Yianna Yiannacou

...The One and Only...

Day Seven

After her parents were brutally murdered, Hailey tries to live a normal life just like a normal teenager, except she does not want to be noticed. She was content with hiding in the shadows not being seen by lurking eyes. Until one day things randomly start to change when she accidentally gets noticed. When Hailey met Robert she knew there was something more than just 'boy meets girl.' They had something mysteriously hidden between them and neither of them knew that it was. 

With Robert's help, Hailey tries to find out who killed her parents. She ends up getting herself in a bit of trouble along the way and there is no way out. 

Find out how Hailey and Robert meet their end. 



Chapter 1: Day One

Chapter 2: Day Two

Chapter 3: Day Three

Chapter 4: Day Four

Chapter 5: Day Five

Chapter 6: Day Six

Chapter 7: Day Seven


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