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Yianna Yiannacou
Is Twilight your brand of heroin?

About Me

i am female

living in the netherlands,even as cold an rainy as forks

but without the vampires so sorry!!

adores the twilight saga and any storys about the vampires

like the myths,because i am one old soul who lived many times

i am a edward fan,but it was more usefull when i was a jake fan,the reason for that is

i realy am one old soul and lived more times then this live

in my earlyr life i was one idiangirl,the men that was my brother in that live ,i now married with him in this live.very complicated but true!!,also have been a wich,another lifetime,that,s the reason i hate fire ,and black cats adores me,ive lived more lives,but many are that old ,i don,t have a clear view off them.

i live as a princess in istanbul,

and in egypt,i worked there on project what was not alowed to see by humaneyes.

in this life ,they still didn,t find out the greatness from the universe,wich was used in that time

so you see there ,s more than oure one patetic humanlife

i am a spiritual living human,and have also light paranormal gifts,but they are not that funny,i can only feel the bad things that coming.

and bad things are coming i can asure you!!