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My Book Reviews - 2012

Here is a list of books that I have read since January 2012.

They will be listen by their name, amount of stars (out of 5) and a little description of what I thought of them. They are in order from most recent. 

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me.


Octavia - Book 1.5

Georgina Anne Taylor

4 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Hmm, not really sure what to say about this other than I loved it. It was short and haunted. It took me no more than ten minutes to read it. I would consider it a young adult short story, but there isn't anything too gruesome or too sexual in it.

Octavia - a Queen I am guessing - gets impregnated by a God in the form of a raindrop (loved it) and then gives birth to two little demons. I am not too sure what they are since they have white wings yet eat human flesh and blood. Either way I loved the struggle she went through to save her children and the reward she gets in the end. Wonderful.

Well written and well thought out. I would love to read more.

Sorrow's Child - Book 1

Georgina Anne Taylor

4 Stars - 9 Days to read

Let me start off by saying that I love this authors writing style. I have read all of her fairy tales previously and was hooked from the beginning. This book was nothing short from fantastic. 

It is about a young woman named Lilith who was born into poor conditions and slavery. With no clue at all who her real parents might be, she is forced to live with being beaten and commanded to do her masters wiling’s every day. One day she unknowingly used magic and killed her masters' goose. She was accused of being a witch and is sent to be hung and killed. Only, another higher being has other plans for her. She is shopped off to an island to live with a sorcerer that goes by the name Ge-Iad. She is told by him that she will become his apprentice and he will teach her magic since she apparently had The Gift for t. She sets forth in doing all his bidding and commands on how to find plants and herbs, to clean the house and to even cook. She finds a box hidden in the kitchen which contains a blue vial of water and a key. From drinking the vial, a while story unfolds in her mind. She witnesses the life of another person named Esha. She also finds out that the sorcerers name is not really Ge-Iad but something else. Read to find out how Lilith finds out about this mysterious Esha. The ending will leave you hanging for more. 

I really enjoyed this book but there was one thing the author could have added. Her characters were amazing but the author could have described them more. For myself, I love to be shown what the characters look like. i.e. how their hair falls, the colour and intensity of their eyes, if they have wrinkles. The author didn’t go into much detail about that so I had to come up with their looks myself. I really want to get into the authors head and see exactly what they see. Other than that, it was great.

Eternal Eden - Book 1

Nicole Williams

3 Stars - 10 Days to read

I really had high hopes for this book. I am not too sure why. I think the synopsis got me. It sounded so interesting. I started reading and I was so excited but then I realized that this book was not for me. 

It is about a young girl named Bryn Dawson (Dawson = Titanic to me. Tehe) and her parents die due to an unsolved murder and so she decides to transfer schools and start a new life until she meets William. He is the definition of gorgeous. All the girls in the school fall for him but his eyes are for Bryn only. I don't want to ruin anything, but William is not supposed to be with Bryn; and is actually banished from interacting with the Mortal world, but he can't stay away from her. When you read you will find out why. When William realizes that being with her will only lead to her death, he leaves. Bryn decides to try to commit suicide by walking into the water. She calls it 'being closer to him,' I call it 'suicide.' Whatever. I am a hopeless for romance but when it came to this story it just over did it for me and it was every single line. Every thought was something mushy about them being together forever and dying for one another. There is only so much love I can take and this book just over did it for me. It was very repetitive as well. I get it! You will die for him! No need to mention it twenty-five times. Also, it was very predictable. That is it. If I had to buy the second book I definitely wouldn't read it, but since it is loaned to me by a friend. I will read it - I guess.

Fallen Eden - Book 2

Nicole Williams

4 Stars - 1 Day to read

I will start off by saying that this book was at least better than the first. 

Bryn finds out that she is a Taker, meaning that she can take another Immortals life just by touching them. The problem is that William is the opposite. He can give a Mortal life by touching them single handedly. William's father, Charles, bans Bryn and William from getting betrothed since he feared for William's life. Nothing could separate them until one day Bryn gets attacked and her life drainer gets turned on and she accidentally touches William. Fearing his life she leaves him, making him believe that there is someone else. She books the first trip around the world and lives in Paris for a while. She gets a job and tries her hardest to forget William, reminding herself that she was doing it for his safety. All along William thinks that she left him because there was someone else. There was really never anyone else. This book made me depressed (which is a good thing). I wanted to yell and scream at Bryn and Patrick (William's brother) so he would know the truth. He disliked her because he thought there was someone else as well and he couldn't understand how she could cause his brother so much pain. I felt bad for Bryn but it was her fault. I wanted to run into the book and tell William that there was no one else and there would never be anyone else. When William sees that Bryn was living with Paul (who was in love with Bryn) he assumed he was the 'other guy.' Which he wasn't. We find out something deadly about Paul and Bryn will go to any length to save his life. 

Read to find out what happens to Bryn and William in the end. On to the next book for me!

United Eden - Book 3

Nicole Willians

3 Stars - 2 Days to read

I thought this series was one of those series where each book gets better than the one before it. I thought since the second book was better than the first that the third book would be better than the second. Oh, boy was I gravely mistaken. 

In this book Bryn and William become betrothed and United. Williams’s brother, Patrick, declares his love for Bryn but knows he will not get anything in return. Bryn gets kidnapped by John and an Immortal war begins. 

This book was predictable and I literally forced myself to get through it. I will say one thing though - the author is good with humour. I found myself smiling and even laughing out loud on more than one occasion, mostly when Patrick was in the scene. He was just too funny. "Holy boobs!" That was my favourite part. Bryn and William went through the entire book saying, "You’re too good for me," "No you’re too good for me." Etc Etc. Get over it. I am glad the series is over. On to something that will hopefully be more interesting than these books.

It Rains in February

Leila Summers

5 Stars - 6 Days to read

From the moment the author approached me and asked me to review her memoir I knew I had to say yes. There is just something so personal about reading another person’s memoir that will always stay with me. 

As soon as I read the first page I was hooked and I knew that this book was going to go straight to my heart. The book begins with Robyn a wonderful housewife who has two beautiful young daughters and a husband that she would die for. It is so easy to get lost in one’s perfect little world when nothing is askew. As soon as Robyn feels like something has changed she becomes suspicious of rumors that are running around about her husband sleeping with their mutual friend. Robyn does not want to believe it but still she confronts Stuart, her husband, and he denies it. 

Somewhere along he admits to being adamantly in love with Amanda their friend. Not only does he admit falling for someone else, I think that was when Stuart’s depression started to kick in. If not depression, then his chemical imbalance worsened and he wanted to take his own life saying that he couldn’t live with the ‘fridge people’ anymore. 

Robyn doesn’t know how to react to it. Stuart is so blunt in saying that Amanda is his soul mate and from the moment he laid eyes on her he knew that she was the one. He still completely respected and loved Robyn who was the mother of his two wonderful daughters but apparently it wasn’t enough for him. 

I respect Robyn for staying by Stuart’s side at that time because I feel that if she didn’t stay and support him through that, then he would have taken his life much sooner. I don’t know how she stayed calm and composed after finding out the love of her life was in love with someone else. I would have thrown tantrum after tantrum and locked him away in a room with no key, but that is just me. I think Robyn’s love overpowered her feelings of jealousy and her body automatically switched from being his wife to being his friend. I found Stuart very selfish and wanted to smack him a couple of times but other than that, I just felt bad for the guy. I felt like he did it to himself though. It was his fault he was like that and he had no one to blame but himself. Stuart moves out because he can no longer stay at home since Robyn feels it is the right decision. He goes camping to hotel rooms to even buying his own little place and every single time he went away, he hoped that Amanda would come and visit him. That was all he wanted but Amanda was married. Apparently Amanda loved him back, but not enough to leave her own family and in the end I feel that is what killed Stuart. I am not saying that Amanda SHOULD have left her family, but if she did, Stuart would have been alive. 

I loved how the book has real life emails between Robyn and Stuart and how open they always were with one another. Stuart never kept one thing from Robyn which I think is a relief because if he kept everything to himself and hid in a hole, I don’t know how Robyn would have coped with that. The times where she visited him and he didn’t talk were miserable. Stuart does not seem like the person to keep feelings in and when he did it was unbearable to read and I could only imagine how it must have been to be around. 

In a last attempt to get into Stuart’s mind, Robyn creates up a person on the other side of the world that Stuart would be able to relate to. Robyn hopes that if Stuart has someone he can talk to than maybe he won’t try to take his life - again. At this point in the book Stuart has nothing to say to Robyn or his sister since all they are telling him is to seek help, medically or mentally, but he just won’t do it. Robyn writes under the alias name Leila Summers. It appears to be working since he opens up to her, but in the end it just wasn’t enough. 

Robyn is a warrior throughout the entire book. She has to deal with her husband trying to take his life, her work life, her social life and the life of her two daughters who are caught right in the middle. She tries to shield them from the truth but making the right decision, Robyn tells them the truth about their father committing suicide. Every single part with her daughters made me cry. 

“Mommy why is Granny crying when daddy is so happy in heaven?”

My favourite part was when Robyn went to the psychics and she could see Stuart. She had a message for Robyn about her son. Robyn shook her head since she didn’t have one. The psychics laughed since Stuart apologized for confusing her. It was later when Robyn told her friend what happened and her friend said, “SUN! Not son. The sun, the moon, the stars, and the sea.”

That is what he always compared his daughters to since no matter what happened he would always love them more than life itself. 

The weather has been very strange this year and when I read the part where Stuart committed suicide it was such bad weather. Instead of snow we had rain and the sky was grey. I felt like the weather was almost connected to the book I was reading. It did the same thing when I was done. When I finished and everything was sort of settled, the sun was setting and it was very peaceful. I know it probably means nothing, but at the moment it meant something to me.

Overall a definite read. I loved every minute even though I was sad for most of the book.

The New Death and Others

James Hutchings

3+ Stars - 3 Days to read

I don't really know what to say about this book. It is a combination of short stories that the author has compiled. From reading the first story, I wasn't sold on the whole idea. I pushed through to the next one and I was glad that I did. These distorted short stories and poems had me smiling and even laughing out loud. You know it’s a good book when you find yourself wanting to read the stories out loud to the people around you. There were a few stories that could have been taken out but the ones that I liked... I really liked. I made so many highlights in this book, it's ridiculous. The author clearly knows his way with making someone laugh out loud. The phrases he comes up with are unbelievable. I loved the Rumpelstiltskin story. I don't know why. It was so good. I will type out the first thing (really second) that I highlighted. Just so you could get a taste of what you’re in for. These stories will confuse you but never end up that way. Everything is always settled in the end. ""But... wait," Lilly replied. “If I am to be ironically punished for punishing others ironically, does this mean that you will be likewise punished for punishing me?" The incubus stared at her for a moment. "Oh hell." he said. 

I don't know why, but I laughed so hard when reading that. You have to read the whole story to understand it. 

'No one said anything about his new shirt. Well, no one other than the pretzels. But they had to. They were complimentary snacks.'
Ba-dom-boom CHH!

I recommend this book for lovers of disturbed witty humour.

Genesis - Book 0.5

Kristie Cook

4 Stars - 4 Days to read

Genesis is the prequel to Promise. 

It starts off with twins named Jordan and Cassandra. Their father passes away and Jordan sees him as a demon while Cassandra sees him as an angel. They are only half human so they lived in a hut away from civilization since they did not age the same as regular humans. Cassandra dedicated her life to helping the wounded on the battle fields. Until one day she finds a soldier and brings him back to her hut, feelings stirring in her heart. After Jordan becomes upset with his sister for falling in love with a soldier he runs away and becomes evil incarnate. Cassandra becomes a strong warrior that has to defeat her brother in order to bring back good to the world. All the girl descendants of Cassandra become good but all the males turn to the dark. That is how it will always be. 

The book gives a good inside on how good and bad first came to light. I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of passion written into this book and it showed while reading. I felt like I was part of the book, watching. I can’t wait to read Purpose now!

Promise - Book 1

Kristie Cook

4 Stars - 4 Days to read

I actually really enjoyed this. Besides the fact that I was kind of disgruntled to continue since the entire first half of the book reminded me of Twilight, except that the main character, Alexis, is not a damsel in distress and can handle her own fights (some of the times.) They are both of the same 'species' and are meant to be together by destiny. They were literally created for each other. After all the Twilight similarities subsided the end of the book was so tragic. I almost cried. I can't wait to read the next book!

Purpose - Book 2

Kristie Cook

3+ Stars - 6 Days to read

This book is a fast forward seven years after the first book Promise. It shows an unstable Alexis who can’t even cope with who she is anymore. Her emotions run wild with her making her depressed, angry and even over sensitive and lost in a fogged mindset. Her only son Dorian is now seven years old and fatherless. Tristan had not come back from battling the Daemonis and Alexis will not believe that he is dead. She turns to a world of secluding herself in her writing and eating cookies. Before she knows it, her facial features and body have drastically aged from the amount of stress that she had endured over the years. She cannot come to the terms that Tristan is dead and will keep fighting to find him even though people are telling her to move on. When Tristan comes back (we all knew he would) she is happy beyond measure. Alexis goes through the developing stages of the Ang’dora earlier than anyone else. She has to choose between Love and the Amadis over evil and the Daemoni. Read to find out which one she chooses. 

This book reminded me of Twilight a little but I am not too sure why. I think with the whole mind reading and love making scenes that break headboards and all. There was just something too familiar about it. This book was also very, very predictable. I like a little shock in my stories and this book just didn’t do it for me. Oh, and the author has a definite fascination for Tristan from The Legends of the Fall. She mentions the movie and the character, AND Brad Pitt more than once in the story. It was kind of funny. Other than that, good book. On to the next to finish off the series!

Devotion - Book 3

Kristie Cook

4 Stars - 5 Days to read

I will have to say that this book was the best out of the series. The beginning was a little bit boring but never slowed down the pace and when I got to the middle I couldn't put it down. It was sort of a mystery what was going to happen and I just needed to know the truth. It starts off with everyone on the island and they are there because they need to be kept safe. The Daemoni are attacking and by being on the island is their only protection. Alexis is shown a family tree. In the Amadis Family Tree it shows that all the woman are Royalty but all the men are converted over to the Daemoni. Alexis fears for her son Dorian’s life because she doesn’t want him to be taken away. Every time an Amadis woman gives birth they are always twins. Alexis only gave birth to one son. Throughout the entire book, Alexis has this thought that the council members are keeping a secret from her. She feels that they have stolen her daughter. She goes through everything to find out the truth. She also wants to figure out which council member is betraying them since Queen Katarina told her to find out by reading their minds. Some of the council members are supportive of Alexis and Tristan’s relationship but others are against it, saying that Tristan is still part of the Daemoni. They want Alexis to be paired with Owen. 

Alexis struggles throughout the entire book to open up her mind shield so she can read everyone’s minds easier but she can’t seem to do it because the first time she opened up her mind shield was during sex and everyone experienced he orgasm with her and she couldn’t bear to go through that again. Her barrier becomes strong as stone and even she can’t remove it. But once it comes down to using to help her family, she finally succeeds. 

There is a hearing at the end of the book which I found to be the best part. More than one truth comes out. When the book was finished, I needed more. There are so many lose ends to count. I looked for a fourth book but couldn’t find anything. There better be more or else I will be angry.

Power - Book 4

Kristie Cook

To Be Read

Wrath - Book 5

Kristie Cook

To Be Read

Torment - Book 6

Kristie Cook

To Be Read - Own

Faith - Book 7

Kristie Cook

To Be Read - Own

Judgement of Souls

Margarita Felices

3.5 Stars - 2 Days to read

Looking for a fast paced Vampire story? Well you are in luck, because that is what this book is. It starts off with a female vampire named Rachel. She is strong, can fly, beautiful and like every other vampire, lusts for blood. Her life mission was to retrieve a stolen book which holds powers to resurrect one of the first vampires to this world who is highly deadly and wants nothing but to wipe out the human race. The book was supposed to be guarded by her parents, but they failed their duty and were punished because of it. The person who stole it was Max, an older vampire. Rachel was in love with him once but now she vowed to kill him. Max lost the book and it has been kept in hiding; until now.

Rachel then meets Daniel, a mortal, and falls madly in love with him. Daniel lives in a mansion that his uncle left him after he passed away and Daniel moved in a few of his friends for the company. The love between Daniel and Rachel seemed to show up out of nowhere but as soon as the pair saw each other there was no one else in the world they wanted to be with. It was surprising and they couldn't even explain it themselves, but they knew they couldn't be kept apart. Daniel’s friends were torn between her. Some like her and some don’t care too much about her. After Daniel’s best friend Tobey is murdered by Max, the one who had stolen the book from Rachel’s parents, Daniel is set on killing him. Of course, this is after Rachel told him she was a vampire.

The thing I liked about this book is that it is not bombarded with fillers. There are no dragging scenes that you just want to skip. If you skip a page here, you miss a lot. I was so eager to turn to the next page to read forward and find out how it ends. The action scenes were just that – action scenes. And I loved every minute of them. They were descriptive and I could see them happening in my mind. Rachel is one bad-ass fighter! You go girl! What I didn't like about this book was the punctuation. It was absolutely horrible. There were no period in the middle of sentences and no commas and sometimes there would be more periods than necessary in some parts. The characters could have been built up a little bit more. I would have like to known some characterization and some features so I could put a personality to the characters. I made up the images in my head, but I wished there was just a little bit more to work with.

Other than that, it was a pretty good book which I thoroughly enjoyed and I can’t wait to read more!

The Invisible Man

H.G. Wells

2 Stars - 5 Days to read

This is a classic. I get it. But I don't get HOW this ever became a classic. People keep saying that everyone knows this story somehow, but I have never even heard of it before, nor seen a remake or whatever. 

It is about a man who figures out how to make himself invisible. He feels he can take over the world but really he is just a naked man running around looking for shelter and food, which is harder to find when you’re invisible. He finds refuge in an INN and stays there for a while until he gets found out. They find him a bit strange at first but then they realize he is an invisible man. They attack him and he gets away. All of a sudden he has anger management issues and wants to kill everyone. He takes a random man hostage in order to retrieve his three books that has the formula to making things invisible but the man is scared out of his wits, escapes and locks himself up in jail so the invisible man cannot get to him. The invisible man then finds one of his teachers surprisingly and thinks he can have an advantage by having a non-invisible person working side by side with him. After the invisible man tells him the story of his entire existence and puts his trust in his teacher, the cops ambush the house and they bombard the invisible man, ending up killing him accidentally. He then becomes visible again. 

I have no idea how this became a classic. There must be some artistic second meaning to it that I just haven’t gotten. I wouldn't recommend this book. Thank goodness it was free!

Suburban Hustler

Robin Boren

4 Stars - 3 Hours to read

I actually loved every part of this book. When I first started it I was hooked. It took me no longer than three hours to finish it. It is a fast- paced story which I enjoyed. It begins with a young and in love couple who were ready to fully commit to one another and get married. When Chris, the husband, wanted to have kids, Veronica wasn't too sure about it at first. They realized that they might not be able to have kids in the end which saddened them deeply. They tried everything and spent so much money but nothing worked. When they gave up trying, of course, they got pregnant with their one and only child.

Chris was a man with a charming personality who could get the attention of a crowd easily. Veronica loved every single thing about her husband and father of her child. He always put her first just like every husband should. Chris created a truck delivery business by himself but got into laundering drugs at the same time. Veronica turned a blind eye to it but when things get bad and Veronica gets kidnapped was when things start to change. Tony, the drug lord, was not happy with Chris, saying he was taking business away from him and that Chris owed him money. That was why he kidnapped Veronica. He wanted things his way. After Chris gets locked up in jail for murder while trying to protect his wife and son was when Veronica decides it’s her time to step up and be strong for Tommy, their little child. She starts making all the decisions with her work partner and Daniel her bodyguard. 

Things take a turn when Tommy gets kidnapped by Tony and his henchmen. Veronica would do anything to get her son back and doesn't care about money or anything as long as she sees him safe and sound again. 

There were a few grammatical errors in this book but no book is perfect. (I should know) I wished that there was a bigger boom to the ending, but I will take what I can get. I smiled, tears filled my eyes and I was excited of the confrontations. You will not put this book down when you read it. I promise! I would definitely recommend!

Love and World Eaters

Tom C. Underhill

3.5 Stars - 1 Day to read

I gave this book 3.5 stars for two reasons. The first reason is that it was written so well and I absolutely love the writing style of this author. When reading it felt like I was viewing the events unfurling through the eyes of Aliah who is an employee at a museum. It is her job to take pictures of the artifacts but when she accidentally drops one a sliver of a bone fragment makes its way into her system. After making its way into her blood stream she realized that whenever she touched an artifact she would see all the past events that were associated with that specific artifact. For example, with a ring she touched she viewed every proposal, every acceptance and every rejection it went through. It was her destiny to find out why she was seeing past events and what the little bone fragment wanted from her. The author described it as almost a living thing that only wants closure and it’s up to Aliah to figure what that is. 

They went into detail about Philip the II of Macedon and I really wasn't too familiar with it. This is the second reason I gave it 3.5 stars. After being literally forced to learn all of ancient Greek History as a child, anything that has to do with Ancient Greece has been a major turn off. I am not saying the book wasn't good, but that is the only personal reason why I didn't like it that much. If you are interested in that topic, then by all means, buy this e-book.


I learned a few interesting things and I feel that if this author were to write anything else along the lines of anything other than Ancient Greece, I will Definitely pick it up!

The Hunger Games - Book 1

Suzanne Collins

4 Stars - 2 Days to read

Okay, I liked this book. I did not love it. I think the hype of the movie and everything else drowned out exactly how good the book was. It starts off with young Katniss Everdeen who is part of District 12 – the coal mining district. There are many districts circling around the Capitol. In order for her family to survive the hard times they are facing, Katniss has to go out of the barrier of their District and hunt in the woods. She knows she will be executed if found, but risks it anyway. She is the only one who can keep her family alive. She would do whatever it takes to protect them. She does not hunt alone though. Her friend Gale accompanies her the entire time. 

Many years ago a rebellion picked up and all the Districts went against the Capitol. No one was happy with the poor living conditions they had while the Capitol was flourishing. The Capitol surpassed them and since the Districts decided the uproar the Capitol punished them by enforcing the Hunger Games. Every year two names, male and female, get picked out of a big ball and those two lucky contestants get to enter the Hunger Games. Every other district has to do the same. Only, they aren't really the lucky ones who get picked. These individuals have to compete in an unknown arena and battle it out for their lives. The one survivor is the winner and their prize is, well, basically their life. Their District also gets supplies to last them a year.

I think the one main reason I didn't really like this book was because it was predictable. I knew everything that was going to happen. There is no real surprise. I felt tears forming at the part where Katniss was singing to Rue. That was the part that brought out the most emotion from me. Other than that, nothing really stayed with me. The book was fast paced which I like, but there is just something about scenery that I love in books and to have basically the majority of a book in a forest just didn't cut it for me. 

I will go watch the movie, but I already heard the book is better. So I don’t know what to expect now. We will see. Off to the next book now!


I watched the movie for this book and it was everything that I expected. I literally loved every scene that they showed. It was exactly how I pictured it in the book. Even though it made me a bit dizzy with all the fighting scenes, it was definitely worth it. I would see it again and again. I can't wait for the other two to come out. This movie is a HUGE recommendation even though you haven't read the book!

Catching Fire - Book 2

Suzanne Collins

5 Stars - 2 Days to read

Now this is what I am talking about! This book was a hundred times better than the first one. The first one was so predictable where this one I just didn't know what to expect. The Hunger Games are over and Katniss and Peeta are the victors. They have a few more weeks until their fame and the cameras will leave them. They cannot wait for that moment. They are in need of time to themselves out of the view of everyone in the Capitol. 

A year passes and it is the 75th Anniversary of the Hunger Games - which they call The Quarter Quell. Every 25 years there is a special twist to the Hunger Games. All victors of the games have immunity from ever going back in the draw to be a contestant but for the Quarter Quell, President Snow makes an announcement that the pool of names will be drawn from the victors list in each District. This means that Katniss, Haymitch (their mentor) and Peeta are back in the Hunger Games... again! Haymitch's name is drawn but Peeta acts as tribute to save Katniss' life since she saved his in the previous game. But Katniss promised herself to do whatever it takes to keep Peeta alive.


This book is so unpredictable, to the rebels and the acts of hatred and punishment, to the love that was portrayed and has to be followed through with Peeta and Katniss that this book will have you hanging on to every word. I yelled at the book a few times, not gonna lie. It was just that good. I can’t wait to read the next one!

Mocking Jay - Book 3

Suzanne Collins

5 Stars - 2 Days to read

I don’t know where to begin with this book. It felt like it took me forever to read it but it really only took me two days. I want to say that this book had a lot of filler in it, but that is just being mean and not being accurate because I absolutely loved it. It was a lot of the same stuff over and over again about killing President Snow and choosing between Peeta and Gail. But not only that! The author had to make this a long book to show how Katniss was slowly losing faith in herself and how everything was slowly spiraling downhill. Those sorts of things do not happen in a few days. The author did an amazing job in showing the struggles Katniss went through, physically and internally.

This book begins with Katniss in the hospital after the end of her second time in the Hunger Games. Haymitch, her mentor, saved her life and got her out of there right on time before the Capitol could get her. Finnick was lucky to be taken with her as well but president Snow got a hold of Peeta before the people from District 13 could save him. Katniss was being treated in District 13 since nowhere else was safe anymore. She suffered some injuries while in the arena and District 13 was doing a good job at bringing her back to her previous self. She and her family now had to live there as well. Her home, District 12, was blown to bits with nothing left but the three victors’ homes. Half of the District's residents were killed on site including all of Peeta’s family. Throughout Katniss’ entire life she thought that District 13 was a bunch of rubble, but it really it is an underground District determined to take over the Capitol.

Katniss is and will forever be the Mockingjay. Her face and actions are the only things that are keeping the rebels alive and determined to win over the poverty and unfair laws of President Snow. Other districts have rebelled against the Capitol and it is only a matter of time before they succeed. Katniss is hell bent of getting Peeta back because President Snow is brainwashing him to hate Katniss. The war must go on and Katniss agrees to be their Mockingjay on a few conditions. The two main ones were to rescue Peeta and that she gets to personally kill President Snow.

The entire book shows how Katniss slowly loses her mind and she has to keep reminding herself who she is. All of her exterior battle scars have been healed but the mental scars keep adding up until there is no more of the real Katniss anymore. She is no longer the seventeen year-old that volunteered as tribute for her little sister in her first Hunger Games. This is not a happy book, nor do I think that was the author’s intentions. The author is trying to portray that once someone goes through hardships like Katniss did with the war… they never return as the same person. They are forever changed.

There were a few confusing parts that I had to re-read, but other than that, I was hooked on every word. This book didn’t bring out that many emotions as Catching Fire did, but the tears kept flowing at the end (I’m not ruining anything) when Butercup returns home. I have no idea why I cried so much. I loved the ending and I totally agree with how the author chose to finish it off. It was definitely worth the read and I highly recommend the series to people looking for a book to get lost in. My thoughts cannot get over this book yet. It might take me some time. Now, all I have to do is watch the movie!

The Spaces Between

Martin Gibbs

4 Stars - 18 Days to read

I don’t even know where to begin with this story. I agreed to write a review for it just for the fun of it. I was almost discouraged by the length of the story when I first got it but decided to give it a shot anyway.

It begins with a mercenary with the idea of an adventure. He visits a local bar to find a companion on his journey. This is when he runs into the town drunk. The mercenary, Quainur, promises an adventure of a lifetime to the drunk, Zhy, if he joins him on his quest. It seemed that Quainur did not want to venture into the unknown alone. But all Zhy wanted to do was drink, pass out, and drink some more. He had a depressed soul and was trying to drown all the feelings he had ever lived through down with ale. You find out later what made him so depressed. Zhy reluctantly agrees to go on this journey after making sure Quainur won’t do anything foolish with him while he sleeps. I found it funny how many times they used the line “Sacuan’s Scrotum.” It actually made me laugh in the context of the sentence and how many times they could change it up. The whole point of the journey was to find a wizard and a temple so Quaiur could learn magic. On the way there, they pick up/save a wizard named Torplug and he joins them on their quest north. They learn about Demons and all sorts of other things that Zhy believed to be mere tales his father used to tell him. They have to defend their lives more than once when they are attacked by a group of soldiers – or ninjas – called the Black Dawn. I honestly could not stop reading this story. There was just something about it that made me want to find out what happened.

I put down the book a few times and didn’t want to continue but there was always something nagging in the back of my mind to find out how Zhy and his companions ended up. There was also another story that intertwined itself with the adventurers. Bimb, a simple minded boy, was being led by Zhy’s dead father’s ghost. Bimb could hear his voice in his mind whenever he played his musical instrument. Zhy’s father wanted to save Zhy because he was in danger. I enjoyed reading those parts. The end of the story was definitely not predictable and it seems there is a sequel which I would like to read someday. But for now, it is back to my short fantasy novels. I would recommend this book to whoever likes a well written soft adventure story with many twists and turns.

The Last Song

Nicholas Sparks

3 Stars - 8 Days to read

I love Nicholas Sparks books but this one was not as I expected. I figured they made a movie out of it, so it should be good. When reading, of course, I was hooked. The way Nicholas tells a story makes it seem so real. It is as if he lived all those lives and knew how everyone felt. This one starts off with a teenager named Ronnie who has to spend the summer with her dad who lives in North Carolina. She lived in New York and was definitely not a country/beach girl. She was mad at her dad for leaving her mother a couple years ago and hadn't spoken to him since. After his mother forces her to go with her little brother to stay there for two months, events happen that she never expected. Ronnie is a punk kid who just never really belonged and went clubbing all the time back in New York. After going to visit her dad she notices her life is changing. She makes a new friend named Blaze which turns out to be a big mistake after her abusive boyfriend makes the moves on Ronnie and Blaze frames her to get her back. Ronnie realized that not speaking to her father for three years was the worst mistake she had ever made because no matter what sort of trouble she got into down there, her father was always on her side. Ronnie used to play the piano but gave it up when her father left and never planned on playing again. She meets a boy named Will and he makes her fall in love with him. She realizes that he is more than a summer fling but since they were both going different ways in their life, she pushes him away.

This story was more of a father daughter bonding story than it was a love story. It wasn't my favourite.

I watched the movie and it was absolutely horrible. I literally had to force myself to watch it. Miley completely ruined everything with her bad acting skills. I felt that the chemistry in the book was not portrayed well in the movie. The plot itself was horrible since they literally changed everything. I wish I could return the movie. Can I? Either way – I do not recommend the movie. Stay as far away as possible. I wish someone could have told me that before I bought it. They should do a remake with better actors and change the plot to match the book. Horrible.

Coexist - Book 1

Julia Crane

3 Stars - 3 Days to read

This book was alright. There was nothing special about it, but I wanted to find out how it would end. 

Keegan is a sixteen year old elf who can’t wait to find out who her chosen is. Chosen is the word they use for their soul mate. Instead of being mundane and searching for one, your soul mate is already picked for you and you are able to meet them when you turn eighteen. For Keegan, she got to meet her chosen earlier than normal because there was an elfin war coming and she needed protection. Rourk, Keegans Chosen, is a warrior who vows to protect Keegan no matter what. The war arrives and there is a big turn of events. 

Read to find out what happens. I don’t want to spoil anything. I wish there was just something more to this book. It was written well, and its an easy read. Maybe it was a too easy read. Either way, I finished it. That’s all.

Conflicted - Book 2

Julia Crane

3 Stars - 2 Days to read

This book was a little bit better than the first one since I was more into it. After being shot in the heart with an arrow in battle and brought back to life with dark magic, Keegan can no longer remember who her Chosen is. Rourk is heartbroken when he realized that she no longer even remembered who he was and the short time they spent together before the war. He tried to take her on a date but it was too awkward. He loved her with all his heart and she thought he was merely ‘cute’. It didn’t work out so he decides to give her the space she needs and signs up for the human military. He sees it as they weren't even supposed to meet so early, so he would be able to wait until she turns eighteen to see if the bond will return. 

Keegan, on the other hand, is into Donald, a shape shifter. She was looking out for him before she died and when she was brought back, she had a strange attraction to him. During the year Rourk was away, Keegan and Donald dated. Donald had told Keegan that he loves her but Keegan wasn’t able to say it back.

Only when Rourk returns on Keegans eighteenth birthday and gives her his mothers ring was when their bond returned – with a little help of magic as well. Keegan falls back in love with Rourk but her heart feels bad for what she did to Donald. I won’t tell you how it ends. I need to finish this series because I am starting to get sick of them.

Consumed - Book 3

Julia Crane

2 Stars - 3 Days to read

Yeah, I am going to have to say this book was the worst of all. 

Rourk and Keegan can be together. When they are apart, Keegan has to wear a necklace since her heart misses him or something like that. And that is pretty much it. Donald goes on a drunken spree because he misses Keegan. Rourk basically tells him to smarten up because he is an idiot, and he listens. Keegan and Rourk find a house. Rouk wants to wait for marriage to have sex. They get married. Have sex. The end. Not impressed.

In The Mind of Thaddeus - Book 3.5

Julia Crane

3 Stars - 20 Minutes to read

This is a cute short (FREE) story that I bought off amazon after reading the three novels by Julia Crane. This book is the mind sight into Keegan’s little brother – Thaddeus’ – mind. Hence the title. His dad made him write a book report on all his visions that he sees since he is a seer. It is sort of like homework since he is home schooled. I liked to see how the mind of a seer worked but it wasn't very entertaining. I enjoyed it. It didn't make me like the books any more though. I think I am done with Julia Crane. Bye bye.

Fifty Shades of Grey - Book 1

E.L. James

5 Stars - 3 Days to read

I honestly do not know where to begin with this book. I was so hesitant to read it at first but I couldn't fight off the pull any longer since it seems that this book is all everyone is talking about. I took a leap of faith and began to read. I couldn't get over the fact that I had already read the first chapter when it was titled Master of the Universe – a Twilight fan fiction. I almost wanted to put it down but I pushed myself to read father, and boy am I ever glad that I did!

This book is about young Anastasia Steele who has to interview a very wealthy businessman because her friend Kate is too sick to do it. Ana volunteers and when she meets this business man – Christian Grey – she cannot get over how stunningly handsome he is and the way he makes her feel – down there (as she writes). It turns out that he feels the same way about her. Christian couldn't get enough of Anastasia. She learns more about him as the book goes on. 

It is called Fifty Shades of Grey because Christian Grey’s moods can change with every breath that he takes. Ana learns of his kinky side which includes the Red Room of Pain. He is a kinky bastard, plain and simple but there is a reason he is like that. He was adopted into a loving family but before that he was a little child of a crack whore mother who barely took care of him. Anastasia cannot accept the lavish gifts he gets for her even though all he wants is to make her happy. Anastasia is torn throughout the entire book whether or not she should stay with Grey and his sex-filled ways or run for the hills. I love the emails they send between one another. Keep an eye on Grey's title when he writes off. Sometimes it changes and I can’t help but smile whenever I read them. 

It was decently written and I found a few mistakes, but other than that, I was satisfied with my read. I have to read the next book now. What can I say, I’m hooked!

Fifty Shades Darker - Book 2

E.L. James

5 Stars - 2 Days to read

Wow! When I say Wow, I mean WOW! I loved every minute of this book. I thought the first one was good but this one was better. It was less of the kinky stuff and more love – or trying at least. Anastasia Steele, after leaving Christian Grey, is a mess. She can’t eat or concentrate on anything. A week didn’t even pass before Grey contacts her. They get together as friends for José’s art exhibit. After spending an hour together, they both realize that not being together is unhealthy for both of them. Anastasia doesn't feel that she is right for Christian since she feels that she can’t give him what he wants/needs. ‘Kinky fuckery’ as they state it. Excuse my French.

So much happens in this book that writing out this review wouldn't do it any justice. I almost didn't write this review because words cannot describe how good this book is. One of Christian’s ex-subs finds Anastasia and creates a big deal after she purchases a gun. Christian fears for Anastasia’s life but all Anastasia wants is to make sure Christian is safe. The confrontation scenes are intense, the way he looks at her is intense, the way he loves her is intense, the way he touches her is intense. Gosh, everything is intense about this book!

My favourite parts were when Christian snaps, thinking Anastasia is going to leave him again and switches to Sub mode. My heart literally stopped and my jaw dropped. And I loved when he snapped on Anastasia to get in the car after her run-in with her boss. You will understand when you read it - which you will do after reading this review. GO now! I almost don't want to read the third and last book since it will be the end. P.S I love twitching palms.

Fifty Shades Freed - Book 3

E.L. James

5 Stars - 2 Days to read

The last book of the series wasn't my favourite but it was still very good and had me hooked onto every word. Anastasia and Grey are finally married. After being on their honeymoon for a couple weeks, it is time to return to reality. As much as they don’t want to leave their little bubble, they know they must. Anastasia wants to go back to work after Christian insists adamantly for her to stay home. He reveals to her that he wants her to run the company but Anastasia isn't ready for running her own business and wouldn't know where to start. Throughout the entire book Anastasia annoys me. She is whiney and won’t give Christian the satisfaction of knowing if he asks her to do something, she will listen. She never listens to him and looks for the opportunity to go against his rules in every form. He tells her to stay home and not go out for drinks. She agrees; but then what does she do? Goes out for drinks with Kate. For once, woman, listen to your husband. 

As much as she bothered me, I still loved the book. Hyde gets released on bail and goes after Anastasia. I don’t want to ruin what else happens, so you are going to have to read it and find out.


I was going to give this book four stars but I had to give it a five for the ending. After the book finishes, the author decided to write when Christian and Anastasia meet for the first time, but in Christian’s perspective. I loved every minute of that. As well as she wrote Christians first Christmas with the Grey’s. It was so sweet. 

I will leave it at that and tell everyone who is reading this review to go out and get the books. Don’t want to buy them? Email me, I will send you a copy. Shh, don’t tell anyone though. I cannot wait until the movie comes out!

Grey - Book 1

E.L. James

To Be Read -  Do not Own

Darker - Book 2

E.L. James

To Be Read - Do not Own

Demon Kissed - Book 1

H.M. Ward

3 Stars - 7 Days to read

This book was alright. It is about a young girl named Ivy Taylor. She is attacked one day in the forest by her supposed boyfriend but he really was just out to get her soul. She finds out that she is part of another world that she had no idea exist. The Martis are the good people – the light. And the Valefar are the bad people – the dark. The Valefar steal human souls by kissing their lips. While Ivy was attacked she accidentally ingests demon blood and becomes the in-between of both worlds. She is part good part bad. She can see the future and she sees herself becoming the queen of the Valefar but she doesn't want to become that.

I got kind of bored at some parts. I am not too sure why. But when the good parts came, they really pull you in. The writing style wasn’t good but it wasn't bad either. I am a little bit torn between this book. I was confused at some parts and had to go back a few sentences. I am a quick reader and can skip things occasionally.

I think if she hired a professional writer to read and re-write this story for her then it would be a much better book.

I will read the second one because I would like to know what happens to Collin her best friend.

Cursed - Book 2

H.M. Ward

4 Stars - 3 Days to read

I have to say that this book is much better than the first one. I am actually hooked on this story now. Ivy Taylor has gone to Rome to find out a way to go to Hell so she can rescue her love Collin. After staying there for three months she realized not only her fate, but Eric’s as well. They both decide to go into Hell as well with the help of their friend Shannon. Ivy is trying to figure out her powers but they always seem to surprise even herself. Just when she thinks she has reached Collin there is always another obstacle in her way.

I don’t really have much to say about this story. It was written well and I would like to know the outcome of how Ivy plans on saving Collin. It is a good book, but it is not one of those Oh-my-Gosh-I-love-it-so-much books but I would love to know the ending. It’s not a predictable book which I like. On to the next one!

Torn - Book 3

H.M. Ward

3 Stars - 3 Days to read

We have gone from Good, to Better and now back to Good. This book was a repetition of everything that has happened. Ivy wanted to stop this whole Prophecy from coming true so she decides to stab herself in the heart with the Guardians tooth - the only thing that will kill her. But, unfortunately, Collin stopped her right in time and instead of stabbing herself, she just scratched a gash into her chest. It is still deadly. An angel saves her and crystallizes the poison in her chest but now she has to figure out how to save herself.

Eric is now a Valefar because Ivy changed him into one and she fears that he will come after her and kill her. He kidnapped her but didn't kill her. He realized she was weakened. The only way to fully heal herself is to take back her soul from Collin but she can’t do that because she loves him and she will kill him in the process. She is stuck in a rut. She finds a way to fix things by finding the Satan Stone but she needs Eric’s help to get to it since he is the only one with the notes on how to find it and it is in a code language that only he understands.

The ending was the best part of this book, seriously! I loved the ending which is why I must read the next book. Here I go!

Satan's Stone - Book 4

H.M. Ward

3 Stars - 2 Days to read

This book has given me mixed emotions. It was entertaining to say the least. I read right through without being called to another book because I was bored of this book. It kept my attention. The one thing that bothered me with this kind of book is that they have been chasing only one bad guy which makes it repetitive. It reminds me of The House of Night series. It was the same over and over again. I don’t know why this book was called Satan’s Stone. They talked about it a lot. Ivy was on a search to find it but she never did. The beginning of the book starts out with her in search for Eric so she can kill him since he killed Al. The angel Lorren stopped her before she could kill Eric and he put a protection spell on him as well. Ivy apparently needed Eric to help her find the Satan’s Stone. He was the only one.

I think the main point of this book was for Ivy to learn more about her powers and learning how to keep her physical and emotional feelings in check. Everything else was the same. Kreutus is still out there at large, hell-bent on taking over the world. I wish Ivy would kill him already. I was going to give this book four stars but as I read more I decided to give if a three. Some parts weren't edited properly and I think one of the characters was named something else in the beginning stages but they changed it afterwards. I found she was being called by both names in the book. I would type it out, but I don’t even know what her name was. It was annoying. I will read the last book only to find out how it will end. I'm not going to go in depth with such books and then just stop. Ok, here I go.

The 13th Prophecy - Book 5

H.M. Ward

4 Stars - 2 Days to read

Yay I am finally done this series. I don’t want it to seem like I don’t like these books which I do. I enjoyed reading them but they did make me a little bit frustrated. I needed more villains and less of the same problems. It was basically the same drama over and over again. 

This book’s main purpose was for Ivy to find Satan’s Stone and use it. She also has to choose between feeding her energy to Eric for him to survive and being with Collin. A lot of the times I found that when the part got exciting, the author rushed through it. I didn't mind since it meant quicker ending, but I am going to complain here and say that I wanted more.


I couldn't put this book down. I have never wanted to know the ending of a book so badly. I finished with being content over the ending. The author did well. I would recommend these books if they were all free instead of just the first one. I read them all for free since I borrowed them from a friend. Oh well. You can be the judge. Get the first book and if you feel like buying the rest, go right ahead! Enjoy!

Assassin - Book 6

H.M. Ward

To Be Read - Do not Own

Enemies and Playmates

Darcia Helle

3.5 Stars - 4 Days to read

This free book was surprisingly good. I was on this ‘high’ of short stories and when I found out this was a full length story I was a little bit discouraged. I went into it with an open mind. It was very predictable at first and I fought with myself to keep reading. But I was glad that I did go on with it. They need to change the title and the cover though. The first impression is that it is an erotica novel which it is not. Not even close!

It starts off with a young Lauren Covington. Her family basically lives a lie. Her father is a very prestigious lawyer. He is also a man and who abuses and beats his wife, Lauren’s mother. They have two children, Lauren and her brother Stephen. He gets lost in the world of drugs to try to cope with how abusive his father is. While Lauren is taking it day by day, trying not to get in the way of her father rampages – until she can no longer take it and tries to defend her mother.

When Lauren falls in love with a strikingly handsome man named Jesse, she thinks her world will start to crumble. She really likes this guy but soon finds out that he works for her father, Alex Covington. Jesse didn't want to get stuck in between working for Alex and being with Lauren so he quit his job. Alex was not pleased with that. At first he plotted to get Jesse back, then he plotted to erase Jesse from the picture altogether.

Their perfect image of a happy family starts to unravel and people start to learn the truth. That is when Alex will do anything – ANYTHING – to keep his families reputation. Even murder? You got it!

This book just kept getting more exciting. I enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a murder/mystery novel to read, just to spare some time.

Runner - Book 1

Logan Rutherford

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Okay, so I am going to say this book was actually pretty interesting but horribly written. I was curious as to why this young boy was running for his life from an unknown predator.

It literally starts off with this boy running for his life. He used to have a normal life but after his birthday his family was kidnapped and he found a random note telling him to run for no apparent reason. He knew his life was on the line, so he complied. Calling the cops was out of the question since he tried that already and the men chasing him easily disposed of the cops, killing them one by one. After killing one of the men chasing him he found a phone number and he called it. A man answered and told him he had to meet up with someone at a graveyard. He also learned that he couldn't remember his name since they erased that from him memory so his new name is seventeen and he had to meet up with fifteen. They had to steal a laptop from the library but accidentally set off an alarm. The cops came and they were surrounded with no escape… or was there? Off to read the next one.

Caught - Book 2

Logan Rutherford

3 Stars - 10 Minutes to read

Once again the writing was horrible but in a weird way I kind of liked it. These stories are way too short and could have been kept into one, but whatever.

Seventeen and Fifteen learn that in this safe house there is one Keeper, Felix, and two other runners, Nick and Twi. Their names were made up by themselves since none of them could remember their true name. Seventeen names himself Adam and Fifteen names herself Eve. Adam tries to figure out what is going on but he has no clue what to do or where to begin. His little sister and parents are being kept hostage and all he wants to do is get them back. Adam gets a phone call to talk to his little sister but he can’t even remember her name.

This story is beyond realistic but I am eager to find out what happens next. Thank god all these books were free!

Rescued - Book 3

Logan Rutherford

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

The writing still doesn’t get better in this short story. It’s not just bad, it’s horrible. But look; I have these free books, it takes me ten minutes to read them and it adds to my read books for the year.

This short story begins with Adam and Eve crying together after what they saw on the computer screen just a couple of hours ago. After Felix, the Keeper, decides to take them out for dinner to get their minds off things. It was a group event and everyone was invited. Felix, Adam, Eve, Twi and Nick. Out of all the Runners, Twi gets abducted. They tried to fight back and save her but they were all held back at gun point and if they moved they would get shot. They go back to their safe house and Adam decides to take things into his own hands and plans on taking his family back. He can’t take any of it anymore. Eve won’t let him go alone so he agrees to take her with him. They search for a hidden entrance into the basement where they keep all their top secret information. They find the entrance and make their way down into a massive underground area. They go to turn on the lights and find blood on the wall. The Kappa were there before them and apparently more Kappa had found them and were following them down the stairs. They were trapped with no way of saving themselves. All they had to do was hide.

Yes I am going to read the next one to find out and yes the next one was free.

Wake - Book 4

Logan Rutherford

3 Stars - 1 Day to read

Wow, what can I say? The writing has gotten better and you can significantly notice the improvements. It is definitely not as bad as the first one. With a little bit of practice this author can go far!

This book begins with Adam and Eve caught in the basement of the safe house. They went looking for answers but the Kappa soldiers found them and tried to kill them. With the random pop up knowledge of knowing how to shoot and aim, Adam and Eve killed the remaining men. After they were all done, a girl named London submerged and introduced herself. She zapped Adam and Eve with a gun and they both disappeared into another world. Eve wakes up Adam and tells him of a woman named Athena who will answer all of his many questions. There is a lot of information to process at one point and I found myself a bit confused at others. Basically he was zapped into a world underground called Wake. It is an all metal base hidden beneath the many layers of the world. Athena told Adam that he was a clone of Marcus, the ruler of Kappa. Adams whole life was a lie and was all made up by the programmers of Eden since the real world was destroyed years ago. Adam knew how to shoot before because a programmer named Brutus was downloading all the information to his brain for him. They need Adam to kill Marcus but they fear he will die once Marcus died since he is part of him.

Sorry if you are confused. I think you will have to read it to understand. Because there is so much more to their world that I just really don’t want to type out. I am definitely eager to read the next one and I would not recommend this series to everyone. Here I go!

Eden - Book 5

Logan Rutherford

3.5 Stars - 2 Days

I don’t know why but I sort of kind of really liked this book. I give it 3.5 stars. I was going to give it four, but then I thought of all the other amazing books that I have given 4 stars to and this book doesn’t even come close to those. The writing is the best it is ever going to be in this book yet even though the writing was better I am going to have to say the grammar was the worst. There were unfinished sentences and just little errors that upset me just a little bit.

It begins with Adam back in Eden and he and Eve have to come meet up with Brutus to figure out a how they will kill Brutus. They get captured while figuring out their plan and taken back to Kappa. Adam gets all brave and tries to do the right thing but ends up getting himself into more trouble.

I don’t want to ruin anything, but I am glad these were short stories. Anything longer and I would have given up on them. I would recommend only if you find them for free. If you have to pay for them, its not even worth your time.

Destiny Binds - Book 1

Tammy Blackwell

3 Stars - 7 Days to read

I didn't really enjoy this book. My friend lent it to me for free and I was very thankful but I just couldn't get into it. I was going to give it two stars but then decided to give it three since I enjoyed the ending.

It was basically about a young girl named Scout and her life as a normal teenager. Of course with these types of books being a teenager is never normal. Two new people end up in her home town and she ends up falling in love with one of them – Alex Cole. She was told by her step brother, Jase and his best friend, Charlie, to stay away from this new guy. She ends up falling in love with him and finding out he is a shifter. She then finds out Jase and Charlie are shifters as well. It is basically the same thing over and over again. I didn't enjoy it. But I will read the next one.

Time Mends - Book 2

Tammy Blackwell

4 Stars - 6 Days to read

Let me start off by saying that even though I did not enjoy the first book I totally loved this one. I don’t know how an author can go to an absolutely horrible book to this… but it worked. I was hooked on to every word that was written.

It begins with Scout, totally depressed from what happened in the ending of the other book. She can’t come to terms and forgive Jase and Charlie for what they had done. She is bed ridden from her wounds and wants to sleep until she can no longer wake up anymore. When she sleeps she sees Alex at the same spot on the beach that they had their first date and where both their futures changed. But when she wakes up, she realizes that it was all a dream and she was still stuck in bed, unable to move. She only gets up to go to the funeral. When she returns back home it is a full moon. Something in her head is telling her that she has to go outside and shift. Everything in her being tells her to make it to the woods. She has her first change and shifts into an arctic wolf. There is a grey wolf there to accompany her and she clings to the idea that it could be Alex and that he was still alive, just stuck in wolf form. Jase and Charlie take her to go see their pack leader, Toby. Apparently it is uncommon for a girl to fully shift without dying so they are suspicious and she is outcasted from their pack and told for her to create her own. Jase, Charlie and Talley all follow to her pack. It isn’t until the Alpha pack find out about her and are after her life. She has to reply on her friends, Talley, Jase and Charlie with her to get her out of there – alive.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a great wolf/coyote shifter book. The only bad thing is you have to read the first one in order to understand this book. Good luck! Onto the third and final one now!

Fate Succumbs - Book 3

Tammy Blackwell

3 Stars - 7 Days to read

I was just a little bit disappointed with this book. I hate when the series begins horrible, the middle is amazing and the end just sucks. I guess I just expected so much more from this book.

The entire book is about Scout and Liam on the run from the Alpha pack since they basically killed the majority of them. They go from motels, to the forest, to even Canada. They end up in a little cottage and train and try to survive there for a while. Of course being cooped up in a cabin with a guy for months on end will make you fall in love with him and that’s what happens with Scout and Liam. Scout still had her dreams with Alex and I felt like their time together was a waste of time and she could have done without him. I couldn't tell if having him in the book was pointless or I just wasn't happy with the way they ended it. Either way I just wasn't happy with any of it. It dragged on forever and was just so uneventful. Let me say that it started off wonderfully and I was so excited to read but then I slowly started to lose interest.

I wouldn't really recommend this book, but that is just me. You can read the series but I am just saying it wasn't my favourite. On to the next book that is hopefully better than this one.

Poppy - Book 1

Riana Lucas

3 Stars - 3 Days to read

This book was alright. Actually, it was more of a short story than a book. Let me start off by saying that I accidentally bought the entire series because I thought it was free on amazon. Amazon tricked me and the free price was for Prime members only. *shakes fist at computer screen*. So, either way I started reading this book hoping that I would like it. I liked it, but I did not love it. There was just WAY too much filler for my liking.

It starts off with this fierce warrior named Poppy and she sets out on a mission from her Unseelie King to retrieve a Halfling from the human world. If you haven’t realized already, Poppy is a Faerie. She was raised by Damian her mentor and second in command to the King. He taught her everything she knew about fighting and becoming a true warrior. The king assigns her to another half human half fae retrieval. She goes into the human world and finds this Halfling – Reed – but when she tries to bring him home through a portal her magic is cut off. She knows that the Seelie Queen is behind it since her mentor warned her to make a quick return since the Queen planned on blocking all portals. It turns out that she wasn't quick enough. So now she is trapped in the human world trying to get home when an unknown attacker sets after her and Reed for no apparent reason. Poppy the hard sculpted no feelings warrior warms up to Reed and makes a whole bunch of promises to him when they get back to the Unseelie Court. I don’t want to ruin anything but read to find out how she gets back to her King.

As I said before about the filler – I found myself brought back and forth between feelings for her friend Rho at home and how she misses her and how defenseless she is and how much of a good friend she is. There is at least one part in every chapter that goes back to the memory. There is also a lot of moments where the people open their mouths but don’t speak and then shut them. Ha Weird. Either way, I have to read the second one because I already bought it. Ta!

Awake - Book 2

Riana Lucas

3 Stars - 4 Days to read

This book just fell a little bit too short for me – and I don’t mean in length. I felt like I just wanted to slap Poppy at her inability to realize the truth and what’s right in front of her face. I almost stopped reading because I couldn't handle the fact that she was just so (sorry to say) stupid.

It begins with Poppy waking up badly injured by Holly in the last book and is being healed in the Seelie Court. Poppy is welcomed in the Seelie court and she is a little skeptic at why everyone, including the Queen, is being so nice to her. We all know at this point that the Queen s Poppy’s mother. Every single character as well as the reader knows this. I just wished that Poppy could have realized this. If the Queen had been holding a sign that said, “You are my daughter,” Poppy still wouldn't have figured it out. Anyway, so Poppy has this dream and she knows that she has to go and save Reed and Rho from the Unseelie dungeons since they were kept prisoner and bait for Poppy to come save. I found the unicorn part rather cheesy because I feel that if it was so rare, it wouldn't be kept in a stable. Magnificent beings like that are not kept caged up. And the fact that it wasn't even shackled down or something means that it wasn't kept there against its will. If the author added that it was trapped, helpless and sad, then that would have been a much better scenario (hint hint Riana).

This review could go on forever but I will stop myself. The one part that I liked the most was the burial. That felt like the most realistic part in the book. That's about it. Also, it took me so long to read this book because I had to force myself to read it. The pull just wasn't there. On to the last one now. Wish me luck.

Revealed - Book 3

Riana Lucas

2.5 Stars - 6 Days to read

The last(?) book of the series was not what I expected at all. I give it 2.5 Stars. I thought there was going to be more, but there wasn't. I put the question mark because it ended without the purpose of the book being fulfilled - killing Damien. So I am guessing there is another one?

It begins with Poppy in a battle in the Seelie Court against Damien and he escapes with his life. Poppy takes Reed to go see his mother who apparently knows everything there is to know about the Faerie world. Poppy is really annoying in this book and we meet a new character as well. It was a very random encounter and then we find out Reed’s father was a Faerie. It was just too predictable! The whole thing with the disease of the unclaimed faeries was confusing. They kept talking about t but it was never explained until the end of the book. I think the explanation should have been in the beginning.

The book started off very boring, and then got better when they went to the human world but then just lacked the rest of the way. I hated how every time someone asks a question a whole explanation has to be made even though the reader has read it over and over again. The book can do without all the explanations. I don’t even know what else to say about this book. I skipped many pages. I don’t recommend.

Venus in Furs

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

3 Stars - 3 Days to read

I don’t even know what to say about this book. It was one of those free classics that I got off Amazon. I don’t know what made me read it, but I did and I kind of enjoyed it.

It starts off with a man named Severin and he is in love with the Venus statue. One day a woman comes to his house and she reminds him of his beloved Venus and he falls madly in love with her. Apparently when Severin was younger, his aunt had beaten him while wearing furs and it turned out that Severin wanted that from his beloved as well. Wanda was just a wandering woman who ends up meeting Severin and falls in love with him. It is when he ignites a light in her that is impossible to distinguish. Severin makes her whip him while wearing her finest of furs. Wanda loves Severin and doesn’t want to hurt him but when he tells her that he wants to be treated as a slave, she does so. She beats him and makes him her slave as they went on the road. Wanda became mad with power and loved beating Severin up until a point where she got bored.

I think this is possible the first S&M book written (I know I’m wrong) but it felt like it. It wasn't really an entertaining book and I felt bad for Severin at some points but he was asking, begging, for it so that is what he deserved. I would recommend for an easy read to see how a sweet innocent woman can become a devil in furs.

Time's Daughter

Anya Breton

2 Stars - 9 Days to read

I am not too sure where I got this book from, but let me tell you, I do regret even reading it in the first place.

It starts off with a young girl named Aeon who finds out she has the ability to stop time. She had a dream and realized her father was – get this – Chronos, the God of Time and told her that she had to save mankind or something like that. She is being videotaped for some reality show and then a new kid comes into town. He turns out to be a shifter who can turn into a jaguar. They fall in love – of course – and get attacked a few times by some zombie things. THAT’S IT!

I have so many things to say about this book. ONE – how the heck did her mother have sex with a God in order to conceive Aeon. They don’t even explain how it happened or anything. TWO – they say that they have no money because they are paying off medical bills of when her mother had a tumour on her finger. How expensive could that bill have been? THREE – Where did the shifters come from? I felt like they didn't even fit into the story altogether. FOUR – The camera crew filming them during the ENTIRE book had no significance in the book whatsoever. NONE. FIVE – There was no Climax to the story. In a dream, Aeon’s father told her that she was supposed to save the town or something but all she did was freeze time and pass out so the shifters could burn bodies. I kept reading and waiting for SOMETHING to happen. And Nothing did!! Wow. I am pretty sure there are many other things wrong with this book but I am totally over it now. Don’t read this book. Please. I do not recommend. It was such a waste of my time. Sorry. P.S whoever gave this book 5 stars is on CRACK!

Rogue hunter: Inquest

Kevis Hendrickson

3 Stars - 16 Days to read

I received a free ARC e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I am going to start off by saying that I liked this book but did not love it. There were a few parts that I had to skip because I couldn't care too much for it.

This book is about a bounty hunter named Zyra Zanr who ventures to New Venus to retrieve a notorious terrorist/ex-lover, Boris Skringler. She is one of those women you just don’t want to mess with. I wouldn't want to be in a fight with her, for I know I would lose. Zyra goes to New Venus’ Queen and asks to have Boris in her custody but the Queen denies her. The law in New Venus is that no men are allowed. The Queen is like a pissed off preschooler. ‘No boys in this clubhouse!’ Anyway, so the sentence for men on their planet is death. Harsh, but those are the laws. Boris tried to hide away on New Venus but got caught and now Zyra wants to bring him back to the InterGalactic Alliance to retrieve the bounty that is on his head. Zyra figured she could start a new life with her girlfriend and stop bounty hunting with the money she would receive for that mission. She is determined to capture him, but things don’t go as planned. She decides to break him out of New Venus’ jail and when he betrays her, she ends up in jail. I would say read to find out what happens, but I’m not too sure if I would recommend this book. When I first started reading this book I knew Zyra was bad ass, but I wish she would have done something to Boris sooner. She needed him captured but I felt like she gave into him too easily and lost too many chances she had at him. That aggravated me.  

There are some parts in this book where you just know it was written by a man because the mumbo jumbo of all the space galactic lasers and switches and space ships and bombs could not come from a woman. I skipped over the parts where they spoke of radiators and bombing the enemy ships. That kind of story is just not for me, but definitely for other people. Some parts where she was going after Boris were a bit confusing when they were underground in the Garbage disposal area or something. I don’t know.  Over the rest was a good story line, but JUST good. It has me a bit intrigued to see what happens in the next book, even though I will probably not read it. That’s all.