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My Book Reviews - 2019

Here is a list of books that I have read since January 2019. And No, you are not going crazy. There is no 2017 page of book reviews because I had a baby and honestly didn't have time to read, take care of a newborn and a toddler at the same time. 


They will be listen by their name, amount of stars (out of 5) and a little description of what I thought of them.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me.


The Assassin and the Pirate Lord - Book 0.1

Sarah J. Maas

To Be Read

The Assassin and the Healer - Book 0.2

Sarah J. Maas

To Be Read

The Assassin and the Desert - Book 0.3

Sarah J. Maas

To Be Read

The Assassin and the Underworld - Book 0.4

Sarah J. Maas

To Be Read

The Assassin and the Empire - Book 0.5

Sarah J. Maas

To Be Read

Throne of Glass - Book 1

Sarah J. Maas

3 Stars - 8 Days to read

This is the first book of the series, and I liked it. I don't know why so many people gave it so many stars. I would have given it 4 stars, but I am left with unanswered questions (which will most likely be answered in the upcoming books, but still) I am fine with opened endings, but I still feel like I don't know anything about the main character. Why did she become an assassin? Why were her parents killed? Who did she kill as an assassin? How did she get captured? Why did she get captured? etc etc.

This book begins with Celaena Sardothien (the assassin) in a mine camp and she is sought out by the Crowned Prince to become the King's personal Champion. She has to compete against other competitors for the title. She leaves the death camp and heads to court where she learns of things called Wydmarks and Wydportals. Magic was banned and erased from the kingdom and its surroundings, but Celena found hints of magic all over the glass castle. She trains, becomes stronger and makes allies in the castle, as well as enemies. That's pretty much it. And then she duels for the title.

Not much happened, but I am sure the rest of the books will be better. Here's to hoping! On to the next book! Ta!

Crown of Midnight - Book 2

Sarah J. Maas

4 Stars - 6 Days to read

Okay. Let me start off by saying that I couldn't put this book down. I couldn't stop reading. I needed to read this book non stop. I found myself holding my breath at some parts and smiling at others and quickly reading to find out what in the world was going to happen next!

I feel like so much happened in this book. The thing with reading a series back to back, is that it's hard to remember where one story ends and the other begins. Let me give this a try.

This book begins with Celeana already working as the kings champion. She has been instructed who to kill and proof of the kill. Chaol and Dorian watched her as she played the part so well.

Chaol and Caelena's relationship grew throughout this book and I loved every moment of it! Ad much as I love her and Dorian, the prince, shes better with Chaol. Caelena scales the secret tunnels in the castle to find out what secrets and hidden. She learns of a long ago dungeon and something has escaped. In trying to get rid of it, she learns of Wordmarks from Nehemiah and Wordkeys that open portals. A shocking event happens in this book and I wouldn't even dare myself to blink. There was a part where she was running back to the castle in shock and fear for her best friends life. Chaol was behind her on horseback and she outran him. I couldn't believe it.

This book ends off with a revelation. Chaol finds out something. I literally couldn't believe it. The last line of the book was the best. "Chaol sank to his knees."

I squealed. Now I know why these books are so amazing and highly recommended. On to the next! Wee!!

P.s I felt like this book was written more clearly than the first. I love how it's written is multiple perspectives. Love love love! 

Heir of Fire - Book 3

Sarah J. Maas

4 Stars - 22 Days to read

This was one really long book, but I loved every second of it!!!

It begins with Celaena on her new mission across the sea to see if she can take down an entire kingdom by herself. She ends up become depressed and a drunk. Until someone finds her. Rowan (swoon)! He takes her to see Queen Mab, her aunt! Rowan helps her embrace her fae form and helps her harness her magic. We learn the true story of what had happened to Celaena as a child and her parents murder.

Meanwhile back at the castle Chaol is trying to get as much information he possibly can about magic and how to help Celaena with her return. He helps Aedion who is Fae and learns that he was supposed to be Celaena's life protector. Aedion wants Celaena (Aelin) back on the throne as Queen.

Then we also learn of Manon and her witch clans. They went on a mission from the king of Adarlan and he gifted them with wyvern (dragons). They had to choose one and train it so they could fly on them.

That's why this book was so long, because there were so many story lines. I loved every second. My favourite parts were Rowan and Celaena together. I loved when she had a magic burn out and he helped her recover.I would definitely recommend this book and series to all! 

Queen of Shadows - Book 4

Sarah J. Maas

4 Stars - 20 Days to read

I finally finished this book. It literally took me forever to read, but it did not bother me one bit. I loved how long it was. I loved coming back and reading more and more and more. This book was not boring at all. I loved all the story lines.

This book begins with Prince Dorian being collared. His father put a collar on him so that a demon prince can take over his body. Dorian slowly begins to forget himself. Celaena Sardothien is no more. She has returned to Adarlan alone (leaving Rowan behind) with a new name and purpose. Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen hell bent on taking back her throne and freeing the people. Aelin works with Chaol to get people out of the town and out of the chopping block. Aelin needs to find the final Wyrdkey in order to keep it from the king who is also looking for it. But she learns that her former trainer has it. She works with Aedion, her cousin, as well. Aedion waited 10 years to finally be reunited with her. She felt like he had failed her when she was alone and her parents died. His one mission in life was to keep her safe and he failed. The reunion was a happy one. When Rowan returned to Aelin’s side I was so happy! Their little rebel group had so many things to accomplish. 1. Get back Wrdkey. 2. Get rid of Aelin’s former teacher. 3. Bring magic back. 4. Save Dorian. 5. Kill the king.

On top of all that, we had Manon Blackbeak’s story of working with Pennington and Vernon in Morath creating half demon half witch creatures. And Manon had to learn where her true faith lives. She needed to find herself again. And Kaltain’s story of how they collared her but she destroyed the demon inside of her and how she was plotting against Pennington all along.


Empire of Storms - Book 5

Sarah J. Maas

3 Stars - 14 Days to Read

This book was hella long! As good as the other ones, you ask? Um, no. I don't believe so. 

This book begins with Aelin and her little group - Aeddion, Lysandra and Evangeline with Fleetfoot and Rowan. As they venture north to Terrasen. 

Elide Lochan is looking for Celaena Sardothien. She does not know  Celaena and Aelin are the same person. Elide's one mission in life is to go North to deliver a message to her until she finds herself hunted and then saved and protected by the same person - the all powerful Fae male, Lorcan. 

Dorian was left to rule his ruined glass castle kingdom until it was unexpectedly attacked by a band of witches. Manon Blackbeak shows up and saves Dorian with the help of Rowan. Manon kills one of the other witches to save Dorian's life. Because of that, Manon is punished. Her second in command - Asterin - has to die. Events unfold which end up with the Thirteen separated and Manon on the run with her life hanging on by a thread. 

Aelin finds the North only to be turned down due to politics. She promises to return with an army and that she will take back her crown. She has to face not only Erawan and his army but also Maeve. It's hard to survive with two all powerful evil forces against you, but somehow Aelin still did it. I must read the next one now. 

Tower of Dawn - Book 6

Sarah J. Maas

To Be Read

Kingdom of Ash - Book 7

Sarah J. Maas

To Be Read

Tiger's Curse - Book 1

Colleen Houck

3 Stars - 10 Days to read

This book was OK for a debut novel. It took me a while to get through because it wasn't really that exciting and the main character was soooo annoying. 

Kelsey visits the circus one day and sees a tiger. By magic and without her knowledge, she breaks a curse that was on that tiger. He was originally a man. When she comes in contact with him he is free and he contacts some guy and they have to figure out how to undo the curse. He is only free for a short period of time everyday to be a human, but for the most part he is still stuck a tiger. His name is Ren. Ren and Kelsey travel to India to break the curse. Kelsey learns that Ren is a prince that has a prince brother that don't see eye to eye. They were both curses and are both tigers. Kelsey breaks up with Ren because she is afraid that once the curse is broken, Ren won't want to be with her anymore so she saves herself the heartache. That's pretty much it. 

I will read the next, only because I own it already. This gift box was a set.

Tiger's Quest - Book 2

Colleen Houck

4 Stars - 18 Days to read

This book was definitely better than the first book! It was a tad too long for my liking, but that's not a big deal. 

This book begins where the first one left off. Kelsey went back home after breaking up with Ren, telling him to find out who he is before they can be together. She tried to become a normal girl dating a normal person, until, of course, Ren shows up. They get back together, duh, and are happy blah blah blah. Danger strikes. Kishan, Ren's brother joins them to protect Kelsey. Kishan is also in love with Kelsey - of course. After being attacked and Ren being captured it is up to Kishan and Kelsey to find a way to find and save Ren. But they have to complete task number two in Durga's quest before they can even begin to look for Ren. 

A lot and a little happened in this book. Kelsey living a normal life, Ren back, Ren gone, the quest, saving Ren etc etc. It just seemed like a bit much. Even so, I plan on reading the next one, of course! Ta!

Tiger's Voyage - Book 3

Colleen Houck

3 Stars - 14 Days to read

I would have given this book four stars if the author didn't spend so much time describing nonsense. I didn't need to read 10 pages on describing a yacht and I didn't need to read 10 pages on how to scuba dive. It was really unnecessary. 

This book begins one month after saving Ren from Lokesh. Ren still doesn't have his memories and it's torture for Kelsey to be around him but not With him. They figured out how to progress with saving the tigers and went on this MASSIVE quest that took forever to get through. Then Ren makes a big move and tells Kelsey to move on with her life.. so she does! And with Kishan, his brother! Like come on, girl! Isn't there some sort of Bro code or something that should be in place... I couldn't believe Kelsey when she did that. 

This book was too long but it was pretty good. I found myself enjoying most of it. I would recommend this series. On to the next!!

Tiger's Destiny - Book 4

Colleen Houck

4 Stars - 14 Days to read

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this book. It was so long and so much happened. I don’t even remember how it started. I think for the most part I really enjoyed reading this book!

I am pretty sure book started with the final quest that had to be done in order for Ren and Kishan to become men. The quests that they had to go on were so tiresome and physically and mentally draining. I don’t even know how they even managed to get through them all. Kelsey stayed with Kishan this entire book but she battled everyday with her inner voice that kept telling her that she should be with Ren and not Kishan. She loved them both, but not equally. Some of the quests opened Kelsey’s eyes as to whom she should actually be with. The best part of the book wasn’t when they went to the ‘other world’ to face the five (or six) dragons or even when they went into the fire world. The best part of the book was when they went back into time and found Durga as a human and the tasks they completed then. I loved it. 

I would definitely recommend this series. The books are VERY long and a bit too much into detail and skipped parts, but still. I loved it. 

Tiger's Dream - Book 5

Colleen Houck

4.5 Stars - 20 Days to read

I would have given this book a 5 star review, but it was too long for me. 
Just when I thought the series was done after the first 4 books, Colleen Houck gives us this book! I had no idea where it was going to go until I began reading, and boy am I glad that I did!

This book is from the Kishan's perspective. It shows the life he shares after choosing to stay with Anamika a.k.a Durga the Goddess. He knew deep down that Kelsey loved Ren move than him, so he let Ren have his happily ever after with Kelsey. He wasn't really keen on staying back in time, but it was done with, and he had to live with his choice. This book showed how Kishan and Ana created all the tasks and worlds and quests for Kelsey. They had the amulet which helped them time travel. They went back and forth in time to help Kelsey. The whole time it was Kishan and Ana who set up these tasks, but we didn't know that in the first four books!! 

I loved the part where Kishan goes back into time and saves Ana from the child smuggler in the past. That was well written and kept me on my toes. 

I also loved the part where to got to glimpse a bit of Yesubai at the end. 
I literally cried at the end. This book had everything. I was sad that it finished, but I am also happy with the way things turned out. The ending was such a shocker though! **SPOILER ALERT** I cried when I understood why they found tiger bones beside Ren and Kishan's parents grave site. I couldn't believe it! Such a small thing that was mentioned in the fourth book, but when reading that part from a different time frame and perspective - GOSH DARN IT! AMAZING!!!

I would highly recommend this book to any fantasy lover out there. Well done, Colleen. Well done... 


Tara Westover

3 Stars - 7 Days to Read

I don't really know what to say about this story. I understand it's a memoir, but I can't believe these events to be true.

Tara is a home schooled young girl who lives under her parents influence. Her father works in the scrap yard and he believes the world is coming to an end. As a young child your brought up to believe everything your parents tell you. Then as she grew up, her views shifted and she realized the danger her father was putting her and her siblings in. She decided to go to school and got a PhD, which I think is totally far fetched. I don't know how you go from no school to getting a doctorate. But, that was her life. 

The story was really slow to get into in the beginning, but I kept pushing myself to see why this book won the Good Reads award for best memoir of 2018. And as of right now, I still don't know how this book won. I wouldn't recommend. The only part I loved about this story was how her mother used Essential Oils to heal everyone. YAY Essential Oils!!