Yianna Yiannacou

...The One and Only...


Quotes Damn, I wish I could think of somnthieg smart like that! Quotes
Damn, I wish I could

Quotes These books are beyond amazing,I am hooked on the books and cannot wait to read more. Thank you for doing the books for all of us..They are life changing. Quotes

Quotes Yianna Yiannacou is the one and only. We love you !! ♥ Quotes

Quotes No words can tell how truly great Yianna was. She is so amazing. We love all her writings. Please continue writing more beautiful stories . La Luna was the best aside from the Twilight Saga. The Day Seven touch the reader's heart. It's so inspiring. Quotes

Quotes Hey, subtle must be your mddlie name. Great post! Quotes

Quotes Bella and Edward's Story ended in Breaking Dawn. But Yianna just brought back to us. She made us see the love, pain,and action in La Luna. Day Seven was when she brought us to what happens to people all around the world. Writing is her Passion. Her Writing itself has Passion. We all love it Yianna. Which means you are a great writer. Don't stop. :) Quotes

Quotes Truly a amazing writer..Yianna Yiannacou can capture peoples eye and her stories leave me wanting more all the time..she inspires me with her writing she truly has a gift :) Quotes

Quotes Yianna Yiannacou is an amazing writer. I love reading La Luna over and over. All of her stories are great and makes you want to keep reading and it never gets boring. Cant wait to read more stories!!!!:) Quotes
Amazing Writer:)

Quotes Yianna Yiannacou is a young writer with an amazing gift for writing the right words to paint the perfect picture. She can capture you into her world and show you want she sees and leave you wanting more. Now that this Brilliant mind has published a book, I know she will continue to build a fanbase and maybe even be up there with J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer and C.S. Lewis. Good Luck, my dear. Quotes
Brilliantly Fresh

Quotes I love yianna .....besides being a great writer you are a fabulous person . Down to earth and humble . Keep up your good work . All the very best for your future and your upcoming books :) Stay as lovely as you are <3 <3 lova ya !! :) Quotes
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