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Quotes O-M-G your books have changed my life and im so inspired of them!!!!!! i really hope i'll get the Nekkel Ace on my hands!!!!!!!!!keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!! Quotes
yianna lover!!!!

Quotes OMG i love them all,even the little stories are so cute!!! I have read and re-read the books a lot..i must say i love more the books of "La Luna" because of the Twilight saga! Keep writing more and i will keep reading more :D Quotes
Addicted to the books!!!

Quotes I want more from that story its killing me litterally Quotes
Day Seven

Quotes You are amazing !!! Well , in 'Breaking dawn' everything was focused on Bella - wedding , pregnancy , giving birth , ''burning'' , and her second life as a vamp chick .. I wondered what's gonna happen with Jake and Nessie , and all the sudden I found your site and that was it ! La Luna is my favorite , but I absolutely loved 'The Portal' , and I've just started reading 'Day Seven' ,which I also love . . . I'm still anxious to read last three chapters of 'La Luna' ! I can't get enough of your books & stories so please keep writing stuff that are awesome like these ... Quotes

Quotes Yianna managed to keep her writting so much close to stephenie's and the character's personalities were the exactly the same ones we met at stephenie's books. The things she wrote were so real that i don't believe it's just a fanmade continuation anymore. This could be the real continuation! I hope that one day i will be able to have this books in my bookshelf, next to the twilight sagas... :) Quotes
more than a sattisfied twilight fan

Quotes Each of yianna's books keeps you on the edge of your seat, once you have started reading, its nearly impossible to stop reading it. Quotes
Complete Masterpieces

Quotes oMg...Your stuff are AWESOME !!! I wasn't so happy with the end of Twilight series,and La Luna is just great !!! I can't stop reading it :D !!! Your writing totally amazed me !! Quotes

Quotes Yianna's stories are unique and special. I love them all! Keep writing Yianna! Quotes

Quotes When I started reading the twilight saga, I grew so addicted to it that when it ended I had to cry rivers! But then I found Yianna's continuing on i, and I was hooked once again :) Now I have to keep reading and I hope THIS saga will never, ever end <3 Love you Yianna ! keep writing, and you'll make at least one person very, very happy :) ! Quotes
Addicting ! <3

Quotes Your writings had changed me a whole 360..i love them and i hope you keep wriitng them Quotes
you changed my life