobias and the rest of the group (that I don't really care for) are living within the government. They want to change the way they see the Genetically pure people and the Genetically Damaged people. They want to save their town Chicago. An uprising is beginning to form and they need to stop it before all their friends and family die.

That's basically it.

Honestly.... I would be better off if I didn't read this entire season. I spent too much time tearing up at the end of this book than I needed to. Uncalled for! I do not recommend these books. Sorry. Just go watch the movies.

Blur - Book 1

Kristen Middleton

4 Stars - 8 Days to read

I started reading this book from a free compilation of books from the author. I didn't think much of it but as I got into the story I realized how much I really liked it! I know.. it's your normal vampire loves girl for centuries but the girl doesn't know story, but it was still so good! Maybe because I haven't read a vampire book in so long this one just kept me entertained!

It begins when Nikki and Nathan move to Shore Lake with their mother. Their father beat and raped their mother after their divorce and he was on the lose so they decided to move to escape him. When they got to this new town they made new friends and got jobs. Nikki fell head over heels for Duncan who worked at the boat mechanic store where Nathan got a job at. The first day they were there they found a dead body in the water and things just kept getting freakier by the day. They meet Ethan and his creepy group of friends and they knew that they were vampires. Ethan has of course been looking for Nikki for centuries and that's how the story ends. 

I don't want to ruin anything else, but this story didn't hide the fact that there were vampires in town.  When they found out they thought they were vampires they told people and didn't keep it a secret like most books. I don't know. I am just really excited to read the next book! I don't know who to cheer for... Duncan the sweetheart of Ethan the vampire. Maybe the next book will change my mind! 

Shiver - Book 2

Kristen Middleton

3 Stars - 6 Days to read

This book wasn't as good as the first one but that does not mean that I did not enjoy it.

It starts off with Nikki trying to forget about what happened last summer and just get through each normal day without thinking of Vampires/Roamers. Ethan was banned from Shore Lake last book so Nikki sort of still misses him but is slowly getting over him. That is until he comes back. But is it the real Ethan? There is someone impersonating him and causing a lot of trouble/murders in Shore Lake and Nikki needs to get to the bottom of it. Nikki and Duncan broke up last book and they obviously still have feelings for each other. Those feelings grow when Duncan suddenly disappears after a car accident that he and Nikki had after being attacked. I won't say anymore but this book was pretty good and I can't wait to read the next one!

Vengeance - Book 3

Kristen Middleton

2 Stars - 13 Days to read

This book just confused me. I was loving the beginning and then it totally changed. It's like a different author came and started writing. Things didn't add up to how they were before. Nathan, Nikki's brother knew about vampires but then all of a sudden in this book he didn't.

Ethan, Duncan and Nikki set out to find Nathan, Caleb and Anne (Nikki's mom) in Vegas since apparently Caleb and her went to elope. Caleb and Anne told Nathan that Nikki and Ethan came to Vegas to elope which made no sense. And totally changes things. Even if they were lying.. it doesn't make sense why Anne would lie to her own son about Nikki. 

I don't know. I just did not enjoy it. I forced myself to read it. It turned into a murder novel at one point since Celeste was killing a lot of people and a cop came into play. I don't know if I want to read the next one. If it was free I would.. But if I have to pay.. then hell no. No matter how delicious the cover looks! Ha! 

Illusions - Book 4

Kristen Middleton

To be read - Own

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Lionel Shriver

3 Stars - 7 Days to read

I honestly don't know what to think about this book. A new employee at my work told me to read it and I decided to give it a try. I wasn't to keen on it in the beginning and I didn't really know what I got myself into, but I kept reading.

It is an entire book of letters. Eva is writing letters to her husband, Franklin, about their son Kevin. She writes to him how she remembered having him and how a horrible child he was the moment he didn't latch onto her breast moments after birth. She recapped the horrible events that Kevin went through when growing up. All the times he sabotaged this or ruined that and Eva couldn't stand him, but her husband was always on Kevin's side saying he was just a kid and he didn't know better. Kevin knew what he was doing - oh boy did he ever know. I kept reading and I learned so much about Kevin and how smart he was and deceiving and manipulating. We learn that when Eva mentions Thursday, that is the day that Kevin killed some of his classmates. She visits him in jail and tries to figure out why he did it. She writes these letters to her husband hoping to make him understand how he truly was since he didn't see the signs in the beginning.

I am so glad I read this book, but also disturbed at the same time. I couldn't believe that one little person could be so evil. The end totally throws you a curve ball and threw me off guard. I did not expect it and neither will you! I wouldn't really recommend this book, but if you do read it, you might find that you surprisingly like it. It's a weird book to like since it's about mass murder and he was only fifteen years old! I will leave it up to you!

Looking For Alaska

John Green

3 Stars - 3 Days to read

think I expected more from this book since my sister said it was so good. She liked it better than The Faults in our Stars so I decided to give it a shot.

Miles "Pudge" Halter decides to enroll himself into Culver Creek Boarding School since his regular school just wasn't cutting it and he wanted a change of scene. The only thing he is good at is memorizing famous people's last words before they die, which I think it pretty weird. He makes friends at his new school - The Colonel and Alaska Young - and his whole life changes. He realizes how it is like to share stories and experiences with people who will not judge you. He, of course, falls in love with Alaska and everyone knows this but she has a boyfriend who she likes too much.

Each chapter begins with a countdown. When the countdown reached it's Day... I was totally surprised. You don't know what the countdown is for and I bet you will not guess it. I sort of figured out the ending, well part of it. It was an okay ending. It was sort of open ended. It definitely was not better than The Fault in our Stars. That is for sure! Would I recommend? Um, probably not. I will admit that some parts actually made me laugh out loud though.

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn

3 Stars - 31 Days to read

I read this book only because of the hype all around it. It was made into a movie for crying out loud. I needed to know what the big deal about this book was. So I downloaded it and began reading.

Amazing Amy is married to Nick Dunne. She is called Amazing Amy because her parents turned the idea of her into a fictional character and she was expected to be the perfect little child. Let me tell you right now that Amy is anything But the perfect little child. When they got married, it was all love and butterflies but as they got closer to their 5 year anniversary things started to change. The day of their 5 year anniversary Nick arrived home to find his wife missing. The cops suspected she was murdered. Nick feels like he was being set up since the cops wanted to blame him for the murder. They couldn’t accuse him of murder since they couldn’t find his body.

I would recommend it, since it’s a movie and all, but I don’t know. Someone asked me if they should read it and I said no. I just didn’t enjoy it like everyone else did. It could just be me, though. That’s all.

I watched the movie and I thought they kept it very close to the book. I actually watched the movie twice. It was Really good! The actors they chose were spot on. Amazing Amy was played perfectly!